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18:59, 11 February 2018



Massive BRUDDA GOES TO URGENT CARE!Evidently I essential medical focus, but not just before my day was mixed with some far more bad luck and reassurance from an amazing fan.

Come hang out on stream!

Massive BRUDDA APPAREL Offered NOW!!

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I’m a 28 year old man-child living in New Jersey. I vlog my life in all of its comedic glory. I also have a dog named Ella, who judges my every single action. Properly, here ya go!

Kentucky Proud
This American flag has been shredded for at least a year. It stands in front of the Frazier Sports Rehab Institute, KentuckyOne Health, Medical Center Jewish Northeast, and the U of L James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

This facility was at 1 point under consideration to turn into Louisville’s newest VA Hospital. For some reason, Brownsboro Road was selected. 1 would feel this facility would have had the courtesy to at least sustain the flag it flies at its entranceway. I do know they had been created conscious of it but chose to ignore it.

Frazier Rehab Institute/Northeast
2401 Terra Crossing Boulevard, Suite 204
Louisville, KY 40245
P 502.210.4500
F 502.210.4505

Healthcare Center Jewish Northeast
Cancer Care
Diagnostic Imaging
Health-related Records
Patient Accounting
Patient Scheduling
Rehabilitation Care
Sports Medicine Urgent Care

By EX22218 – ON/OFF on 2018-01-01 17:00:20

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Cavefire says:

    Dude that cut looks gross ???

  2. Benefitter 7 says:

    Yo has anybody been noticing that jeffery been losing lots of subs

  3. ShadowHumor says:

    The strategy is, Jesse quits so his fans go over to jeffs channel. Helping him get to 1 mil. Then Jesse will come back. The end.

  4. Hassan Haq says:

    Damn, you gonna be overclocking that CPU?

  5. American Gearhead says:

    Psycho Dad is a Packers fan? Fuck yeah.

  6. Nashiya Cole says:

    do you have a girlfriend

  7. EpicTeam Films says:

    I thought the paint balls were tomatoes lmao

  8. MuakoPlays says:

    Bro, keep up the good work my dude. Love your videos! They are so entertaining and funny! 😀 <3 them.

  9. DrOrtmeyer says:

    you have the best fans man !!!! getting your parents signed celeb letters 🙂 that’s so cool!!!

  10. Karen Grunberg says:

    That is nice you both are still dating. She seems like a sweet lady.

  11. N.N Productions says:

    Please Do More Paintball Vids!

  12. DMAN D says:

    That fan was so nice!

  13. Monkey Mahyem says:

    Spot the difference ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????

  14. Gugi Gugi says:

    Dang he’s losing subs

  15. picantesworld77 says:

    Who ever sent that stuff to them, bless your heart man! Really sweet. I had the cash I’d do the same they deserve it!

  16. Tys Advice says:

    Awesome videos dude

    Love the vlogs and especially when there is no bad language

  17. Brandon Mills says:

    Guys Jeffrey has the bad luck because he kept scrolling on Facebook and didn’t like a post. Lmao?

  18. The Art Of Spyke Dragon says:

    Silver Nitrate ointment.

  19. JCI1990 says:

    Shouldn’t have quit your job

  20. Landon Stammer says:

    Go pac go

  21. Astraios Studios says:

    How much money did he give you?

  22. Nick Lopez says:

    It seems too suspicious with this mystery person sending you stuff, I wonder if it’s Jesse

  23. J•M •D says:

    I don’t get why people are unsubbing but honestly, you quitting was a bad idea JT.

  24. nos 3151 says:

    bring back fan mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. Jon Thomas Sullivan says:

    why his subs going down?

  26. kayne caltabiano says:

    "uh-huh what am i gonna get? Picture of your mother?"
    I saw what you did there :p

  27. matthew kelly says:

    this guy just cant get to one million subscribers

  28. Gerdau Productions says:

    Thats what happen when you dont wear pants on a motorcycle my dad always tells me

  29. Turner Payne says:

    Yo bro u should do more paintball vids

  30. Katie O'Grady says:

    You’ll probably never see this but you should be putting saline solution on that kind of burn. I burned my leg on a motorcycle too year’s back & ended up in the ER because the burn cream I was using wasn’t meant for a burn that bad & caused an infection. Trust me. Saline solution made it heal so much quicker. Contact solution works just fine.

  31. Kat 17th Awdlachel says:

    I amFrom Wisconsin I love the packers

  32. Captain Deci says:


  33. Mcdaveo Brand says:

    show your leg

  34. Scout Sprague says:

    No it’s just you have to amputate your leg

  35. GypsyRose5150 says:

    Silverdine cream is gr8t 4 burns

  36. Jay Gee says:

    The only weeping happening is BigBrudda’s eyes.

  37. Bob Boberson says:

    How the hell did jeffrey lose more than 50k subs????????

  38. Carol Swift says:

    Silver nitrate cream is great for burns.

  39. The EastCoast says:

    Yo I live in Sicklerville! I’m literally right around the corner! There’s a Texas rode house there on cross keys road!

  40. TheDwarfyDwarf says:

    Hey, I don’t care what anyone says, the Reba TV show is the second best TV show of all time, Fresh Prince being the 1st.

  41. Mystic92 says:

    The present Jeffrey couldn’t show on camera was definitely that wonderwave fleshlight he’s been looking to get

  42. 4saken Reaper says:

    Keep it rollin Jeffery ?

  43. Joey Sgro says:

    Dude he went from 929k to 925k wtf is happening with his channel?

  44. Mike Lazzaro says:

    Jeffery lost another 1,000 subs ?

  45. Bored112233 says:

    That urgent care is right by my house. I really hope I get to meet u one day JT. Your by my house pretty often

  46. dragondogcoco says:

    wait im confused is his dad aeglas fan or packers fan cause they play against eachother to nite

  47. 69 wet jelly says:

    Wtf is up with youtube unsubbing 4,000 people from jeffreys chanel

  48. army guy2110 says:

    That sucks I was burned on my hand to where I needed a skin graft

  49. King Ezra The Wise says:

    +BigBrudda Jeffrey what happened

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