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#MamaWisdom From AFC Urgent Care – Hornet’s Nest

#MamaWisdom From AFC Urgent Care – Hornet’s Nest

#MamaWisdom From AFC Urgent Care - Hornet's Nest“Never disturb a hornet’s nest.” Now that is some fantastic advice each actually and figuratively. Nevertheless, if you do suffer from an insect bite or sting, come to AFC Urgent Care nowadays to get it checked out. Physicians are available seven days a week with no appointment needed.

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U.S. Army Africa medics mentor in Malawi 2010

U.S. and Malawi medics share experiences in the course of workshop in Lilongwe

By Lt. Col. Chris Wyatt, Workplace of Security Cooperation, Botswana

LILONGWE, Malawi – Health-related employees from the Malawi Defence Force took portion in a three-day medical workshop with U.S. Army Africa Soldiers.

The event, held at Kamuzu Barracks, was the third military-to-military activity in Malawi since August 2009. It allowed U.S. and Malawian troops to share experiences in offering health-related services to soldiers and civilians for the duration of combat, peacekeeping missions and in garrison.

Twenty-one particular Malawian soldiers participated in the workshop, led by U.S. Army Africa Maj. Terry Clark and Sgt. 1st Class Roddy Rieger. U.S. Army Africa is the Army service component command for U.S. Africa Command.

“This occasion was, by far, a single of the greatest experiences I have had as an NCO operating in Africa,” Rieger mentioned. “It’s constantly great to share ideas with medics from our partner nations.”

The workshop allowed the U.S. Army Soldiers and their Malawaian counterparts to exchange suggestions on the challenges of offering routine and urgent health-related care for deployed troops, specifically those in remote locations.

Subjects the U.S. Army Africa team covered integrated an overview of U.S. military medical operations, preventative medicine, casualty evacuation, healthcare evacuation operations and combat lifesaver applications.

Lt. Simon Mphasa and other MDF soldiers shared medical care challenges whilst deployed the U.N. peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The U.S. Soldiers also discussed their recent experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The workshop can support the MDF in developing and refining healthcare operations at home or when deployed, Clark stated.

“The MDF healthcare service is really capable and they are quite interested in implementing initial responder idea into their line units,” Clark said.

Clark and Rieger also benefitted from the workshop, studying far more about Malawian healthcare applications. For example, the U.S. Soldiers have been interested how the MDF embeds a medically-trained infantryman within infantry units, permitting for greater medical assistance to combat units.

The U.S. Army Africa team introduced the Malawians to the Army’s combat lifesaver system which trains regular soldiers to supply emergency care.

The MDF will now commence to design its own combat lifesaver program, said Maj. Franklin Tembo, an MDF officer.

&quotThis would serve a useful part in complementing our personal existing program in getting soldiers trained as 1st responders within the infantry units,” Tembo stated.

The workshop culminated in a sensible workout in which MDF soldiers set up a battalion aide station and demonstrated how they run it.

“The entire event speaks volumes of Malawian military medics capabilities and their eagerness to work with U.S. Army Africa, now and in the future, as our partnership grows,” Clark mentioned.

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