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1:50, 20 December 2017

MacBook Pro / Air Sleeve Case, Custom Size 11.six-15.6 Laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga – Gray Aztec

MacBook Pro / Air Sleeve Case, Custom Size 11.six-15.six Laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga – Gray Aztec
MacBook Pro / Air Sleeve Case, Custom Size 11.six-15.6 Laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga - Gray Aztec

Solution Description
A fairly laptop case, handmade to order. Custom sized and padded laptop sleeve made with a pale pink linen fabric cover with gray aztec print fabric front pocket. Lining is a solid white cotton fabric. Linen string and wooden button closure on leading. Padded with 6mm foam to keep your laptop comfy and protected.

Price: $39.99

    MacBook Pro / Air Sleeve Case, Custom Size 11.six-15.6 Laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga - Gray Aztec
    MacBook Pro / Air Sleeve Case, Custom Size 11.six-15.6 Laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga - Gray AztecMacBook Pro / Air Sleeve Case, Custom Size 11.six-15.6 Laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga - Gray AztecMacBook Pro / Air Sleeve Case, Custom Size 11.six-15.6 Laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga - Gray AztecMacBook Pro / Air Sleeve Case, Custom Size 11.six-15.6 Laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga - Gray AztecMacBook Pro / Air Sleeve Case, Custom Size 11.six-15.6 Laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga - Gray Aztec

    Dell XPS 15 Infinity (9550) Evaluation

    MacBook Pro / Air Sleeve Case, Custom Size 11.six-15.6 Laptop, Dell XPS, Lenovo Yoga - Gray AztecLisa Gade evaluations the Dell XPS 15 “Infinity” model 9550 notebook, released in the fall of 2015. This is a main redesign of the XPS 15 that mirrors the 2015 XPS 13 style. It’s impressively tiny for a 15.6” laptop and it has a practically bezeless display. The four.4 lb. laptop is a powerhouse with Intel Skylake 6th generation quad core 45 watt CPUs, Intel HD 530 graphics switchable with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2GB DDR dedicated graphics and an optional 4K UHD touch screen with one hundred% Adobe RGB colour gamut.

    ** Read our full written assessment right here, and ask concerns too:

    The XPS 15 begins at $999 with a Core i3, HDD and a 1080p matte non-touch screen, and things get fascinating when you commit about $1,500 for the quad core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz CPU, NVIDIA graphics and an SSD. This is a rapidly workstation class machine that can handle pro apps and gaming nicely. It has dual band WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1 and two battery capacity possibilities (most have the larger battery). We appear at the prime of the line model with the 4K display, Core i7, 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM, a 1TB NVMe SSD plus NVIDIA graphics that sells for $2,200. We’ll review the 1080p model separately.

    Factors i carry
    Things i carry with me. I in fact only either carry the Mt. Rosa sling bag or the Backpack (the backpack far more lately, the Mt. Rosa or the Booq Bag with no my powerbook in it is what i carry if i go out i preserve my camera and my axim typically in those bags) the stuff i carry for perform i usually leave at operate, but often i am out in the field and i will have to carry it with me.

    Factors i carry but you dont see
    -Toothbrush, toothpaste, modest bar of soap all in a plastic baggie, and a initial help kit
    (extra’s just incase, result in if the boy scouts taught me anything, its be prepared
    -All the chargers i use for all my electronic equipment (Powerbook Adapter, cell telephone chargers, camera charger, Dell Axim Charger.)
    -House and Automobile Keys (truly they go in my pocket as nicely as my chapstick)
    -Spare Ethernet cable
    -Bottle of H20
    -Crackers and a snickers bar
    -Lots of paperwork…
    -My IT Field Kit (which as XP Pro slipstreamed with SP2, screwdrivers and bits, Symantec Antivirus, Microsoft Office XP and Driver’s on a CD of computer systems we use at work, a 512 Gb Thumbdrive and a 10Gb USB/Firewire Combo external Drive)
    -My Bible
    By ikelee on 2005-03-28 22:58:47

    Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
    1. George Villalobos says:

      Good review. Bad video game playing.

    2. big bird says:

      did you see any issue like these? shift on display bar sticking down 3.keyboard not working after sleep 4.long time wake up after sleep 5.wireless not working after sleep ???? I saw people mentioning these problem in web. I would thank u if you tell me whether they are real or not!

    3. verbalninja says:

      23:50 Battlefield Foreplay is my favourite kind of foreplay.

    4. Cosme Voisin says:

      Lisa, could you please start makinh shorter videos!!

    5. Cory Rosenberg says:

      I’ve noticed my spacebar key backlight is very weak, almost none existent? Is this a known issue on this laptop or am I the only one experiencing this problem?

    6. SnAkeKSA says:

      I appreciate your review, you test about every things except the speakers!! please is the speaker good as Macbook pro or at least good enough?

    7. LopsidedPasta says:

      Do any of you have this for college? I’m considering it

    8. The Artful Rogers says:

      What an amazing laptop! I just got one and I would recommend it to anyone! The 4k UHD infinity edge screen was the main selling point for me and it sure does have the wow factor! I am not a gamer, I will be using mine for graphic design and animation but If you are intending to use your laptop purely for gaming, then maybe you might consider some of the other gamer laptops on the market. This XPS would still be a great choice though, plus the build quality by Dell is bang on.

      I want to clear up a couple of things I heard in previous reviews when I was trying to choose a laptop. The XPS keyboard in my opinion is really nice to use. Yes it has short key travel but that’s really not a problem. I personally was expecting the keyboard to be really small being the size of a 14" laptop, with the keys being really close together but they’re not. The keyboard is a joy to use and the back-lit keyboard looks stunning! Along side the carbon fibre palm rest, the aluminium shell, the 4K infinity edge screen and the tapered 11-17mm thickness of the laptop. This laptop is sleek and stylish, which in my opinion, you don’t find in gamer laptops.

      I have also not had any driver problems and everything seems to be working as it should. I think when the XPS was first released there were a couple of issues but as far as I am aware, Dell has rectified these problems.

    9. Vincent Uy says:

      Hey Lisa hope you see this (Please). Can the Dell XPS 15 9550 run AutoCAD?? If not what other laptops can run AutoCAD and what do you recommend?

    10. Sabrina Lee says:

      why is this monitor looks clear like Mac but the one showed in my university is like an anti-glare monitor?

    11. Dog Lover112233 says:

      Someone please help me find a laptop that’s backlit keyboard for around the $400 price range.

    12. Rashed Abbas says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks for the wonderful review. Just one quick question, I want to buy a laptop for using 3 years at least, but have a limited budget. So, should I buy the Samsung notebook 9 pro with 4K display or go with the XPS 15 i7 FHD version? And also, does the XPS 15 get too hot while gaming?

    13. Jared Bergman says:

      I have a giant question!

      Does the 3×3 wifi card make a difference? does it allow you to use the 2.4 and the other two 5.4 ghz signals from a triband router?

      That would be very fast.

      Thank you!

    14. Jabbypants says:

      This is such a lovely notebook to use, fast and the screen is a thing of beauty. My only complaint is the battery life , I manage maybe 2-3 hours just on the web/email/youtube.

    15. milibitschn says:

      What about noise emisson?


    16. CaballusKnight says:

      fuck number pads

    17. Robbie Dunbar says:

      what do you like beter the 4 k or 1080 p 15 inch and does the 4 k one come in matt finnish

    18. CaffeinatedBloodstream says:

      I bought this device because of this review…and ended up returning the device a day later because of all the bugs (even with the latest drivers) and because of the poor manufacturing. Wobbly bottom plate, uneven milling of the aluminum (leaving gaps and sharp edges), uneven lip around the trackpad, and abysmal battery life compared to what is advertised. It’s a shame that this review, and other high-profile reviews, praised the device so much when it’s obvious that Dell has a lot of work to do on the device. I sometimes wonder if these reviewers actually use the device more than an hour or two. :/

    19. MyJojo2013 says:

      is this desin of screen found in other brands? I really hate this chuncky black contour around screen of my laptop. this here looks so fresh to eyes

    20. Ag says:

      I just purchased this notebook along with a 4K monitor. However, I ran into the same issue that you had in regards to transmitting a 60Hz refresh rate to the separate 4k monitor. Did you find the cable/adapter to do this? I’ve looked all over and still can’t find one. Please help!

    21. Ruby Buck says:

      Bought this computer thinking I was getting the greatest computer out
      there…WRONG! I am just letting anyone who has the XPS 15 to know that
      there is a defect with the monitor! Most of you wont notice it if you
      just watching movies or videos. But after a while I started to notice
      the the screen would dim about 10 15 percent and have a pink hue to it.
      At first I thought it was the battery saver kicking in…so I left my
      computer plugin and boom there it went again. My monitor setting were at
      100% turned off my battery saver and there it went ever hour or so it
      would dim and turn hue of pink! Contacted dell they replace my monitor
      twice and my motherboard and still having the problem…I’m sure a lot
      of you XPS users have this same issue if you took the time to check!
      Other problems battery last max 3 hour internet connection dies and have
      to restart the computer to get it back! DELL just wants me to keep
      sending it back! Had enough! Please check you XPS to see if you have
      this issue…its subtle so you nee to have a good eye.

    22. Jonathan Plugaru says:

      I owned this computer for 5 months and it’s AWFUL. I have been working with Dell SINCE DECEMBER to fix numerous problems and to this day they have not been able to fix it so I am RETURNING IT FOR A FULL REFUND. This computer is A MASSIVE PIECE of SHIT.

    23. markallenwils says:

      I’m struggling to see if it’s worth buying the touch model for the 4k screen

    24. The Blue Rook says:

      I’ve been watching your reviews because I am going to be buying a laptop soon. (My first!) The machine will be used to edit audio files exclusively. It will have to come with Windows 10 unfortunately. It will be an ‘independent’ machine to house my audio programs and files. It will never have to be connected to the internet. Will Windows 10 allow that or will it constantly be trying to force the machine to go online even if it doesn’t have an internet connection set up? Thank you for your time and informative reviews.

    25. MrSoloDev says:

      For those planning to buy this especially for the gorgeous display and thinking that poor keyboard experience is a minor concern: You don’t realize how important a good keyboard is until you try this laptop. Keyboard experience on the Dell XPS 15 is excruciatingly horrible. Been there, done that, immediately returned it. I got myself a thinkpad x1 yoga instead. No regrets.

    26. Rasmus Lindegaard says:

      I must admit i really like your review videos.

      Meanwhile, i miss a good review of the XPS 13 Developer Edition (watched the XPS 13 review), the Ubuntu version. But I am guessing you are sticking to windows/mac? Well, just throwing it out there, I’d really enjoy a review of the Ubuntu configured Dev edition.

    27. Dick Jones says:

      Almost bought one of these but after the major bad feedback Ive been getting about Dells support i decided against it. Pitty, it looks like an amazing machine.

    28. A. Hutsona says:

      If you aren’t doing anything that requires 100% color accuracy install redshift and save your eyes when using this laptop. It is very bright and the whites have a blue tent to them. If you’re like me and your coding for 12+ hours a day…remember redshift, and thank me later….

      Also, works like a charm under GNU+Linux. Swapped out the Broadcom wireless for Intel.

      Just my $.02, because no one does Linux reviews for the cool laptops if they do any at all.

    29. Roberto Luo says:

      Just one question friend, when is available in Latin America ?

    30. Mirza Ahmed says:

      how do you scale up the display to save for battery life ?

    31. Tim Hortons says:

      Horrible screen ghosting on XPS 15’s. Both 1080p and 4k. I wish Dell would stop putting panels with response times from the year 2000 in their XPS line. It’s 2017 ffs!

    32. Gary Singh says:

      How is the linux compatibility on this laptop?

    33. Robbie Dunbar says:

      i got a dell now its almost on its last leg ”lol kinda falling apart but still works” i want a new one i like the xps 15” but all i do is face book u tube and google e mail and save photos ”what do you think is the best 4 me ”

    34. Crispin Espeleta says:

      can someone help me pick a laptop for my course I’m currently taking up civil eng. and I’m thinking that this xps 15 might be a good choice for my coming career is this a good choice? coz im planning to learn some photography and video editing and I was hoping for this is the solution im just a student so im gonna save up for it

    35. DK says:

      Can you do a Dell XPS 15 9560 review??

    36. Eikra Shithil says:

      Hi Lisa. I have this machine and I love it but some of the applications I download are so small, they are unusable. I tried changing screen resolutions but have not had any luck. Is there anything that can be done?

    37. Tony Perez says:

      Lisa stop trying to pick off the Intel sticker lol

    38. Joren De Vrient says:

      Any idea how witcher 3 runs?

    39. MyJojo2013 says:

      if i play continuously light games like asphalt for example while it is on battery how much battery will last to your estimation?

    40. elbitapmoC says:

      This is the color accuracy and portability I was looking for! I wish the XPS 2-in-1 offered this.

    41. Daniel Gómez says:

      I hope you update with the XPS 15 9560

    42. 25101993cb says:

      Does the trackpad ignore the fingers that are resting on the bottom where the buttons are at. Because i like to rest my thumb on the buttons and move the cursor with my index finger. Which makes draging stuff much easier.

    43. mohamad sayed says:

      Buy Dell 15.6" 4K Touch Screen with a 49% discount
      It’s a big chance don’t lose it

    44. Delwen Dorvil says:

      I want dell to make this laptop in slate or black

    45. professorquack says:

      I don’t like you reviewers that say only good stuff and like something bad with a good twist. This laptop is freaking heavy, It’s like 2 times as heavy as a mac book 15. please make honest reviews and not just good ones to keep your channel paid for.

    46. LopsidedPasta says:

      I really like this thorough review. It’s between this and the soon to be revealed MacBook Pro for college. Leaning towards Dell right now

    47. Vitor Correia says:

      This laptop can handle 3 20inch monitors, all internet browsers, office apps etc… all at same time in a split of a second. Best of the beasts.

    48. Binula Illukpitiya says:

      Hey Lisa. I had a question about 2 models. I am a student and price is NOT an issue whatsoever when it comes to the laptop. Would you recommend that a student get the 1080p model for better battery life or the 4k model for the better screen?

    49. Azabo Ismael says:

      i hate plastic laptops and this one is one of them

    50. Mike says:

      Lisa, did the USB_C to Display port end up coming in? How did it work out?

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