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10:04, 14 December 2017

Lightweight Rain Gear Poncho Emergency Survival Cover Shelter Norwegian Military Surplus

Lightweight Rain Gear Poncho Emergency Survival Cover Shelter Norwegian Military Surplus

U.S. Marine Corps Survival Kit

Lightweight Rain Gear Poncho Emergency Survival Cover Shelter Norwegian Military SurplusIn this episode, we review the contents of the US concern Marine Corps survival kit from 1991. We break down all of the things in the kit for assessment. Please subscribe to our channel and stick to us at the links below:

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Jacob jacoby says:

    i like the way he talks "cOmpass"

  2. Doc D says:

    how much of it was made in China?

  3. greymajickjedi says:


    i have been looking for a place like that for years!
    Their sale prices are crazy cheap!
    Good call.

    Maybe you could do a video just on where you like to buy your gear.
    : )

  4. Jaybird196 says:

    Why is the wire saw in the fishing kit? Thanks.

  5. Kathalana Oneg says:

    I love all these kits, I just don’t like the trauma kit.I’m not a kid, it’s my name.

  6. Magnificent Bastard says:

    Back in the late 80s /early 90s the survival kit we carried consisted of Motrin and moleskin , guaranteed to keep any Marine alive and well

  7. KING JAMEZ says:

    you need a catch phrase when you end your videos

  8. Matthew Medeiros says:

    The way he says compass ??

  9. Clyde Jones says:

    They were issue with my Army Aircraft Maintenance toolbox. Way back in 1961 Korea, !st Cav.div. !5th Avn co. They were also the first thing to come up missing.

  10. Give ya meat a good ol rub says:

    Can you buy these on eBay or Amazon?

  11. Gerard Gerard says:

    I now really like this kit. Do you know where they are sold?

  12. Jacob Kinsey says:

    This was made in 11 October 2012 omg the worlds going to end NOOO

  13. yabozoable says:

    I thought it was just gonna be a couple cans of dip and a monster or 2

  14. angel Angel says:

    should of went through all the contents.

  15. Buzz Busby says:

    cheaper than dirt has these from time to time

  16. dzrt goat says:

    well I hope the wire saw is better than the civilian one the civilian one the only thing I find it to good for is snare wire

  17. Dereck Shaw says:

    Is this for sale on your site?

  18. Stupid Man says:

    those are very good and usefull knives.
    i rounded the edges and polished mine so it feels good hand and poocket.

  19. Tomasz Neosapiens says:

    marine corps ?

  20. Kaden Shannon says:

    were can I get this?

  21. MI Prepper says:

    order of bad ass lowest to highest regular Army, Airborne Army, Marines, Recon Marines, Army Rangers, Green Berets, Marine Force Recon, Seal, Army Delta Force, Seal Team Six

  22. J Bawcum says:

    Alright, where’s the 12 gauge… gotta kill me a crow… don’t call PETA!

  23. BOOSTEDLASER says:

    Semper Fi, Devil Dog

  24. Flashlight Smallsun says:

    Nice video,thanks for your share….

  25. jim o says:

    Much fishing in Iraq?

  26. Keith Cronk says:


  27. Fallout Fanatic says:

    That wasn’t a candle. It was a block of wax for repairing fabric or holding things together

  28. Donald Parlett jr says:

    I have several WWII survival kits for pilots and the same knife is used. It is indestructible

  29. dzrt goat says:

    ok the wire saw the only thing its good for is a snare trap

  30. Joe H says:

    What no crayons? i couldn’t resist.

  31. Sean Smith says:



    Nice kit, I’m surprised there’s. I paracord, although the. Tass wife can be used or if you ejected out of a plane you can use the parachute cord. And also no medical stuff, but good kit it seems I like that knife

  33. alfred yu says:

    semper fi past , present, future…!!!

  34. Victor Baray says:

    Why would you use the sharp end on the ferro rod smh use the back end or the screw driver or awl or something

  35. Marcos Figueroa says:

    Worst survival kit I ever seen

  36. Rafael Leon says:

    U.S Army Ranger survival list- A knife
    A gun
    A pair of balls
    That’s all they need

  37. Jack Rabbit says:

    good ol’ jar heads

  38. Mary Cahill says:

    Thanks for this. I find it interesting how many Youtubers think they need a whole pack full of gear for survival, but won’t include a good glass signal mirror to help someone find them if they get lost.

  39. jack phoenix says:

    where do i get one

  40. HunteD 117 says:

    my fried was a seal gave me his kabar one of the best knives ever that’s why all the branches have one simper fi

  41. mike smith says:

    Is the thumbnail not of the kit? I see a cobra head and what looks like water purification in the picture but didn’t see you mention them in the kit.

  42. NICK DUFFY says:

    How do you get one of these?

  43. David Humber says:

    where’s you get Black Scout Survival name ? Great vids BTW ! Keep them coming !

  44. Martin Curtis says:

    Thats a very shiny olive drab.

  45. 1manuscriptman says:

    I was VERY surprised that there were no water purification tablets.

  46. Chris Robbins says:

    compiss lol

  47. DraK_DaRippa says:

    the candle is for making your clothes waterproof, so thats why its in shelter

  48. Dick Fageroni says:

    it’s called a kit, not a "keeit", you hermaphrodite.

  49. Zakia Sewell says:

    where can I get that

  50. Tim Winkler says:

    I never saw one of these when I was in? We had to make our own

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