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5:28, 18 January 2018

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Wearing Tactical Clothing DISCUSSION

This is a short discussion and comparison on the topic of tactical clothing. I am just trying to spread some far more good awareness for the tactical community and hopefully attain some of these who do not comprehend our way of life. The ideal way to do this is respectfully hold our views while respecting the views of other people. In the United States of America there is nonetheless freedom of expression assured by our 1st Amendment and I suggest we all use it accordingly.

Thanks goes to all my fellow Youtubers – I appreciate your help! Special thanks to the tactical Youtuber neighborhood, Law Enforment and our Military.

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  1. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    Yeah man, totally agree! When I am in urban environments I don;’ do full camo, but I usually will have a tactical cap on or similar. Just the norm for us brotha! Cheers!

  2. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    Yeah some are a little too concerned unfortunately! Rock on in comfort of camo and tactical style I always say! Cheers!

  3. qzetu says:

    I see your point in the pants but you can buy non camo pants & shorts with cargo pockets. Frankly, I don’t wear camo anymore because there are just too many overzelous military dick heads running around.

  4. wakka chaka says:

    I’m 15, I have a "tactical" backpack that’s OD and has a lot of PALS, I don’t get any funny looks in central MN. Most kids have a variation of the same thing except more civilian like a Camelback so it’s not out of the norm. Same with camouflage, we have a very large hunting community so maybe %10-%15 of people will wear camo on any given day but that’s like realtree and mossy oak, not Atacs and marpat, that’s more of a foreign concept to people and I do occasionally get a comment or question.

  5. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    I feel ya man – I am just trying to break ’em in! I believe the more commonplace it is, the more reassured folks will be. Just like open carry – if everyone did it, no biggie. But if I wore my Shemagh at a local mall I would probably get security on me LOL!

    But I hope the states are treating you well my friend and thanks for watching!

  6. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    Yeah its quite unfortunate indeed! People are wearing for fashion now and not function, which is fine I guess. Its the ones that are scared of the "militant" look that make it tough for every one in the tactical community. But I don’t think the issue near as big as the gun control was (NOW that was a big misunderstanding and still is). But yeah man I appreciate you watching and your input!

  7. Survivalkraft says:

    Good video! What is strange is I get more looks here in the US about wearing camo than I did wearing it in the UK. There were a lot of people wearing the old woodland DPM and no one cared. The only thing I carry that is expressly "tactical" any more is my Hazard 4 MOD bag in Coyote Tan. I don’t think I get looked at as weird for that, though!
    Blessings, brother!

  8. Stay Safe says:

    i like this guy.. i can see myself like 85%.. i also love to wear camo and solid colors, but NOT UNIFORM. in fact, be true to yourself as long as you’re not hurting or offending someone or what so ever.. they can say whatever they want.. i just don’t care.

  9. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    Hey thanks man I appreciate your input!

  10. Mark Deloy says:

    be the gray man – blend in

  11. nelson pura says:

    Yeah tactical pants rocks!!!!i live in Japan and sometimes I use crye precision field pants multicam…some Japanese look at me like a war freak weird person…but yeah I don’t mind and care about comfortable wearing military pants.i cannot sacrifice comfort to fashion.besides wearing military pants is not a crime .

  12. chitodog6 says:

    I am looking for style tips for tactical gear and I am from California, so when you mentioned CA, I laughed.

  13. CrossKia says:

    Where I live in Ontario everybody wears real tree so no one gives me a second look. All a bunch a country people out here. In my opinion what we wear is practical. I hate todays hipster fashions. Keep up the vids man. I know your thinking what does this guy know he’s from Canada. Gun culture is huge in the country. Even in the city where I work all the guys I work with except a few own and shoot.

  14. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    Those poor lil scared sheepies :/

  15. Thomas Plant says:

    Now this should be on the tourism add for come to America, Make America Great Again Bruder

  16. Romans Tactical says:

    I prefer not to draw attention to myself, but keep it low profile and solid colors

  17. 9mminmyhand says:

    When will they ever learn?

  18. Mario Gonzalez says:

    I like wearing WW2 Marine P-41 trousers in the summer and fall months.

  19. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    Oh man I am ready for those day to come! Let them rock like the Spartans rocked the Persians!!!

  20. Mike 1969 says:

    I’m not military, a hunter or airsofter or anything, i just like camo fatigues, i wouldnt wear my multicam jacket & pants together though! (i have multicam, woodland and 6-color desert pants).

  21. JohnDoe says:

    Problem these days is 99% of the people’re sucked in this society thing where everyone’s concerned ’bout what other people’re going to say or getting the latest fashion things to cover their body.. kind’ve forgot the idea of being comfortable, being able to suddenly run or stretch or whatever necessary. In the end it comes down to the guy and his way of being, activity, work.. like it! or beat it !

  22. Ace Agbayani says:

    wearing tactical style in public uses a very powerful crime preventing intimidation. 90% of average badguys will not rob a store if he saw a person with 5.11 tactical pants, polo shirt, cap and bag on… most likely and effectively if he spoted more than 2-3 people wearing tactical style clothing, he will think they are off duty cops, private security, or military. not to mention its really comfortable, stylish and badass!!

  23. voiceofreason says:

    I do the same the stuff works and is designed well I dont wear it to impersonate just because it works and I like it

  24. Mike Rasmussen says:

    Other than hiking, hunting or at the range, when would you possibly need all of that readily available at a moments notice?

  25. Swell Kat2013 says:

    I agree with you whatever makes you comfortable as what you should wear. I like your channel that’s why I liked and subscribed I hope that you could like And subscribe to my channel and watch my Channel first. We agree with you.

  26. eltenda fabrizio says:

    fart pants!

  27. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    Yeah I can agree with that – Mossy Oak is pretty much the norm here. Since I am way down South, the only thing is wearing the Shemagh out in public (some uneducated folks think you look like "Al-Kaideer" LOL!!!) can be an issue. But yeah, just keep doing what you are doing and enjoy your lifestyle. Thanks for watching and sharing your input!

  28. Foxhound21048 says:

    The idea of tactical broken down to its roots are to have a loadout that allows you to carry what you need when you need it in a manner that allows you access to your gear when you need it.

    I used to always rock camo everything, and I’m not saying that is bad by any means. But I like to not stick to one thing, for instance camouflage is used for concealment to go unnoticed. I use carpenter jeans allot these days and the wrangler riggs ranger cargo pants with a solid built leather belt with some accessory pouches on it do the trick. Looking into the tru spec 24/7’s. But a hunting look in MD goes more unnoticed in public and in the woods, giving me the ability to blend in with my environment (wooded, or urban). Just a thought. Choose what you wear for a functional purpose and it will always be tactical in my book…

  29. shadowalker1776 says:

    Nice share.

  30. Flatiron Firearms says:

    Great video man. I like that you showed a good breadth of things from jeans to camo "field" pants. Also I fuckin dig the Fallout laser rifle in the background man!

  31. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    LOL good for them man!

  32. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    All I have are the heavy AR 500 plates for stopping up to .308 rounds. I don;t have any light body armor, but one of my brothers was in the market for some so I will look into that. But if I come up with anything I will let u know. Have a good one!

  33. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    If the occasion calls for it I will, Mr. Bourne 🙂

  34. Godzillaslovechild says:

    my old BDU’s are like the most comfortable utilitarian thing I can wear…love them…but…have to say…I’ve never really been too concerned about what others think…lol.

  35. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    I don’t open carry a whole lot here in Alabama, mainly because everyone has a gun so there is no point LOL! But yeah man, its a lifestyle and the more we live the more others will come to understand. I appreciate your input!

  36. Counter Tyranny Ops says:

    GA has gone a bit soft so I’m spicing things up again 😀

  37. MrLeonidas0001 says:

    LOL fancy pants man! FART on!!!

  38. Reptilian Jesus says:

    Nice laser rifle

  39. eltenda fabrizio says:

    i wear them and i’m fancy…lol

  40. BradyH84 says:

    you almost can’t carry enough things just wearing jeans and using two front pockets, depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing you might need a lot more than just your phone and wallet and keys. cargo pockets are great and cargo pants /bdus are way more functional than any jeans, jeans are just durable.

  41. Robert Hurtado says:

    im more into black,gray and navy blue tac gear myself but ya know everybody has their own preferences.

  42. WhitetrashTACTICAL says:

    If you don’t mind me asking but where did you get the Atac fg pants from.

  43. Dario Whitmoyer says:

    go and express the freedom of expression while you still can….

  44. TheMcnellester says:

    Nice guy, Nice vid!

  45. Nicklaus Books says:

    I say whatever makes you happy. Nobody’s damn business otherwise.

  46. Greaser Punk says:

    Hey where did u get that awesome knife

  47. RAIN Arthie says:

    Shiemags became popular with call of duty. In Iraq we were not allowed to wear them. You kept your gerber on your hip, cell phone was in chest pocket knife on your hip and one on your lbv, ammo mags were on the lbv unless moving around the compound (had to have 1 attached to the buttstock of rifle). I wouldn’t say your completely wrong, just facing the wrong way. You seem to have a kids impression of how tactical works. You know where everything is at all times and practice utilizing it. Otherwise your scrambling to find stuff. Keeping the gerber down by the ankle will not help you cut the seatbelt off when your upside down. Get an LBV. Running around with all of that crap in your pockets hurts after while and wears down the clothing. When you go to kneel all the stuff in your pockets shift and you get jabbed by the contents. Hope it helps wasn’t trying to be a dick. Later.

  48. RedFatCat78 says:

    I always wear tactical pants and boots but i only wear them in kaki,black or od green but i always wear a normal shirt or sweater on top of that to even out that tacticool look… if i wear multicam stuff i get strange looks… but if i go to the city centre (amsterdam) in my so called free country (netherlands) i only wear my tatical cargo pants with some sneakers and some "happy" shirt to not draw to much attention… in the city centre they have zero tolerance law if you look suspicious the police can search you for weapons and drugs… so i become a "grey man" when im there because i always carry a knife as a tool… but i have a good sh#t radar so i spot those razzia’s a mile away 😉 … im glad i live in the edge of the city(south part of amsterdam)where they cannot search you for no reason… good discussion point and great video on this topic!… greets…

  49. Siege Tech Gaming says:

    Thank you. geez. i get looked at funny when i wear my tactical pants and stuff. alot of ppl even go on my facebook and shit and r like oh ur a military poser and stuff. i find it funny. practicality is why i wear it. and shit i am prior mil. lol. and good point. its america. freedom of expression.

  50. Nolan Lang says:

    Dude Wear Whatever You Want
    Who Care You O.K. Brother
    You Are Kool Am With You
    I Am The Hunter Just like You
    So When Our Rambo Movie Coming Out.

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