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14:29, 20 December 2017

JIUSY Camouflage Balaclava Hood Ninja Outside Cycling Motorcycle Hunting Military Tactical Helmet liner Gear Full Face Mask SP-03

JIUSY Camouflage Balaclava Hood Ninja Outside Cycling Motorcycle Hunting Military Tactical Helmet liner Gear Full Face Mask SP-03

Product Description
Gender: Unisex
Material: one hundred% nylon has windproof, dustproof, breathable, absorbent, rapid-drying function. Incredibly soft and skin-friendly Digital heat transfer printing technologies, pattern clear and indelible colour resistant, without crack or winkle and environmental protection.
Colour:As the picture show
Size: Length: 35CM(13.78in), Width: 21CM(eight.27in) It is thin and fits a bit tight.
Package contain: 1pcs face mask

Washing instructions: Regular hand wash or machine wash

Price: $eight.99

  • It looks cool. Makes it look like a ninja, great color to match.
  • Material: one hundred% nylon, versatile and fits for all seasons. The material stretches nicely and has pores in material.
  • Breathable Function: Thin style, close to your skin and can freely breathe. assist to reduce fogging with your helmet on. Can be Worn on its Personal or Below any Type of Helmet. Tactical balaclava covers your head blocking from dust, sun UV or snow.
  • Super Comfortable put on them excellent for spring, summer season, autumn and winter: Suitable for outside sports, climbing, operating, cycling, motorcycle, Motorcycling, biking, trekking, boating, skating, hunting, shooting, skiing, surfing, hiking, Mountain Climbing, Snowboarding, snow machining, airsoft paintball, tactical training and other outdoor activities.
  • Size: Length: 35CM(13.78in), Width: 21CM(8.27in) It is thin and fits a bit tight.

SCDTV – SAG Winter Gear Presentation

SCDTV on Facebook:

Brace yourselves! Winter’s coming! SCDTV takes a look at SAGEAR’s chestrig and pouches in winter friendly white camo. Verify our presentation and choose if it really is a go or not.

SCDTV Overview Division – SAG Tactical Gear Video Round Up:

SAG Chestrig ENGLISH version: // page_id=959
SAG Chestrig wersja polska: // page_id=965

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Обсуждение: 15 коммент.
  1. SCDTV says:

    Irek had ecwcs gen 1 goretex jacket.

  2. Pan Jacek says:

    "to jest asgej"

  3. radzio2k says:

    uuu zimowy marpat, droga rzadkość

  4. SCDTV says:

    W pierwszej wersji były "Cztery pory roku" Vivaldiego, ale babilon zablokował :/

  5. Thorkil0861 says:

    What jacket is that?

  6. badger00airsoft says:

    szkoda zachodu pewnie SAG na tym i tak miljonów nie trzepie

  7. niepowiem123 says:

    Fajniej by wyglądało, jakby jeszcze replikę miał zamaskowaną 🙂

  8. Viking4freedom says:

    Wrap your rifles, clothes aren’t the only thing that will give you away.

  9. SCDTV says:

    miałem cholerny bandaż, ale nie…mundre głowy nie chciały! / Dudek

  10. Ziemowit Biernat says:


  11. Pan Jacek says:

    1:50 tu by idealnie pasował ten motyw z Bękartów watch?v=m3-o5LJ_Gow

  12. TwoStepViper says:

    Where the hell did he get Arctic MARPAT?!?

  13. SCDTV says:

    ameryki nie odkryłeś, już 2 lata temu zarzucali sagowi kopiowanie hsgi, a jak pozwów nie było tak i nie ma 😀

  14. SCDTV says:

    from a friend of a friend who knows a guy who has a friend, etc 😀

  15. badger00airsoft says:

    kopie HSGI TACO, tylko białe

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