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7:51, 14 December 2017

Iunio Military Transportable Folding Shovel [35 inch Length] and Pickax with Tactical Waist Pack 11-in-1 Army Surplus Multitool for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Trench Entrenching Tool, Car Emergency etc.

Iunio Military Transportable Folding Shovel [35 inch Length] and Pickax with Tactical Waist Pack 11-in-1 Army Surplus Multitool for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Trench Entrenching Tool, Car Emergency etc.

Army Tent vs Yurt, which is better for living On Your Off Grid House?

Iunio Military Transportable Folding Shovel [35 inch Length] and Pickax with Tactical Waist Pack 11-in-1 Army Surplus Multitool for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Trench Entrenching Tool, Car Emergency etc.Please Check Out Portion Two –

or possibly component four?

Which is better for your mountain home, an army tent or yurt? We actually like yurts but this was a swift inexpensive selection that we will most most likely take down during the winter. It is extremely spacious and comfy for guests. We are hunting forward to becoming in the path of the complete eclipse on Aug. 21 and knew we would need area for firm!

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  1. Jack Menendez says:

    The bullying is weird. Too much time on the platform.

  2. nytehawk tawadi says:

    Is it really a good idea to use power tools in the dark with or without sufficient lighting, and no hearing or eye protection? Dumb, and not setting a very good example for the kids!

  3. David marzolino says:

    The guy narrating the video is a douchebag, a large unadulterated bag of douche.

  4. Scott Nelson says:

    He’s a lil bitch…..just smack him hard a couple times…..he’ll shut up

  5. Wes Leppard says:

    Jack asses are using their saw with fence on the waste side and blame it binding up on wet wood. Good thing about power saws is they away kick backwards.

  6. Jamez says:

    Inflate some concrete canvas, spray with water, walk away and wait. Technology is grand. Much more wind resistant too given its rounded shape.

  7. POLO MARCO says:

    DEF a thumbs down for bait click… this was how to build a tent at night lol.

  8. Stephen Booth says:

    They should have used that cordless saw to cut the lips off the dickhead making the video

  9. Cuevas plumbing Channel says:

    Wouldn’t be a good dewalt commercial lol. But the video was cool

  10. D Lef says:

    Why do you continuously insult the kid?

  11. Kenneth Donnelly says:

    …….how did no one not hit you with a tool………they are either the most laid back people or you’r such an asshole they just tune you out.

  12. Александр Перчов says:

    Hey look, there is asshole managing setup, so what else is new?

  13. Grant Hubick says:

    A "real Dennis move" should be loosening some teeth of the walking talking douche nozzle.

  14. Warrior Homestead says:

    I can’t even watch the video. Yurts all day long. Too many bad memories of those horrible, leaky, cold, rip-apart-in-the-wind, shitty tents.

  15. POLO MARCO says:

    I like this

    815 <<< Think you are a asshole lol

  16. Frankie Cox says:

    Took 13 minutes to show us he can build a wood floor

  17. Wayne Davis says:

    Dude you need a duller blade and a weaker battery for that saw… Loved the unpacking of the tent!! Pulled the lid off the box and left those nail or screw heads all around the outside edge. Then pulled the tent up out and rest it on….. the EDGE with the nails in it! Brilliant! BRAVO!

  18. Pass the popcorn says:

    the guy with the camera is a total dick!

  19. jerome night says:


  20. Grim Reaper says:

    *_….and again yer on the camera so can’t help out, right……….stop being so bossy, no sub here…sry, not sry…douche_*

  21. tully mcglone says:

    nothing worse than seeing some wierdo rub his mangina all over hard workers

  22. bobby t says:

    You guys put them sheet of plywood on upside down the knots are supposed to go down

  23. MrChaes says:

    Where is the yurt?

  24. River rat says:

    if i had a choice, it be a tipi.yea poles are long. but with a little ingenuity you can make poles that come apart.if you set one up correctly with a liner and a ozan its not only easily transportable but much warmer without the added weight of stoves, floors, ect

  25. Aaron Keener says:

    I bet your 95y/o grandma can still suck a mean dick for a dime though.

  26. Michael Shea says:

    who the hell is Dennis?

  27. Andrew Bell says:

    Dear guy that filmed this, you’re an asshole. Your friend, another asshole.

  28. dhession64 says:

    You shoulda called me. I learned how to do this in 1990 at Camp Bullis, TX. July 29, I might add……
    Three days later, Hussein invaded Kuwait. It ruined my summer………..
    JK I was a Guardsman. We didn’t go anywhere, but I still learned how to make these things go up.

  29. John Hales says:

    i prefer round vs 90deg corners and the wind does not feel as strong to a round shape…given equal size and material the yurt by far.

  30. KIWI PILOT says:

    The guy on the Camera needs to shut the fuck up, annoying big mouthed CUNT

  31. Marsha barrett says:

    what song is that playing

  32. ThunderKiss1965 says:

    While stationed at Ft Drum I spent two weeks in a GP Medium in temperatures as low as -20 below with the old Army space heaters it keep the inside comfortable but unheated the sides would freeze solid from condensation.

  33. james ellis says:

    why would anyone hang around to help this know it all asshat,I think he might have caught a hammer to the head as an attitude adjustment

  34. Michael West says:

    Cor I love any thing like this brilliant

  35. Jon MacDonald says:

    Fuck yeah this is Some Pimpin ass Shit My Dude! and yalls Raised that Motherfucker up In the Dark! Well Done!

  36. jonathan hurley says:

    holy cow! those are some dangerous nips! poke yer eye out

  37. Bill Karoly says:

    I’ve been thinking about putting something like this in my backyard to use as a photography studio.

  38. Gerry Savoie says:

    Ied that cordless drill and 4 of those screws and screw that assholes lower jaw to his upper jaw

  39. K Derby says:

    For long term I would have insulated the floor. Needs a wood stove, too. Good job though.

  40. Olfuc says:

    Eric, I bet that you are a short guy with a little dick. That young guy should have told you to fuck off.

  41. Buster Cheney says:


  42. Tomas Faal Petersson says:

    that’s a surplus tent, you paid a lot more than $1500 for that thru your taxes. Of a private company building yurts can’t compete with that

  43. Kenneth McArthur says:

    horrible ending to this video. Wanted to see more of the finished product.

  44. SchoolOf SelfReliance says:

    You did no work yourself ! None !
    Those guys don’t like you, its really obvious. It’s also obvious you can’t tell that they don’t like you and you are oblivious to the fact that you act like an ass.

  45. Michael Guerin says:

    You do realize that the ger is a Mongol creation and that calling it by the Turkish name ‘yurt’ , outside of Turkey, is an insult?

  46. Edad Martin says:

    I just subbed , watched a few .the bald guy filming is a huge ass wipe. Im not wasting any more time . Unsubbed

  47. Rich Allcorn says:

    Too short … all the time was spent on the flooring …

  48. POLO MARCO says:

    So this was more a Watch us build a tent rather than a VS. VS would have both up and you testing both for whatever conditions…

  49. Bongo Frenzy says:

    lazy cunt with the cam isn’t pulling his weight.

  50. Essential Mountain Homesteading says:

    We doubled the size and added a fireplace and a shower.
    Check it out!!

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