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Tuesday, 24 November 2020   Subscription to updates  RSS
5:03, 02 December 2017

It’s “Lightroom Preset” Monday

Happy Monday, everybody! First, big news — we just released a new class all about Presets from the French Lightroom Guru himself, Serge Ramelli, and not only is a kick-butt class, Serge has created a set of great presets that come free with the class.
Check out this 30-second message from Serge about the class:

Here’s the link to watch the full class.
Custom Presets in the new Lightroom CC (cloud-based Lightroom)?
Adobe Worldwide Evangelist Terry White did a short video on how to do something with the new Cloud-based Lightroom CC that most folks thought couldn’t be done — adding Presets created in Lightroom Classic for the Desktop, to the new Lightroom CC for the cloud. Check it out:

Thanks, Terry (and Serge).
Here’s to a fantastic week, full of possibilities!
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