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21:57, 10 December 2017

In Vietnam, coffee-drinking locals skip the cream and add an egg

Eggs with your coffee? In Vietnam — a culture that loves caffeine at least as much as Americans do — locals place eggs IN their coffee.

First, a bit of history: Nguyen Van Dao says that back in 1946, his father Nguyen Van Giang, a barman at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel in Hanoi, ran out of milk to serve with the coffee. In a pinch, he whipped up a mixture of egg yolks and condensed milk, and the rest was history.

As popularity for the beverage grew, so did the business to the Giang Coffee shop in the old quarter of Hanoi nowadays.

The country is not the only a single to have employed eggs in coffee. Many Scandinavian countries also crack egg yolks into coffee grounds, which supposedly making the coffee less bitter. The two versions could not be a lot more distinct, save for the use of a shared ingredient, the egg. The Vietnamese version tastes like a foamy flan (a Spanish dessert) whilst the Scandinavian version is said to improve the coffee, rather than adjust the taste totally.

The coffee, recognized locally as Ca Phe Trung, has been so productive that most cafes in Hanoi serve up a version of their personal. Not too long ago, CNBC visited the Giang Cafe in Hanoi, exactly where tourists and locals alike lined the walls waiting for the beverage.

Blink and you’ll miss the tiny entrance on the busy street of Nguyen Huru Huan of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. After inside, a tiny kitchen at the bottom of the stairs — exactly where the smell of meringue wafts in the air — is where a chef whips the sabayon for the egg coffees into a frenzy. A mixer then blends the milk and eggs.

While other cafes are recreating the drink in their personal kitchens, egg coffees themselves have grow to be identified as a city-particular specialty. This particular blend, even so, is nonetheless regarded as exclusive to Giang Cafe.

Customers can have the egg coffee a single of two approaches: hot or cold, each about $1.15. Compared with street meals in Hanoi, that cost is truly on par with the cost of a banh mi sandwich or bowl of pho, Vietnam’s staple noodle soup.

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