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20:21, 31 May 2018

Illinois Has Ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. Wait, What?

Illinois Has Ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. Wait, What?

Illinois Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment. 1 Much more to Go. Wait, What?

Supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment cheered for its passage outside the Illinois Capitol on Tuesday. The state the subsequent day became the 37th to ratify the amendment.CreditRich Saal/The State Journal-Register, by way of Associated Press

By Matthew Haag

On Wednesday, Illinois became the 37th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. You possibly have concerns.

Didn&rsquot the E.R.A. die in the &rsquo80s?

Technically, yes.

Congress, which overwhelmingly approved the Equal Rights Amendment on March 22, 1972, set a seven-year deadline for 3-quarters of the states to ratify it. The deadline was later extended to 1982 but that deadline passed with only 35 states on board. They required 38.

Far more about that in a moment. But 1st &hellip

What would the amendment do?

The proposed amendment has 3 sections but the initial is the major clause: &ldquoEquality of rights below the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.&rdquo

In 1972, supporters believed the amendment would invalidate widespread discrimination, which includes laws that restricted a woman&rsquos correct to buy or sell property and employers&rsquo policies that denied unemployment compensation to pregnant workers.

Alice Paul fought for woman&rsquos suffrage. Right after the 19th Amendment in 1920, she wrote the 1st draft of what later became the Equal Rights Amendment.CreditSmithsonian Institute of American History National History, by means of Connected Press
Phyllis Schlafly, right, was a conservative activist who led Cease ERA, a group that opposed the Equal Rights Amendment.CreditGetty Pictures

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