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17:58, 18 October 2018

‘I Could Have Killed You,’ Ohio Officer Warns Two Boys With BB Gun

‘I Could Have Killed You,’ Ohio Officer Warns Two Boys With BB Gun

&lsquoI Could Have Killed You,&rsquo Ohio Officer Warns Two Boys With BB Gun


The police in Columbus, Ohio, have been criticized and praised for releasing body-camera footage that shows an officer scolding two boys for having a BB gun in public.Published OnCreditCreditImage by Columbus Division of Police

By Christine Hauser

An Ohio police officer, his weapon drawn, approached two boys in a Columbus neighborhood more than the weekend and told them to kneel just before picking up what turned out to be a BB gun lying on the sidewalk.

What followed was not a shooting or an arrest but a lecture to two black youths, ages 11 and 13. Video of the Oct. 13 incident, which was recorded on Officer Peter Casuccio&rsquos physique camera and released on Monday by the Columbus police as a &ldquolife lesson&rdquo for young folks, ignited an on the internet discussion about policing, race and gun manage in the United States.

&ldquoI could&rsquove killed you,&rdquo Officer Casuccio says in the video. &ldquoI want you to consider about that tonight when you go to bed. You could be gone. Everything you want to do in this life could&rsquove been more than.&rdquo

11-YEAR-OLD BOY LEARNS LESSON ABOUT CARRYING A GUNCreditCreditVideo by Columbus Division of Police

Earlier in the video, he says, &ldquoI pride myself on being a pretty undesirable hombre, because I got to be,&rdquo warning the boys, &ldquoDon&rsquot make me.&rdquo

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