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23:15, 29 October 2018

Hospital admits ‘series of failures’ led to 6-year-old’s sepsis death

Hospital admits ‘series of failures’ led to 6-year-old’s sepsis death

Hospital chiefs have admitted a catalog of mistakes which led to the tragic death of a 6-year-old girl from sepsis.

Coco Bradford died&#xA0on July 31, 2017, days right after physicians at the Royal Cornwall Hospital assured the family members she was &quotfine.&quot

Members of the board of Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (RCHT) accepted an independent report into the death of Coco, from St. Ives, on Friday.

They faced damning statements from Coco&#x2019s family, who described how they were treated with arrogance by employees on Polkerris Ward.

Luke and Rachel Bradford described how employees failed to listen to them as their daughter lay dying.


Coco died of sepsis, which she contracted at the Cornwall hospital, following becoming transferred to Bristol Youngsters&#x2019s Hospital for treatment.

Medics in Cornwall assured the household that Coco, who was autistic, was OK, but mistakes have been made in diagnosis and therapy.

The report, which included 13 suggestions to adjust procedures at the hospital, stated blunders have been created in diagnosis and there was a delay in treating Coco.

It concluded: &#x201CThere have been many missed possibilities which we think would have drastically enhanced her probabilities of survival.&#x201D

Attending the meeting in Truro&#xA0were Coco&#x2019s parents, Luke and Rachel, and sisters Chelsea Elcocks and Bianca Ackroyd.

The space was shown a video of Coco, and board members have been visibly upset and moved by the poignant photos.

&#x201CAfter reading the final report into Coco&#x2018s death in full, which has been very distressing and really a further burden to bear, I am appalled by the level and magnitude of failings from the moment Coco entered Treliske on Tuesday, 25th July,&quot Rachel Bradford mentioned.&#xA0&quotOur stunning, small girl did not stand a chance. In July last year, Coco was living her best life ever. She was satisfied and healthful and definitely loving life.&quot

&quotShe loved understanding – actually, genuinely loved finding out – she loved the beach, swimming, eating chocolate and listening to music, all the time, particularly Justin Bieber and Small Mix,&quot she said.&#xA0&#x201CThen Coco became ill and, due to the several failings by specific members of staff in this hospital, she died eight days later and she by no means got to live the life she so deserves.&quot

&#x201CCoco was an inspiration to other folks, a life changer, and she would absolutely have grown up to be a globe changer,&quot she mentioned. &quotShe amazed us each single day. I cannot and will not ever forgive these folks we hold responsible for Coco&#x2019s death. They know who they are and they must be utterly ashamed of themselves.&quot

&#x201CTo then, later, uncover out that they blamed Coco, her autism and from becoming uncooperative and non-compliant to excuse their own incompetence is unforgivable,&quot she mentioned.&#xA0&quotFor the record Coco was neither uncooperative or non-compliant. I am incredibly angry with regards to the questionable honesty of some clinicians and their failure to recall data even even though it was documented.&quot

Hospital chiefs have admitted a catalog of mistakes which led to Coco's tragic death.

Hospital chiefs have admitted a catalog of errors which led to Coco’s tragic death.

&quotWe questioned their actions continually, begged for discomfort relief for Coco and Chelsea (Coco&#x2019s sister and a clinical skills tutor who has worked in ICU for over two years) questioned them straight by phone,&quot she stated.&#xA0&#x201CThey treated us with indignance and arrogance and told us they had been not worried about Coco and she was fine, but truly she wasn&#x2019t. She was dying in front of our eyes.&quot

She went on to explain how when &quotfaced with a severely dehydrated youngster with diarrhea and vomiting,&quot physicians decided not to follow suggestions.

She added: &quotwhen a clinician who agrees a program for a dying child does not implement that program or transfer to yet another hospital, and when a pediatric consultant does not recall, can&#x2019t keep in mind, wasn&#x2019t aware of and can not explain a course of action or procedures, it would look acceptable to query the suitability of their selected professions.&#x201D

&#x201CCoco&#x2019s death has had a devastating impact on us all,&quot Bradford stated.&#xA0&quotShe was completely the most valuable individual in our household and, for me, she was and continues to be the absolute enjoy of my life. I cannot come to terms with her death and it has broken me mentally, physically and emotionally. I just can not place into words how losing Coco has produced me feel.&quot

&quotI spent nearly each and every day with her for 6 and half years, loving her, caring for her, protecting her and fighting for her. She meant and nevertheless signifies the planet to me,&quot she mentioned.&#xA0&#x201CWhen you take your youngster into [the] hospital you have to place your trust in the hands of the health-related specialists if you, oneself, are not medically educated.

&quotYou have to believe they are undertaking the ideal for your youngster. You actually don&#x2019t have a option,&quot she mentioned.&#xA0&#x201CThis report is not a full account of what actually happened and what was really mentioned, as it would be classed as circumstantial or hearsay, but it most absolutely confirms our worst fears and issues from final July and that is quite hard to reside with, especially when you know all that Coco needed was rehydration.&quot

&quotA easy course of intravenous fluids. That&#x2019s it, no miracle drug, no specialist treatment, just intravenous fluids,&quot she mentioned.&#xA0&quotThe failure of treating that initial infection led to Coco contracting sepsis, which is what she in fact died off.&#x201D

Coco&#x2019s sister, Chelsea, mentioned Coco, known by her nickname &quotCoco-bean,&quot was an adorable six-year-old girl.

She described her bedtime routine and explained how Coco, who, since, of her autism, had been delayed in establishing speech, would say &quotruff you&quot for &quotI love you.&quot

She stated: &#x201CIt&#x2019s Wednesday, July 26, 2017, and I&#x2019m sat hunting at the very same beautiful bleached blonde 6-year-old but this time she&#x2019s not well, so unwell she can barely lift her hand from the sofa where she lives. Sunken eyes, pale skin, dry mouth and can barely talk,&quot she mentioned.&#xA0&#x201CI&#x2019ve already instructed my mum to contact an ambulance and there is just time to say goodbye to small Coco-bean. This time I say, &#x2018Look at you tiny Coco-bean. You&#x2019ll get better quickly. I love you.&#x2019&quot


&quotShe manages, somehow, to collect the strength to slightly lift her head and say, &#x2018Ruff you&#x2019. This is the final issue my stunning little sister ever stated to me. Just two days later and now I&#x2019m questioning staff at Treliske hospital. I&#x2019m angry due to the fact what I am telling them is not getting via,&quot she said.&#xA0&quotThis is my expanded NHS family members, folks that, as a fellow wellness care specialist, I ought to trust. I try, but they inform me they are not worried about this, no she doesn&#x2019t require that, and no we don&#x2019t use that technique here.&quot

&#x201CEven a lot more infuriating is when I discover myself sat in a space 12 months later, with the medical director telling me you have been right all along, your instinct was correct from the offset,&quot she mentioned.&#xA0&#x201CI am now furious that I allowed such incompetent wellness care experts to produce a smokescreen as to what was truly taking place, which is that no-1 knew what the hell they have been doing.&#x201D

She added: &#x201CTreliske at very first have been in denial and dishonest to us. I can forgive that. What I can’t forgive is that everything I have told you these days could have and need to have been avoided. My lovely little sister could nevertheless be right here right now and we would by no means have had to stand here, falling apart, explaining how our lives have been impacted and are now ruined. The countless missed opportunities by fellow NHS staff imply I will never hear my tiny sister laugh, giggle or say &#x2018I ruff you&#x2019 once again.&#x201D

Chairing the meeting was RCHT non-executive director Sarah Pryce, who stated to the family: &#x201CI know I speak for the complete board in saying we are so really sorry.&#x201D

&#x201CNone of us can possibly envision what you have been by way of and continue to go by means of,&quot she said.&#xA0&quotToday, you&#x2019ve offered us some indication into how specific and a beautiful girl Coco was and some sense of the effect of your loss. It&#x2019s incredibly hard to hear about your loss and pain but as a board, we are pleased to listen to you. To be sincere, I am struggling to locate words that are huge adequate to say sorry. We will find out from what occurred to Coco. I know that doesn&#x2019t make your loss any much less painful.&#x201D

Kate Shields, the chief executive of RCHT, also read a statement in which she stated: &#x201CWe have right now formally received an independent report into the care and remedy of Coco Rose Bradford. We have completely accepted the report&#x2019s findings and will report our progress against each and every one particular of its recommendations publicly at our trust board.&quot

&#x201CCoco was a 6-year-old small girl who was in our care on two occasions in July 2017,&quot the statement mentioned. &quotOn the 1st occasion she was reviewed in the emergency division and sent home and on the second occasion, she was on one particular of our pediatric wards for three days. Coco was transferred from RCHT to Bristol Youngsters&#x2019s Hospital on 28th July, 2017, exactly where she died on 31st July, 2017.&quot

&#x201CThe report describes a series of failures in care and missed opportunities to treat Coco at a time when her death could have been avoided and her symptoms treated,&quot the statement stated. &quotWe know that Coco&#x2019s family members and, in particular, Rachel, Luke, Chelsea and Bianca, have fought to get the full facts of the case. We will continue to work with them to attempt to completely recognize why we failed and to make certain that Coco&#x2019s legacy for all children in Cornwall is – that this in no way takes place once again. The entire hospital trust and our communities in Cornwall will be saddened when they study the report.&quot

&quotThe care described is not read reflective of common care on our youngsters&#x2019s wards,&quot the statement said.&#xA0&quotWe have sought, and will continue to seek, external scrutiny of our services so that regional folks can be confident that we are safe and effective in the care of kids in Cornwall. It is however essential that we accept and acknowledge the fact that for Coco and her family members we had been not excellent sufficient. We apologize unreservedly.&#x201D

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