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11:22, 04 August 2018

Global Tactical Gear Survival Kit, Emergency Wilderness Tools with Heavy Duty Knife, Compass, and Emergency Blanket – Crucial Survival Gear

Product Description


Global Tactical Gear is an all-American company with real people working to provide you with the highest quality survival gear.

  • 1 x Gift Box
  • 1 x Professional Serrated Knife
  • 1 x Paracord Bracelet
  • 1 x Ferro Rod Fire Starter
  • 1 x Tactical Pen
  • 1 x Emergency Thermal Blanket
  • 1 x Flashlight (requires 1x AA battery, not included)
  • 1 x Compass
  • 1 x Multi-Function Saber Card
  • 1 x Whistle
  • 1 x Shockproof and Water-Resistant Case
  • 1 x How-To Ebook (User Manual)
  • 1 x "10 Tips for Wilderness Survival" Free Ebook

Professional Knife-

Heavy-duty knife with a 3.5" blade. Includes a rope/seat belt cutter and bottle opener. With pocket clip.

Fero Rod Fire Starter-

The Fire Starter quickly and easily creates sparks to make a fire. Important for any outdoor emergency, cooking and staying warm.

Tactical Pen-

Tungsten Steel Pen created to be able to break a window or glass in any extreme emergency situation.

Emergency Thermal Blanket-

Retains up to 90% of body heat. Starts to work instantly to prevent hypothermia. Highly reflective for signaling and can be used to shelter from the elements.


Compact handheld ultra-bright LED flashlight, adjustable light modes: High / Low / Strobe. Single AA Battery Required (Not Included).


Accurate Compass for easy navigation. Waterproof with luminous display, for clear night viewing.

Saber Card-

Stainless Steel 11-1 Multi-functional Saber Card functions as a Can Opener, Bottle Opener, 4 and 2-Position Wrench, Butterfly and Direction Ancillary Wrench, Screwdriver, Knife Edge, Saw Blade, and Ruler.


Made by Aluminum Alloy generates sound up to 120db, which can be heard from a distance, making it easy to be found.

Price: $25.99
  • ★ SICK OF CHEAP JUNK? - Your survival is not a joke, don't be let down by low quality items that are likely to fail. While other kits are crammed full of junk that simply breaks after a few uses, our premium Emergency Kit is BUILT TO LAST in the wilderness! This multi-purpose kit contains a Professional Knife, Paracord Bracelet, Saber Card, Tactical Pen, Compass, Flashlight, Whistle, Ferro Rod Fire-Starter, Emergency Blanket all inside a compact and portable water-resistant case.
  • ★ FED UP OF BLUNT SURVIVAL KNIVES? - Our knife has a large 3.5" serrated blade; This means you WILL NOT have to struggle with inadequate knives again. With a HEAVY-DUTY rope/seatbelt cutter feature, you will be PREPARED FOR ANY EMERGENCY. Includes a pocket clip for easy and safe carry.
  • ★ REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE - We've got the best customer service around, just take a look at our reviews. Should something break CONTACT US directly, we will replace it with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Your satisfaction is more important to us that profit.
  • ★ ALL NEW - High strength 7 strand Paracord Survival Bracelet. It has a built-in Compass, Fire Starter and Whistle. This bracelet can also be used on it's own to save weight and space while still providing MULTIPLE SURVIVAL TOOLS. All while maintaining both the convenience and comfort of a watch or wristband. This gives you an option that other Emergency kits simply do not. Wear it every day or keep it in the case, the choice is yours.
  • ★ AMAZING GIFT - Our Kit comes in a designer GIFT BOX and contains essential gear for Scouts, Preppers, Outdoor Enthusiasts and Adventurers. A Survival Kit is a MUST-HAVE for his or her survival backpack, for camping, hiking, hunting, biking, climbing, traveling, earthquakes, SHTF and emergency preparedness. Every family NEEDS ONE either at home or in their car so ADD TO YOUR CART TODAY.

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