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19:57, 20 December 2017

Genuine Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery 11.1V 84Wh Battery CN-04GVGH 4GVGH

Genuine Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery 11.1V 84Wh Battery CN-04GVGH 4GVGH
Genuine Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery 11.1V 84Wh Battery CN-04GVGH 4GVGH

Product Description
Genuine Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery 11.1V 84Wh Battery CN-04GVGH 4GVGH

Value: $120.00

    Genuine Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery 11.1V 84Wh Battery CN-04GVGH 4GVGH
    Genuine Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery 11.1V 84Wh Battery CN-04GVGH 4GVGHGenuine Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery 11.1V 84Wh Battery CN-04GVGH 4GVGH

    Dell XPS 15 9560 4K HOT HOT HOT and Tear-Down!

    Genuine Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery 11.1V 84Wh Battery CN-04GVGH 4GVGHThis XPS 15 came as an open box at my nearby Microcenter. It is running extremely HOT. Hang out as I dismantle and replace the paste.

    So far the job enhanced thermals but there is much more to do nevertheless. Thermal pads are on their way and I will start off the approach over extremely quickly!

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    Photo by Amanda.

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    By 150hp on 2011-08-07 18:35:36

    Обсуждение: 20 коммент.
    1. K W W says:

      IC Diamond.
      If you never intend to replace thermal compound in the future, fine, but if you ever need to replace it then you’ll have great issues of removal.

      @28:55. Those reading are misleading as it’d just been turned on and no stress applied.

    2. Bob Of All Trades says:

      Successful panel removal at 5:10!

    3. Josué Díaz says:

      I have success with this process on i7 7700hq, getting similar temps as you in idle, im in a tropical country with day ambient temps betwwen 26-32 so im happy so far!

    4. badtz maru says:

      Thanks for this vid, I’m probably going to grab one of those open box machines from my local Microcenter, good to know this might be something to look out for on it. Guess i’ll have to grab some thermal paste while I’m there also =D

    5. Ahmad Hendeh says:

      undervolting the gtx 1050 to 0.8V may help, and yes pascal can be easily undervolted with MSI after burner voltage curve.

      also can you review the sager NP7850, a 1000$ gtx 1060 6 GB laptop.

    6. Marcus says:

      My Acer Predator while playing Battlefield 1 on ultra during the summer; GTX 1060, 75 fps, GPU-90C, CPU 85C, Maximum processor state at 60% and Intel XTU disabled. Is this normal or it’s too high?

      With Maximum processor state at 100% (as by default) but Intel XTU -150mV CPU temp is over 95C.

    7. Paul Lynch says:

      Nice video. I have the 9550 i7, 32gb with 4k touch screen that was never ever running hot but, even so, after undervolting and an arctic silver 5 repaste, HWMonitor says my cores tick over just above room temperature and operate generally in the mid to high 30s , meaning it runs virtually silent with no fan noise unless steaming 4K, which just awakes a very quite fan to keep it sufficiently cool. It’s an awesome bit of kit with a really amazing display! Hope it worked out for you.

    8. Younes Man says:

      Dear friend .. I worked as you said and changed the thermal paste but I did not find any change in the heat ?? !! ???

    9. Dave Kirkey says:

      I’ve read alot of issues with that Battery…. and Heat, so, In our looking at the XPS 15 same model that you have I called Dell and asked how much a replacement battery cost.. Guess what… There is None , they do not have a replacement battery to sell, they say that it is not a user replaceable item and you have to send it in… So I said Ok, so how much will that cost and then they said… They don’t have any and they don’t know when they will have them available.. According to a post on Amazon.. it is no longer Available.. So, that means…once that battery goes…. you now have a fixed desktop unit and no longer have a portable.. Go Figure! I contacted both Dell Home and Dell Business…. both the same answer… furthermore if you look at the website it states the battery is not available for sale! Good Luck..

    10. AirScholar says:

      Over heating can’t be fixed. 
      Can the crappy speakers be improved?

    11. Karan Bindal says:

      Please unplug the battery

    12. Daniel Rodriguez-Delgado says:

      another nitpicking comment, I have openend up a few of these; and I typical noob advice I have given myself, is not to put the screws back, until booting and checking everything is OK -I hate to have to remove T5 screws too many times.

    13. Bennehh says:

      You talked about putting a thermal pad over the boxes at the bottom. What are they? Cheers, enjoyed the video!

    14. Daniel Rodriguez-Delgado says:

      useful minor point that sticky/nail took looks like a metallic tip. I will personally first try with one of those plastic tips/nails.. a lot of scratchable surfaces around.

    15. heyedddie says:

      you mentioned the i5-7300HQ.
      Do you think the i5-7400HQ would run (noticeably) cooler than the i7-7700HQ as well?
      .. same clock speed but no HT which if I’m not mistaken does have an impact on temperatures, right?

    16. fajou seek says:

      I cant recommend dell anymore. Mine XPS 15 9560 died after 2 months. Now I have a new one which died today (after month). Temperatures were high even if i undervolted cpu and set clovk speed down. Its sad because it should be a mac killer if its working. Good luck with your xps im out and looking for mac. (Btw. i had dell laptops for like 9 years now)

    17. Younes Man says:

      I have a question please .. I bought Acer Predator 17 gtx 1060 about two months ago .. The problem that gets is the temperature of the CPU is always high and up to 94c .. Especially when playing battlefield 1 ..and i Put cooler under it but did not find any improvement ?? ..
      What do you advise me to do? Please answer me .. I’m afraid the CPU will Damaged.

    18. Kerim Amet says:

      Just undervolt the gpu and the cpu? It will resolve your problemlem and liquid paste on cpu and gpu.

    19. AirScholar says:

      Are you kidding ?!
      That is the cooling system?
      No wonder GPU goes 50% after only 5 minutes.

    20. Michal Wiktorow says:

      Really, this is not mine first and probably will not be the last comment when I point this out. I re-paste a lot of hardware, both IHS, and clean dies, and the best solution, always, with greatest results is: (a)warm-up paste (40C) place it only on die surface, and (b)spread evenly with razor blade or credit card will do, but never-ever pee-size-dot and ‘let is spread’. I had consistently better (by not much, but still: 2C to 3C) results when this method is applied. Do not, do it the way you had shown, this is only acceptable with absurdly stiff-mounted on IHS coolers! Not with any laptop at hand. Also you did not use a brush made from horse hair, do not use compressed air (or when use block fan from spinning) to clean the heat-sink little grills, also fan blades – it always make a bit of difference. Though I agree that 77-85C on full load on this machine (CPU) is something to be expected. Due to thermal-managed fan, quality of paste application can only be checked during CPU idling (delta temps for liquid metals is 6,5C best, for paste: from 8,4C to 10C). I am curious did you had in your hands Lenovo P50/P51, and how does it compare to Dell’s cooling? How big compromise you need to take (in size department) when we compare slick XPS and P50/51? Does size really an issue with daily travel? Thanks.
      Best Regards

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