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5:01, 01 December 2017

‘Game Dev Tycoon’ Review – If You Liked ‘Game Dev Story’ You’ll Love ‘Game Dev Tycoon’

In 2012, Greenheart Games released game developer simulator Game Dev Tycoon [$4.99] for PC players. Billed as somewhat of a basic strategy/simulation title, Tycoon earned a strong player following and has been a favorite indie title on PC for quite some time. Five years later and a mobile version of Tycoon is finally on iOS, where it naturally fits and is an awesome addition to the genre.
For mobile gamers that haven’t played Game Dev Tycoon on another platform, it plays similar to the 2011 Kairosoft title Game Dev Story (which actually inspired Tycoon). Players start out in a garage in the early days of the video game revolutionary creating simple games for the PC and basic platforms. As the game progresses, new consoles get released in the universe that closely mirror the console release timeline of the real world. With each new console comes new opportunity to make new games.

As one might expect, the making of the games is where all the gameplay and strategy truly is. The basic premise involves choosing a platform, a genre, and a thematic category for the game. After those are chosen game develop is broken up into three discrete phases, which each phase offering players the opportunity to add on features to the game and allocate resources to categories such as Story-writing, Graphics, and Sound. While a game’s success depends on a lot of elements, having a successful genre-theme category for the chosen platform is a good indicator for predicting popularity and a lot of the fun is exploring new combinations.
Game Dev Tycoon takes the basic premises described above and pile on a ton of strategic elements that really make the game a joy to play from a strategic and time management standpoint. Every element of game development can be classified as needing Design Points or Technology Points. You raise the likelihood of developing those points by assigning programmers that are specializing in one or the other (or both!). Programmers can be trained to develop their Design or Technology skills and can begin to specialize in specific criteria for software development or learn new special skills to use while making a game. Eventually players can unlock the ability to open R

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