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5:00, 10 December 2017

Forget BEING the Hero, ‘The Quest Giver’ Will Have You Telling the Heroes What to Do

I love when games take a well-established genre and then focus on an area outside the norm. In the case of RPGs, you’re almost always the protagonist setting out to save the world or whatever, often by completing quests given to you through other people in the game. But who comes up with those quests? Well just as its name implies, in The Quest Giver it’s you! This is the latest game that’s in the works from Rest.less Games, and it’s a simulation experience that takes place in an RPG world where you’ll run a Guild and create quests for heroes to set out and complete. The basic gist of The Quest Giver is pretty clear in this clever rhyming trailer.

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It’s a pretty awesome idea, and if you agree and want to follow the progress of The Quest Giver, you can do so over on BrightLocker, which is a service I never even knew about until today. BrightLocker is sort of a crowdfunding service but it’s also a way to follow along with a developer as they work on a game. I need to look into it a bit further, but it seems pretty cool. Anyway, the plan for The Quest Giver is to finish and release the game on desktop in mid-2018 and then bring the game over to mobile at some point after. Hopefully as progress continues on the game we’ll get some more details about how it’s shaping up, but at any rate it seems like the kind of game that will be perfect for mobile and it’s worth keeping it on your radar if it looks up your alley.


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