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18:10, 22 October 2018

Flying HYGH: October Roadshow

Flying HYGH: October Roadshow

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Founders Vincent M&uumlller, Fritz Frey, and Antonius Link will be flying HYGH with their team this month, with stops in Dubai (20th &ndash 23rd October), Qatar (24th &ndash 25th of October), and London (28th &ndash 30th October).

With a mission to allow brands to connect with their future consumers Nowadays, HYGH is building a peer-to-peer marketing network and content material management system that augments the flexibility, efficiency and profitability of the whole ecosystem of public display providers, marketing brokers, and brands. An revolutionary framework turns any display into bookable marketing space and enables any individual to book it in actual-time.

Starting in Dubai, the HYGH group is an official partner and sponsor of the Satoshi United Un-Conference, Planet Blockchain Summit and Planet Blockchain events. A complete schedule of meetings with leaders from the blockchain community will take place. With blockchain at the core of its platform architecture and the launch of the HYGH security token supplying in November, the group is excited about continuing to build on the significant interest from the crypto community in the course of these events.

Subsequent quit is Qatar, the country with the highest per capita revenue and a single of the most digitally integrated populations in the globe. Against a broader backdrop of Qatar&rsquos strategic vision of establishing a sustainable digital society, the HYGH team are searching forward to a full schedule of meetings with potential investors and partners.

Returning to Europe, the HYGH-light of the group&rsquos trip to London will be pitching at the Crypto Challenge Forum at the end of October. The agenda of this year&rsquos conference is the revolutionary impact of Blockchain technologies on human activities, which is a HYGH priority for the team as they roll out their groundbreaking marketing platform across the globe.

The customers of the future will control their digital interactions like in no way just before. With ubiquitous connectivity, a variety of devices kinds and a true understanding of the value of their personal digital footprint, future consumers will demand advertising that is personalised, compelling, interactive and authentic.

The prize for gaining the mindshare of future shoppers is massive. Driven by rising prosperity, urbanisation and consumption levels globally, the brands and all stakeholders in the advertising ecosystem (platforms, brokers and show providers) who can forge seamless and impactful interactions with shoppers will reap rewards like by no means before.

This marketplace opportunity is HYGH stakes and the team is focused on democratising marketing forever by making certain that all ecosystem stakeholders will advantage. For each and every advertisement booked by way of the HYGH platform, 83.5% of the income is shared with the show owners, two.5% goes to the HYGH neighborhood for content material moderation, and five% will be reinvested into the firm&rsquos growth.

The remaining 9% will be distributed quarterly to token holders. The HYGH Safety Token Providing (STO) will commence in November, providing investors a special chance to receive a standard revenue stream from the 9% of revenue share in addition to participating in the lengthy-term success of HYGH

Hygh will conduct its pre-sale from 19 November 2018.

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