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9:08, 20 November 2017

Fix Windows XP Startup

Do you start off your computer and then go out for lunch? Possibly…just possibly by the time you get back your laptop will be fully booted.

Does this sound familiar?

If you want your pc to boot like the day you turned it on for the very first time (or even far better) just continue reading…

Computer systems with Windows XP startup slow due to the fact of 2 major causes.

1. Your Windows XP computer has as well numerous programs set to commence when the computer boots. This is the #1 purpose for a Windows XP Slow Startup.
2. Windows XP demands at least 512 MegaBytes of RAM to startup swiftly.

Both of these factors for a Windows XP slow startup can be fixed by you with having to hire a person to do it for ya.
Also Many Products In Your Startup

Obtaining as well a lot of programs set to startup when Windows XP boots is the #1 purpose for a slow Windows XP boot (and for your personal computer being slow following it boots).

Luckily you can fix this problem with a cost-free tiny plan already on your personal computer…it is named MSCONFIG.

You can load MSCONFIG by following these actions beneath:

1. Click Commence
two. Click Run
3. Type MSCONFIG and click OK
four. MSCONFIG is now open
five. Click the Startup tab

On the startup tab you can see each and every item that is set to startup when your personal computer boots (every item WITH a checkmark will attempt to load when your computer begins)!

Now it is time to speed this personal computer up. Uncheck any things that aren’t critical to you. If you are not positive what to uncheck then just uncheck every little thing except your antivirus application.

Click Apply.

Click Ok.

Click Restart.

Massive difference huh! Oh, I almost forgot, you’ll also be presented with a little window. Just click the checkbox and click OK.

OK, that is it. Your Windows XP startup has been drastically enhanced.

Do You Have Enough RAM?

Windows XP needs at least 512 MegaBytes of RAM (Memory) to startup quickly.

Right here is how to find out how much RAM you have:

1. Proper Click «My Personal computer»
two. Click Properties
3. On the General Tab look near the bottom. The second to final line tell’s you how considerably RAM your pc has.
four. Make positive you have at least 512 MegaBytes of RAM. If you never then the following actions will show you how to order the appropriate RAM for your pc

How To Discover The Right RAM For Your Pc

Finding the right RAM for your pc used to be a daunting procedure, nevertheless thanks to’s Memory Advisor you can locate exactly the appropriate sort of RAM for your Computer (and generally wholesale costs too).

Please use the following steps below to select the suitable RAM upgrade for your pc:

1. Go to (link opens a new window).
two. Making use of the Essential Memory Advisor click the drop down and choose the manufacturer of your pc (like HP, Dell, Apple)
3. Click the go button.
four. Now select the solution line.
5. Click Locate It.
6. Now choose the model.
7. Click Uncover It.
eight. Now you will be presented with the correct sort RAM for your personal computer. Select at least 512 MegaBytes and add it to your cart. If 512 MegaBytes is not an choice just add 1 GB instead (which is 1000 MegaBytes).
9. Comprehensive Your Order.

Before you install your new RAM make confident you shutdown your personal computer and unplug it. If you are not confident how to install RAM you can watch dozens of YouTube video tutorials on installing RAM.

Click Fix Windows XP Slow Boot for added guidelines on making windows XP run much more rapidly. I also offer you St Louis Pc Repair solutions each remotely and onsite.

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