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19:30, 08 July 2018

False Advertising McDonald’s Tulsa Oklahoma 71st Mingo

False Marketing McDonald’s Tulsa Oklahoma 71st Mingo

Rude manager at McDonalds in Tulsa Oklahoma I will not be going back
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  1. Dolores Leyva says:

    For $3 at .99 cent only store or dollar store. you could get a loaf of bread and some ham and cheese.. SANDWICHES all week! Dont waste your money and time fussing and on disruptive behaviors. Your just making a a fool of yourself!! Mc Donalds is not going to do anything to their crew because you fuss and threatening FB ….

  2. KeystrokeCowboy says:

    If you are off shift, why are you talking to customers as a McDonalds manager you piece of trash. This is why you work at McD’s. Enjoy getting laid off by robots.

  3. Random Q W says:

    Yes Indeed….I just dont like sum ppl that work in fast food … They act like it’s their store when it’s not .. they just work there..and THERE IS A SIGN POSTED..

  4. Chris Kibodeaux says:

    Nothing but a cheap douche!! The second u touched a sign at my work u would be dealing with the police for vandalism!!

  5. Naltddesha says:

    Jesus, all that over a three dollar meal? What a fucking cry baby

  6. Alge Borusas says:

    Take your coupon and eat it, buster.

  7. techsimmons says:


  8. mike hayward says:

    This dude is a douche…someone smack him

  9. Daniel says:

    broke ass faggot needs his coupons to work or else he’s gonna starve

  10. Kat Fuentes says:

    Give this broke nigga his nuggets lmao had to record a whole irrelevant scene like girl sit down somewhere

  11. FewcallmeKevin says:

    managers count the money when they finish they’re shift period. she doesn’t have to deal this waste of a customer

  12. HarlieHarlot says:

    Despite the "unique" way he handled it…he is in the right. If the sign says we take competitors
    coupons then honor it. Afterwards rip it down so you don’t deal with another cheap ass again.

  13. Grant says:

    Blacks for you cheap bastards

  14. Carolee Johnson says:

    U r off the clock counting money?WTF

  15. Jon Irenicus says:

    Wow this McDonald is run by a bunch of irresponsible cunts. You already suck so badly at life working in McD but you somehow manage to fuck this job up as well LMAO

  16. chefrustdog says:

    how about you take your burger king coupon and walk across the street and use it at burger king

  17. Jeffrey House says:

    What a useless ditch

  18. Jay Jones says:

    The cameraman is kind of a dick.

  19. Jaime T says:

    Coupon probably from Popeyes cuz she be lookin that Louisiana fast

  20. Lauren Millard says:

    I’d taken that coupon right over to there competitor and said screw giving them any business!

  21. Karen Spelman says:

    she needs to get someone up there to help…

  22. Akuma Junior says:

    Cheap ass bastards always ruin good stuffs

  23. Ehrich Smiddy says:

    This dude is a turd but if they won’t take the coupons then they need to take down the sign saying they will.

  24. jacthesnake1244 says:

    thats one rude as manager why i dont work at mcdonalds no more see when a customer talked to me when i was off the clock i politely said im sorry im off the clock. now here we see a manager talking to a customer in a very rude way she should have said sir im sorry but im off the clock but i can have another manager or employee assist you.

  25. KillemDafoe says:

    What poor ass nigga uses coupons at a fast food place?

  26. Eric Martin II says:

    They are both so extra.

  27. Byron McKee says:

    This nigga a mark for this video….just extra broke over 3$ smh

  28. Xyber04 says:

    You’re a dick.

  29. Shadon Daniels says:

    Nugget meal 5 bucks and this cheap faggit bringing in a bk coupon saving 2 bucks what a waste of sperm cheap faggit

  30. Carressa says:

    The funny part is McDonald’s still made money off the customer! 😂 people always carrying on but still so willing to hand over their 💵.

  31. Bob Evans says:

    Seriously, whoever you are: get a life.

  32. S DLC says:

    Kelvon you are trash that woman who called you put in Hindi is right you are a down low faggot freeloader and entitled narcissist loser.

  33. Michael Gabriel says:

    Hates a very strong word, but I HATE this guys little cunt voice. Spiteful cheap cocksucker.

  34. Vinnie The Magician says:

    They are aliens. They don’t process. That is capitalism.

  35. Shadon Daniels says:

    cheap ass faggit making a scene over 3 bucks

  36. Madison Lewis says:

    I know Im hella late but Honey this video made me LIVID. I am an employee of McDonald’s, and these employees are downright IGNORANT of common sense and human decency. Honestly they prolly deal w some annoying ass bitches on a day to day basis, including that loud ass obnoxious manager. We should pity them and hope they find a new line of work. I am 19 years old boo I ain’t stayin there forever. These bitches stay there 5 10 15 years n complain about it everyday. Lmao. I apologize that you had to be treated that way, because they couldn’t get the hell out of their stubborn ignorant minds. At least ya got ya damn nuggets. I hope u read this gnite love ya;*

  37. Karen Spelman says:

    yea. why is she yelling. further more, why is she counting money off the clock… hmmmm… suspicious…..

  38. it's me says:

    This guy is a piece of shit

  39. itzsykez says:

    hell yea, i loved this video..they shouldn;t be having a sign up there like that if they not going to do it..sometimes these fast food workers be pissing me the hell off.

  40. Sasha G says:

    if she was off the clock why couldn’t she just get someone who isn’t "off the clock", and those signs were everywhere yet they did not seem to acknowledge their existence, very frustrating.

  41. Guywithcrazyideas says:

    What she did at the end showed her TRUE nasty personality, but McDonalds screwed up bigtime too.

  42. Material Girl says:

    So u think it’s ok for someone to work off of the clock ?

  43. 1950Grendel says:

    You lost me when you told them the video would be on Facebook in ten minutes. Sounds like a threat; just post and be done with it. I know this restaurant; there are at least a dozen other fast foods within a quarter mile. Why take someone else’s coupons to McD’s? You know their chicken nuggets won’t be as good.

  44. Shane Gorrell says:

    You didn’t need salt with those fries because the employees were salty enough.

  45. liz trainer says:

    They should honor that coupon if there is a sign posted . Why are these people so rude here.

  46. Carl Brutananadilewski says:

    Damn you a coon

  47. Carl Eaves says:

    They want $15.00 per hour ! They need to earn it.

  48. blonde beauty Brower says:

    She should be fired seriously and btw she’s definitely not off the clock because her ratchet ass wouldn’t be counting the stores money point blank period

  49. Shadon Daniels says:

    What a fucking faggit in there wit a cheap ass coupon over 3 dollars

  50. Mildly Amusing Channel says:

    You should be ashamed for filming this hahaha

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