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10:19, 21 November 2017

Extreme Yoga Challenge Big sisters vs Little sisters | The Rybka Twins

Extreme Yoga Challenge Big sisters vs Little sisters | The Rybka Twins

Hey guys! We are going against each other for the first time in the Extreme Yoga Challenge! We each teamed up with a little person for the big sister vs little sister showdown. Comment down below who you think will be crowned the winners and whether you are team Strawberry or team Pineapple! We hope you enjoy and thank you for watching! Love Teagan & Sam xo
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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Steve James says:


  2. Timmy Curry says:

    team pineapple

  3. Cynthia greenwood says:

    yes I like your video

  4. airis zuyyin says:

    Team pineapple win

  5. Lexie Mcgill says:

    Pressed it

  6. The Norsworthy Sisters says:

    i hit the bell

  7. Jordyn Little says:

    Team pineapple

  8. anaya Tiffany says:

    I press the Bell when you were at 2

  9. Emilie Pardo says:

    I touched the bell

  10. Nicky S says:

    I love you’re videos ?

  11. Trinny Binny TV says:

    Strawberry ? Team is the best

  12. Slender Man XD says:

    team stawbarry

  13. PickAxePictures says:

    I am team pineapple!:)

  14. Rainbow sunshine team 3 zara Zara says:

    I like team pineapple

  15. Kim Hoseok says:

    I press the bell a long time ago

  16. Galaxy Gaming says:

    I pressed the bell and subscribed

  17. David Travica says:

    I wanted strawberry to win but Congrats Pinapple keep up the great effort

  18. Kaylee Ferguson says:

    I’m contortion

  19. Francisco Alves Da Rocha says:


  20. Connie Herbert says:

    i didi

  21. Klara Kachatoriyans says:

    I was actually watching with my cousin and before we watched this we were going with team ? well my cousin really went f9r it and I was like maybe she is right so I went with team ? and her guess was right I was really going for team strawberry ? but nah not anymore

  22. Taylor Cash2007 says:

    I did??

  23. lanier Washington says:

    i pressed the bell

  24. Jayla Holman says:

    I vote for strawberry

  25. Yasmin Wright says:

    I did

  26. Mariah Lockett says:


  27. Anabelle Carriedo says:

    They put pose 13 2 times but Love their channel

  28. Bria Donayy says:

    team stawberry

  29. kayla Paulauskas says:

    Team pineapple

  30. Daniela García says:

    I did

  31. Guava Juice says:

    I was team pineapple

  32. Maria Isabella says:


  33. ruby rockstar says:

    My name is teagan

  34. hashtag Squad says:

    I was ??????????????

  35. Jamico Primrose says:


  36. Jakayah Mcneair says:

    I did

  37. Gabriela Altunar says:


  38. Baby Bug says:

    I pressed the bell

  39. Theresa Waller says:

    They said 13 4 times they cant count it said 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,13,13,13

  40. Calie Luevano says:

    Pineapple team

  41. GIRL GAMER says:

    Team ?

  42. Jazz Taylor says:

    I pressed the bell bye

  43. Jana Beaver says:


  44. Pip Emoji says:

    Pineapples ? are going to win

  45. meme caesar says:

    I pressed the ?

  46. Pip Emoji says:

    I pressed the ?

  47. Alea Lewis says:

    I pressed it

  48. Savanna Leigh says:

    I pressed the bell

  49. Maria Villalobos says:

    Team ?

  50. Lydia Martinez says:


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