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Wednesday, 11 December 2019   Subscription to updates  RSS
18:22, 14 August 2018

Everyday: Crypto Dip / Bitcoin Cash Chain Split Bug / Tether prints $50M USDT

Daily: Crypto Dip / Bitcoin Cash Chain Split Bug / Tether prints $50M USDT

Crypto markets have taken a beating over the past week due to the SEC’s announcement to delay the ruling the CBOE Bitcoin ETF approval. This triggered an all round unfavorable sentiment as the neighborhood assumed that this ETF was going to be a clear win. We take a appear at a possible purpose as to why it really is not a clear cut victory and into the recently Bitcoin Cash bug as nicely.
1:38 Market Overview
2:15 Bitcoin ETF Delay
4:49 Tether prints $50M USDT
8:06 99% attack resistant consensus by Vitalik Buterin
9:17 Bitcoin Cash Bug (SIGHASH BUG)
12:27 Blockchain Cruise //

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I am not a expert economic adviser and you should always do your personal research. I might hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.

Image from web page 170 of “British bee journal & bee-keepers adviser” (1873)
Title: British bee journal &amp bee-keepers adviser
Identifier: britishbeejourna1893lond
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Subjects: Bees
Publisher: London
Contributing Library: UMass Amherst Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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r hk irifeti 1»

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
BEE-KEEPERS’ RECORD AND ADVISER. Ho. 566. VoLXXI. N.S. 174.] APRIL 27, 1893. [Published Weekly (fbitorial, Satires, th. Beneficial HINTS. Weather.âIn considering aboutthe climate just now, a single wonders how Joug the present .June-like warmth and bright sunshine is :going to last. Anyway it will call for a extended attain back in one’s memory to recall the like of the last six weeks at the identical season â of the year. The extended-continued absence â of rain begins to make matters look a bit significant for vegetation unless a adjust occurs really quickly. So far, nonetheless, there is no method to a &quot parched &quot appearance, the drought not getting adversely affected the ground crops in Kent, almost everything seeking beautifully fresh and green here as we write, although the fruit-trees are loaded with bloom. Speaking of drought, we quote under, as getting valuable for future reference, some outstanding particulars communicated by a correspondent who writes as follows in a current situation of the Occasions:â &quotThe absolute drought which was brought to an finish by the quite insignificant shower in the early hours of Monday morning -.(April 17th) was the longest absolute drought given that my record was commenced in 1857, for it has lasted twenty-nine days. In the thirty-5 years there have bet-n eleven instances of three weeks’ absolute drought, but till the present drought there had been but one instance (Aug. 9 to Sept. 5, 1880) of four weeks, or twenty- eight days and this in 1893 has been exceeded by one day, creating it, as prior to stated, the longest absolute drought on my record. But it is much more than this, and how considerably more we cannot yet tell for the partial drought which began with February 28, and has lasted forty-eight days, or nearly seven weeks, is nevertheless unbroken, even though the longest previously was forty-tive days, from April 16 to Could 30, 1880. As far, consequently, as my record of thirty-5 years is con- cerned, the drought has had no equal but, if it be permissible to write from my own memory, corroborated by other records prior to I began mine, I believe that one or the wettest years of this century (1852) was as noteworthy for its spring drought as it was for its excessively wet autumn and early winter:&quot Early Supeiung.âThe remarkable way in which bees are thriving and filling up their hives in some areas has brought us some urgent queries as to &quot how quickly bees could be supered 1&quot We do not care to commit ourselves to dates in replying, be- result in of the unfortunate habit some have (newbies specially) of founding a prece- dent on our replies. In this way they get the notion into their heads that about the second or third week in April is the ortho- dox date for such operations. We must, however, remind them how seldom it is that the shade temperature in London con- tinues so high as to vary in between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire of the last fortnight of April ! Additionally, how frequently do we have completed sections of the existing year taken off hives on the 12th cf the month, as was recorded on p. 157 latt week 1 They have to also recollect how quite forcibly do circumstances alter cases, and, although it might be appropriate to give surplus area in April this year, it is quite seldom indeed that the season will warrant such a proceeding. But, even though we enfoice these facts by wy of caution so far as ordinary seasons go we can not shut our eyes to the exceptionally favourable nature of the early bee season as it comes ahead of us. Only yesterday (the 24th) a effectively-completed sample of this season’s sections was brought to this office by a gentleman who is but a young bee-keeper, residing at Malvern Hyperlinks. The crate

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  1. МеГа-БаБкИ says:

    as always cool video like in my channel like

  2. Samuel Clooney says:

    Good content! What do you think about Ico I think it is quite a promising project.

  3. BlackMagic553 says:

    You’re falling into the trap of trying to attach a reason for every little dip. "The market dropped BECAUSE the etf got delayed". No it didn’t. you have no proof. the market is always fluctuating and people like you and goofy CNBC and corny Forbes always trying to act like they know the reason.

  4. Kristopher Nix says:

    We need some big fud to push us further. Big money needs the 3k-4K prices and I believe Tether will seal the deal for that

  5. Andy Raman says:

    Omg awesome shirt… I used to wear like this kind in Chongqing… Tether prints market still never improves… 6k usd btc fake price

  6. Dũng Đinh says:

    What is about ZILLIQA token. Are there these coin holders here? Do not forget to contribute to free distribution using

  7. BONG5090 says:

    August 14, 2018 Starting new company BitGOLD need investors.. CryptoGOLD

  8. DJUCH says:

    Tether is a ticking time bomb in the space.
    The day they’re revealed to not have the reserves, will be a huge reckoning for crypto.

  9. nioctib says:

    Bitcoin Crash is the real bitcoin.

  10. ibrahim refaeei says:

    guy’s hooked on hopium are waiting for wall street to buy in bitcoin (that’s what u call an ETF).. people forgot about the core idea of bitcoin … rest in peace with all the money u guys lost 🙂

  11. Bernard Macarius says:

    Absolutely the best move you have made is putting out more content at these times where news is hard to find. Blood on the streets is an overstatement! The FOMO drove prices to levels they truly never earned especially with the alt coins. As projects mature, it is the responsibility of these projects to get the word out! Little public relations is taking place if any! Minimal advertising, knowledge based videos on projects, updates etc.. Michael, as far as tether is concerned, if the government steps in they will perform audits. Lets all remember that the SEC and federal governments have fined banks etc since 2008 over 340 BILLION of dollars for money laundering and other violations. No criminal prosecutions however. We are just fine. The technology is moving forward and it will take time. That is the biggest problem. Nobody has patience. Thanks again Michael. What are your thoughts on governments taxing Bitcoin profits? We can all assume that the governments want control. They can and in my opinion will tax Bitcoin with Bitcoin as remittance of taxes due. So who will eventually hold the most Bitcoin? Who is willing to reject such a proposal? I am. It is a means of exchanging Bitcoin for the fiats they know are in very serious danger.
    This possibility deserves exploration and discussion IMO. Please do not tell me they would never do such a thing. I am all but certain this will take place. I just get these premonitions that have served me very well to date. No I do not want to know your astrological sign. LOL Take care.

  12. Chillypuwn says:

    Don’t understand why VeChain tanked so much. It is basically the most promising alt coin out there, yet it has dropped by more than 65% the last two weeks. Guess I will buy some more.

  13. Masterr Laster says:

    bitcoin slide to 5k again trying to Hold 6k but looks like a losing battle volume just not there.

  14. dcptiv says:

    The sooner the usa crashes as a country the better for the rest of the world in the long term.

  15. Thomas Jackson says:

    I really hate BCH, thnk its caused more problems and division in the space than good!

  16. Florence Manguiat says:

    Michael’s best comment: "Traders are lazy." so true

  17. Vinswalla says:

    You raise some good points.

  18. BMaCTb says:

    Thanks to for introducing me to this awesome channel!

  19. Bitcoin Pile says:

    Be prepared, the majority of Altcoins are going to ZERO!

  20. BlockChain says:

    Short and sweet not like crypt0

  21. Euquila says:


  22. Cryptophecy says:

    Thanks for the update but I really wish people would stop acting like ETFs are what crypto needs or even wants to be honest… too much weight is being put on the ETF.

  23. Jon Crandall says:

    Funny how BTC was just fine until the Govt wanted to protect me!

  24. Jeffery Netherland says:

    *Always enjoy your Videos here on YT, Now the price has fallen back to 6k, All we need to do is invest what we’re Holding and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, I discovered a comment of someone giving Accolades to Jacob Wesley and also thanking him for helping him increase his Portfolio from having 4BTC to 12.5 BTC in three months, So i contacted him, Behold I have made 3Btc in 2 weeks with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on Email or hangout *[email protected] .com or via telegram +1( 618 693 9127) and thank me later

  25. Joe F says:

    Michael is the only good source on YouTube. If you must follow a channel, Boxmining is the only one you need. Also, ….Suppoman is a complete idiot.

  26. djheckler92 says:

    To be fair, when the markets tank, the demand for USDT goes up

  27. Roman Gamanov says:

    Bitmain created btrash just because they wanted to double their bitcoin holding to be able to sell it and create artificially high rewenues before their IPO and their departure from mining business.

    Current market situation is example how bad centralisation in crypto is, as long as one company hold more then 50% of hash rate for so long. Hopefully after their IPO and bitmains departure from mining business to ai chip making company, BTC will be more decentralised

  28. Chris Cuomo says:

    I love how you keep referring to this as a “dip”. Ha! What a crappy YouTube channel.

  29. Alwin Maxwell says:

    When we deep in da red,
    I ma buy that shit.
    When we high in da green,
    I ma sell that shit.
    I ma hodler
    I ma-I ma hodler

  30. Philson says:

    The market crashes are very concerning.

  31. R James says:

    Hoffman Line (after analyst Andy Hoffman) still holding $100 billion dollar market cap for large institutions or $6000 approx – short squeeze coming?

    By the way there is an interesting interview with Trace Mayer and ex Wall Street analyst Caitlin Long on the ‘Bitcoin knowledge podcast’ about Bitcoin ‘financialisation’! It’s about how large financial institutions are trying to get hold of Bitcoin from Bitcoin ‘hodlers’ to rehypothecate it like the banks have always done with financial assets! ‘Fractional Reserve Bank Bitcoin’.

  32. Jonathan Steel says:

    Seems like the USSA,is the only country in the world.Why can’t anyone else issue an ETF?

  33. Drew Lappin says:

    Ivy corrections –

    *IvyPay release in 2018, not 2019.
    *Ivy not acquired by a stock exchange, but rather a fintech company on the stock exchange.
    *The KYC/KYT/AML carrier mechanism is the token’s utility.

  34. Jonathan Steel says:

    Hope they throw Roger Ver overboard along with the clown who found the bug in B/Cash,he should have kept his mouth shut.

  35. Verma says:

    Nice Shirt

  36. #bitcoinwillneverdie says:

    #Bitcoin will never die!

  37. Peak Indicator says:

    LTC came first , is and always has been superior! Time for the flippening!

  38. J bell says:

    If you want to short btc in binance do you just put holdings into tether and wait for the drop? How much does tether charge, one to 3%? Thanks and if I am completely missing the mark on all of this please set me straight!

  39. Jason Gong says:

    Did u just seriously call Bitcoin, “Bitcoin Core”? I used to respect u man…

  40. Dwight M says:

    Smashed the like. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Rhonnie Allan says:

    Tether boggles my mind. In bear markets Ponzis fail. Investors come running for their money and they realise nothing was actually backed. There’re no dollars behind each Tether. Shouldn’t this Bear market have exposed that?
    Also, if you argue "Therefore it isn’t a Ponzi", you forget their market cap grew in this bear. Do you want to tell me as people are fleeing the market, Tether is seeing more demand and investment? How? From where? Who’s this buying Tether?

  42. Eric Olofsson says:

    Nice to see some honor in the crypto comunity, not exploiting the BCH bugg.

  43. Nathan Williams says:

    If institutions want to buy large amount of BTC, it makes sense to me that they would wire tethers bank the USD and recieve tether in return. IE new tethers would be printed in return for the actual dollars. As for it occurring when the market dips, is it really far fetched that institutions want to "buy the dip"? I used to be wary of tether but tbh we talk enthusiastically about the possibility of BTC replacing global money supply then freak out when 50-250 million is added to the pot. How else do we reach a multi trillion market cap without such big purchases taking place?

  44. Charona Plutoni says:

    Tired of the Tether FUD. Remember that many people are waiting for the bear market to end, and are waiting in fiat on Bitfinex, i.e. Tether.

  45. Djelari Ghana says:

    I hope the ship does sink. Who needs ’em? Bitcoin and blockchain goes on without any of us. We’re just temp cogs in the wheel.

  46. Luminary Wins says:

    Bcash = Btrash. Roger Ver felon token.

  47. PropsOnBrainOff FPV says:

    why not address the elephant in the room?

  48. gianfranco d'agostino says:

    Il love your clarity,
    why the market fall?
    I am convinced that the majority of ICOs are managed by goats without entrepreneurial skills or a sense of responsibility towards investors, they have gone into panic fashions like children.
    All this domino effect was created by a company called EOS that after conducting a billionaire ico, voluntarily sold 2.5 million ethereum without any sense of responsibility.
    Despite respecting the CEO of EOS, I have to say that they have voluntarily decided to carry out a short sale by sinking the market.
    I’m sorry to say that EOS has made a move to the detriment of poor savers, a terrible thing considering that many people are not yet understand what happened and think that the market has exploded into a bubble.
    Thanks Dan Larimer.

    reference :

  49. Boxmining says:

    Check out the Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise: //
    1:38 Market Overview
    2:15 Bitcoin ETF Delay
    4:49 Tether prints $50M USDT
    8:06 99% attack resistant consensus by Vitalik Buterin
    9:17 Bitcoin Cash Bug (SIGHASH BUG)
    12:27 Blockchain Cruise //

  50. super boy says:

    I feel sorry for you. you must be one of the biggest bag holders of ETH since you talk so positive about it all the time

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