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13:34, 18 December 2017

energy supply – 130 Watt CN-06TTY6 for Dell Precision M3800 / XPS 15

power supply – 130 Watt CN-06TTY6 for Dell Precision M3800 / XPS 15
energy supply - 130 Watt CN-06TTY6 for Dell Precision M3800 / XPS 15

Product Description
– output: 130 Watt – 6.67A / 19,5V – input : one hundred-240V / 50-60 Hz- incl. power cord For list of obtainable power cords click here

compatible to Dell:
Precision M3800, XPS 15 9530, 15

Cost: $61.95

  • Output: 19.5V
  • Energy: 130W / six.67A
  • Energy cord incorporated in delivery
energy supply - 130 Watt CN-06TTY6 for Dell Precision M3800 / XPS 15
energy supply - 130 Watt CN-06TTY6 for Dell Precision M3800 / XPS 15energy supply - 130 Watt CN-06TTY6 for Dell Precision M3800 / XPS 15

Dell XPS 15 (9550) Long Term Overview – 6 Months Later

energy supply - 130 Watt CN-06TTY6 for Dell Precision M3800 / XPS 15Lisa Gade revisits the Dell XPS 15, model 9550, aka the XPS 15 Infinity laptop six months later. Driver updates, firmware updates and a lot more drivers updates… did they work? How’s the show operating out for photo and video work, is the keyboard very good enough for writing lengthy kind? Lisa addresses these inquiries along with battery life, the competition and no matter whether the XPS 15 is worth the higher price.

Study our written overview here:

Watch our original evaluation of the Dell XPS 15 with 4K show here:

Watch our original evaluation of the Dell XPS 15 with 1080p non-touch screen right here:

Dell Tablet and XPS Launch London
On Tuesday the 1st of October, the UK hosted an NDA breakfast occasion followed by afternoon briefing sessions with regional analyst firms providing the media and analysts exclusive access to Dell’s new Venue eight Pro and Venue 11 Pro tablets as well as the new XPS 13 ULT and XPS 15.
By Dell’s Official Flickr Page on 2013-10-01 09:38:43
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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Dee-Dee Overton says:

    Can you edit videos with the Dell XPS 13"?

  2. Matthew says:

    It is quite a glary laptop with the 4k, the keyboard feels a bit mushy.

  3. Dekiru Kun says:

    "Alienware whore" LMAO

  4. Grant Mckenzie says:

    Why is there a woman doing a tech review on a laptop, shouldn’t she be more suited to dishwasher review

  5. Jonathan Plugaru says:

    Why was my last comment deleted? I posted about HOW AWFUL this computer was. Been working with Dell SINCE DECEMBER to fix numerous problems and to this day they have not been able to fix it so I am RETURNING IT FOR A FULL REFUND. This computer is A MASSIVE PIECE of SHIT.

  6. Arwen Miller says:

    Не подходит вашь не рабочий вариант поставил не сработало.Вот мой вариант на драйвер и прошивку можно выбрать в программе на эту модель нашел под другим видео рабочею версию программы кому нужно можно получить тут

  7. Michelle Alexandria says:

    and as much as I loathe Apple these days, this is exactly why I’m scared to go back to Windows. Dealing with the million bios and driver updates and issues. I have a windows 8.1 desktop and it seems like everytime I’m ready to use it I have to spend literally 4 hours just updating the damn thing. In this day and age Microsoft STILL doesn’t do round-up updates, drive me crazy. I have to look into doing a hackintosh.

  8. Recovering_Californian says:

    I have this same laptop and I’m having random reboot issues (Windows & drivers all updated). I do use it, fulltime, with Dell’s DisplayLink dock and the lid is always closed. Any advice? Does the lid being closed cause cooling problems?

  9. sawyer bergeron says:

    I can not stress this enough: if the price of a new one is too high, get one refurbished or open box from the outlet. That can easily shave several hundred bucks off of one, and you can generally find more "custom" configurations OOTB there

  10. Good Day Mate says:

    Have you had any issues with the bezels on the 1080p version popping up or warping?

  11. DillPickle56 says:

    I removed Dell PremierColor and got rid of all my sudden display crashes instantly! Bloatware is terrible for ANY device.

  12. Piyush Bawane says:

    this channel name should be "Granny Tech"

  13. Katharine Lewis says:

    Thank you for this, genuinely the best tech review I have ever watched. I like the long term aspect, and you have a rarely seen objectivity taking it for exactly what it is (supporting each remark with context of its competitors). Really well done, keep it up!

  14. Antony Wang says:

    Purchased a 9560 15 have 5 dead pixels. got a replacement, has coil whine UGH!!

  15. Bill Austin says:

    Lisa, been on the fence between a XPS 15 and a macbook pro 15, l lean to the dell for price and features but i’d love to run mac os sometimes too, have you or anyone here run macos on the xps systems? Supposedly there are ways to do it via youtube videos, that may be the best blend of the two for me go with the xps and run mac on it occasionally if it works smooth – input?!

  16. Will says:

    So I can’t put a sata SSD in this?

  17. Gary Coombs says:

    As always Lisa, you’re my reviewer of choice! Just picked up the Dell XPS 15 9560 and I’m absolutely loving it for video editing!

  18. A S says:

    Wowwe you talk so fast

  19. Badger at Toad Hall says:

    I bet the 4k screen will make porn look awesome!

  20. Hemang Suthar says:

    Heyyy Lisa.!!
    Make Video For Choosing Best laptop For Particular Work…like one#1 For Video Editing
    #2 For Gaming
    #3 For Noramal use at home

  21. jigibut says:

    Would be great to see long term reviews of flagship phones. I’m wondering how flagship android phones hold up in the long run vs the iPhones of the same year

  22. Verner Läll says:

    Nvidia doesn’t always do spotless with their drivers Mrs Lisa. Last year they had a driver update that gave a BSOD on boot. That was not fun.

  23. kamaboko1 says:

    The trackpad is always the deal killer for me. Seriously, why can’t any other computer manufacture make an Apple trackpad clone? It’s the last missing piece of the puzzle for Windows based laptops, but has been that way for like 15 years.

  24. GOSH ITS GABE says:

    should I buy the non 4K non-touch version and save the money or should I invest in the 4K version I plan to mainly use this to edit my YouTube videos I want to film in 4k however I’m wondering can I still edit videos that are in 4k on the non 4K computer?

  25. David Olandersson says:

    After a bit more than one year with this I wouldn’t recommend a Dell product ever again. The battery has swollen so the touch pad has risen in the front. And because it’s just outside warrenty Dell doesn’t want to deal with it. We’re talking a widespread potential fire hazard in their flagship laptop. A life expectancy of a little more than one year is not adequate.

  26. Peter Van Keer says:

    I’m changing from Lenovo Thinkpad to Dell now. Lenovo and their Thinkpad line is just a bit like Apple. Not innovative, lacking new features (like USB-C). This powerhorse has everything I need for video-editing on-the-go! Looking forward to order it!!

  27. LifeInRecoil says:

    Tech Hub stole your xps 15 vs Spectre x360 video

  28. Ragaaci says:

    you could be my grandman!!! yes! You got like!

  29. Jason Tan says:

    Heya Lisa,
    You might wanna hang on to it for another 6 months — apparently the battery might do this thing where it gets swollen and push out the trackpad whilst also breaking it / rendering it unusable (apparently a problem with the XPS 13 too — cf. &

    Now this problem came out just after the warranty expires so *swear words*

  30. Roy Boy says:

    "Spread your legs… I know what you’re thinking… don’t think that." Lmfao I love you and your reviews so much! I’ve been pondering on getting the Dell XPS 15 for a while and I’ve decided to get the 2017 model thanks to your amazing reviews! Thank you so much for all the work that you do! <3

  31. Anthony Gomes says:

    The name is mobile tech then why a laptop. Though not a problem!

  32. STEFANO COZZI says:

    Is it good for gaming ?

  33. fastforward720 says:

    Regarding that you will face a shitload of problems (Wacom tablet works shit, external Monitor works shit – only HDMI1.4 – kidding???, Mac Harddrives, Fonts + Files work shit, no proper file preview, no proper screenshotting, no proper filebrowsing, no proper anything…, putting in usb-devices is like pulling teeth, the housing is wobbling, there are edges, inner surface just catches oil and skin so disgustingly fast) you better spend more money on a reliable and working Apple. Made the change to the fully stacked newest XPS a while ago and ever since then it just has cost me so much time getting the most simple things going and a lot of things do not work. Overall, to me being dependent on a smart fast shortcut-orientated workflow where you need to preview files, folders, work with a Wacom and other external input devices, it’s a useless piece of shit for anyone who wants to have a laptop for professional creative work. If you just jump into Premiere and scrubb around with your 4K-footage it seems legit. For any more holistic creative work – better stick with apple (and I am by far not a fanboy)

  34. Sahn Lee says:

    Okay so I LOVE tech review videos and I watch a whole lot of them. I just came across this channel and it’s blowing my mind that a lady is doing the reviewing! And she’s amazing at it! Not trying to be sexist, but I mean not too many females are into this stuff y’know…
    Anyhow wow what a fresh take. Awesome video!

  35. Artemio Mundo says:

    the 9550 is on sale from B&Here for $1599.95. it is the 32GB RAM 1TB model. I edit videos I 4k and pictures all from my Sony a6300. should I get this laptop now that’s on sale? I am aware of the new 9560

  36. Jonathan Plugaru says:

    I’ve had this computer for 5 months and it has been nothing but problems. Computer won’t shut down/sleep/hibernate as it will automatically restart and now I’m having a problem where when I close the lid for 10 minutes instead of waking up it restarts, losing all my work. Then there’s the screen flicker issue. And how about the internet connections dropping randomly. I am completely disappointed and extremely frustrated in this product and feel as if I have been robbed of my money. Not worth a single penny of the $2,200 I spent for shit. I have been working with Dell support for over two months now and they still have not been able to resolve my issue. Even after reinstalling the operating system I have plenty of issues with it. I gave Dell a second chance but seems as if I stand corrected; they continue to produce junk and rip people off with their shit. Not sure if anybody else has had these problems but this is unacceptable

  37. Sarvam Jagadidam says:

    Hi Lisa, thank you so much for your great video reviews!
    I bought a new, 2017 model of this laptop (9560), with the 56WHr battery. I want to upgrade to a 97WHr, but it’s not on their website.
    Do you know if Dell sells batteries for upgrade? Or am I stuck with the 56WHr?

  38. Jack Enrile says:

    Thank you. I trust your reviews. Please keep them coming.

  39. Huy Nguyen says:

    Dear Lisa, I would like to ask a couple questions. I recently purchased a used (1yr old) dell xps 15 9550 (2016) I7HQ, 16Gg, 4k display and 1TB ssd. I think there is something wrong with the battery. The reason being in order to get 6hrs battery like you said on the review I have turn the displace to 1080p and power saving mode with almost minimal brightness. Additionally, with the balance mode and 4K display, I can only about 3hrs out of the laptop.

    Is there a problem with my laptop?
    is there a way to check for the battery life?
    if the battery happened to be broken is there a way to fix it?
    how much would it cost to fix it?

    Sorry for the long stream of question there, but out of all the laptop reviewers I watched on youtube I trust your expert opinion the most.

  40. matthew martin says:

    Is it worth it to buy an xps15 now?

  41. snowcat says:

    Mines had a replacement motherboard, 4k screen, and graphics. Had Audio problems, screen flicker issues, and more. Starting to get annoying. Drivers are still buggy.

  42. Darienne Empire says:

    Would you suggest this or the surface book for lots of video/photo editing & music recording??

  43. Bryan Alejandro Oliveira says:

    Can get this from microcenter for 1400 openbox…… super great buy if you want something worth every dollar…

  44. Peter Parker says:

    Hey Lisa. I am thinking about buying the newer Model 9560. I am just concerned about the Material arround the keyboard (carbon fibre… but i saw it and it really feels like soft plastic) anyway… yes I can deal with fingerprints. But you can always clean it and than its away right? Even after 6 month… or did you see some worn out things on the surface after 6 moth (stuff that does not go away if you clean it?)?
    My secound concern is the battery life…. you say it just is about 6 hours? I want more (so i also go for the Full HD Model).. the new model 9560 has little bit biger battery 97wh… i did not found any notebook with such a big battery….. do you??? I want more than just 6 hours… i want a full workday (at least with web browsing)…. so what do you think? I guess in your review (6 hours) you also talk about a model with this about 80… wh i guess?!?
    Thank you! You are alsays doing a good job.

  45. Denise Rosendaal says:

    i am thinking abaut buying a xps 15 5960, but not shure about 4k or 1080p. i think my pictures will be better shown on the glossy 4k screen, but i am scared of to much glare. how bad is that? the matte screen did not have the same colourquality if i am correct. will there be a smackdown of the xps 15 4k VS 1080p? and does the touch function work on a laptop, not to far from screen to be easy to work with? love your reviews and smackdowns!

  46. Mike says:

    I only watch movies, browse and use microsoft office and im about to buy this laptop, which makes no sense given my usage. Someone tell me why its a bad idea

  47. EndofDays213 says:

    Would you pick the Dell over a MacBook Pro 16’ ? If you didn’t buy the Dell

  48. Joshua says:

    "For 2 thousand dollars, it better make the bed for me in the morning, if you know what I mean."

    You are the best.

  49. John Casey says:

    Picked up my Dell XPS 15 i7-6700 4K 512/16 for $2,000 CAD taxes all in… so for me, yea, great value.

  50. Ocean Gocean says:

    A week ago My XPS 15 crushed after 10 months ,with no good reason (probably mothrbord as per Dell customers service).
    It will take me approximately one month to fix.

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