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19:04, 29 August 2018

Endangered olive ridley sea turtles identified dead off Mexico

Endangered olive ridley sea turtles located dead off Mexico

Fishermen in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca have found about 300 dead sea turtles entangled in fishing nets.

The discover comes just days following yet another 102 olive ridley turtles were discovered dead in neighbouring Chiapas state.

Olive ridley turtles, which lay their eggs on the beaches of a number of Mexican states in between May possibly and September, are deemed to be facing a higher risk of extinction in the wild.

The result in of their death is nonetheless under investigation.

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It is not clear whether they got caught in the nets while nonetheless alive or were already dead when they became entangled.

Specialists say they could have been killed by harmful algae, fish hooks or could have suffocated while trapped in the nets.

Mexico banned the capture of sea turtles in 1990 and there are stiff penalties for anybody killing them.

A specialised federal attorney is investigating the case.

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