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3:59, 22 January 2018

eight” TAC FORCE Ti Coated Stainless Steel Spring Assisted Tactical Pocket Knife TF-888 – hunting knives, military surplus – survival and camping gear

eight" TAC FORCE Ti Coated Stainless Steel Spring Assisted Tactical Pocket Knife TF-888 - hunting knives, military surplus - survival and camping gear

Budget Bushcraft: French F1 Tent and Swiss Rucksack

eight" TAC FORCE Ti Coated Stainless Steel Spring Assisted Tactical Pocket Knife TF-888 - hunting knives, military surplus - survival and camping gearRight now I take a appear at the F1 Commando Tent and Swiss Rucksack. Both are good low cost military surplus options. The tent can be identified here:

Please watch: “Bushcraft Winter Camping Loadout”

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  1. Norman Callaghan says:

    Hi, I enjoyed your video.
    Your tent is an F2, an F1 has a fabric inner with an outer separate nylon rain fly. The very original F1s had a fabric rain fly.

  2. Sparrow Flying says:

    How much does it weigh?

  3. Red River Scout says:

    I find a shower curtain makes a great cheap ground sheet and not very heavy.

  4. Tactical _ Bushcraft says:

    Wow really cool.
    Would love to get a hold of 1. Thanks for sharing partner. ?

  5. HokusetsuElectric says:

    Thanks for the review.
    I bought one of them too. It is really nice tent for single day camping and I like it.
    I think some stitched points need to be sealed by glue.
    So I glued some points inside for both better sealing and strengthening using this:

  6. Brian Keegan says:

    Just found your channel. Great videos. The Swiss pack is a great pice of kit.

  7. James Lane says:


  8. Randy Yeager says:

    good place to get the tent surplus. $37 USD https://www.varusteleka.com/en/product/french-2-person-tent-olive-drab-surplus/23920

  9. Junkyard Fox says:

    really loving that tent!

  10. Clay says:

    Just purchased an f1 tent myself, the quality on these tents are so much better than anything you can find at walmart or other big box stores.

  11. James says:

    You didn’t stake the guidelines and tent because you had wanted to "save time."  Why was it important to save time?

  12. eXplorer says:

    Cool channel! I like looking nature, explore and decompress…

  13. Crazy Redneck says:

    I seen that tent before this video from $29.99 to $49.99at a military surplus. But thank you for the video and review on it, seems like a great little tent.


  14. AG Survival says:

    Fantastic find! I’m gonna finish the video later cuz I have to study but I cheated and went to the link you provided to check it out real quick. Awesome tent! I’ll be back to finish the video. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. Mephisto Cat says:

    like your Woods Shuffle dance 🙂

  16. Robert Mortimore says:

    An original Commando F1 tent has one entrance complete with bug netting…Also an additional fly sheet to go over the top again….Look at…………..Bushcraft Boy …….Vid

  17. Nick H Deep 6 Leather Works says:

    How was the ventilation?

  18. Steelhuskers 1 says:

    Tent looks awesome looking forward to seeing the camping video with the tent ?? r u going to do a video on seam sealing ?? Never done that before

  19. Kaylynn Strain says:

    although bigger then yours, I bought a Polish army 75 liter rucksack for less then $60, it was unisued, it’s not molle but still a good pack. I used a painters drop sheet that I folded in half to put under my tent when i recently camped in a state park here in Iowa

  20. NJ BUSHCRAFT says:

    great tent ! you can buy tyveck by the foot on ebay. love the channel

  21. TheTacticalDefender says:

    Nice gear! I’m really liking that tent. Good intro music as well. Be well & stay safe.

  22. joseph brown says:

    Love that tent…ive a similer version that has dbl doors but no bug net door. THAT is the only thing i dont like about my tent. I would loke to find this type of tent about a foot taller and a foot or so wider.

  23. Red River Scout says:

    I love old military rucksacks. I also find them to be the most comfortable. It is the newer stuff I have had problems with. The new stuff has plastic buckles that break in the cold, cordura that frays and is near impossible to stitch in the field. I also have almost entirely moved away from framed packs. Even some very expensive ones have serious lateral swing when you are rucking and it is so much harder when your pack is trying to tip you over. I found a canvas French F1 ruck and I am adding gas mask bags (also canvas) as removable sustainment or "rocket pouches" and I have not looked back. I also have my "canoe pack" as I call it which is a rubberized German pack similar to your Swiss one. As the nickname suggests it is my canoe/kayak bag.

  24. bob lee swagger bls says:

    Selva e mar…

  25. Debbie Quinn says:

    K bar knife

  26. William Westrope says:

    People are selling cut sheets of Tyvek on Amazon cheap.

  27. Chartreuse Nature says:

    Great vid bro !
    It’s funny to see US people using French stuff, as here we use a LOT of US gear ^^
    The pack is in really good condition ! Lucky you 🙂
    Take care

  28. Tom le coyote says:

    You’re tent is a F2, NOT a F1 (F1 is the best)

  29. James Lane says:


  30. ONETIME OUTDOORS Dj Rayner says:

    Heart thank you for the video can you do a video on seam Sealing and Waterproofing

  31. MegaWoodswalker says:

    Way too go Euro! Always wondered about those tents!

  32. BK33REVIEWS says:

    Does anyone know where I can order a rain fly for one of these tents

  33. Kentucky Woodsman says:

    Man those French F1 Tents are awesome. I have had one for several years now and have not used any of my other tents since.

  34. RamVan Bobby says:

    this is fun 🙂

  35. 2nd Chance George / The Novice Survivalist says:

    Oooooooo nice tent. How small does it pack. Will it fit in my medium alice pack. Or outside bottom?. Damn I hate these reviews….lol…too good. Now gotta get it. Damaged my own walkmart type one man. So need to replace. Great video as usual.

  36. fdjd28 says:

    I have one of those rucksacks. It’s waaay tougher than me! I was fortunate to get one with wool felt padding on the shoulder straps and back pad. I keep it in my vehicle loaded up with base camp gear. Thanks for the video.

  37. The Russell Coba Show says:

    i traveled with one of these for many years through washington st oregon and redwoods in cali, did work very well was kinda bulky but for me was worth it,

  38. notenoughprepping says:

    Nice tent, got to have one

  39. Admiral Preparedness says:

    Yup…Seam Sealing is imperative to properly apply with these tents. They are issued and the command has the option to issues the troops Seam Sealer. Or they purchase it themselves.

  40. MrSIXGUNZ says:

    I picked up the f2 surplus tent and love it. No screen on the doors but I do have a large screen that’s surplus too. Thanks you sold me o it lol blessings to you and yours ?

  41. Survival Russia says:

    Nice video and interesting lightweight tent indeed. You seem like a nice guy too 🙂

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