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2:48, 28 October 2018

Dish Magazine- “Conway Twitty Play at TPAC”

Dish Magazine- “Conway Twitty Play at TPAC”

Dish Magazine- "Conway Twitty Play at TPAC"“Conway Twitty: The Man, The Music, The Legend” rolled out the red carpet at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville. Get a glimpse of the stars like Stella Parton, T.G. Sheppard, Bill Anderson, Sam Moore, Crystal Gayle, the Twitty Family members, Carol Lee Cooper, Jason Meadows, and a lot more. This new project from Randy Johnson and Anita Cochran attributes Glen Templeton as the legendary Conway Twitty. Dish Magazine was there…


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  1. Laurie Kirk says:

    Conway Twitty In Just About Every Song He Sang Held The Microphone With His Right Hand…This Guy Always Uses His Left…..

  2. lindalovesal says:

    I think he did a good job on Conway’s songs.I will always love Conway,I think it’s great when people sings his songs we all know there will never ever be another like Conway.I like Jeff Bates singing them.Rip Conway you are loved.Thanks for posting I enjoyed.

  3. alwayssme says:

    he sounds like conway i dont like the look  its more like elvis

  4. alwayssme says:

    those outfits they put him in RIDICULOUS

  5. Gina Herrin says:

    my Brother is better look him up!! David Herrin!!!! xoxoxo

  6. winedrop1 says:

    If Glen Templeton will continue to sing as Conway Twitty then I am sure he will be almost as big as Mr. Conway Twitty. His voice grabs you as Conway Twitty’s did.

  7. Laurie Kirk says:

    Dee Henry Jenkins (Conway’s Wife) Should Have Been There And Recognized As His Wife!,

  8. Cullenprime says:

    Sam Cooke was high when he said he could close his eyes and the guy playing Conway sounded just like him.He DID NOT sound like the High Priest!!!!!

  9. Michelle Ivey says:

    That was really awesome! Totally cool 🙂 I had no idea Stella ever toured with Conway… you learn something new everyday!

  10. gwezeeboy says:

    conway was my hero and forever will be. When you get the chance, please take a listen to my channel, there you’ll find some conway twitty songs that i sang. enjoy.

    thanks, keep up the good work

  11. Roby Fox says:

    Glenn Templeton sounded nothing like Conway. The only thing remotely close to Conway was his stance onstage. Now, he’s not a bad singer…He just didn’t do Conway very well. Emily Portman (I’ve been a huge fan for years) does an incredible job portraying Loretta Lynn. Videos of her tribute shows (which she did with Michael Twitty at one time) were even more amazing than this video leads you to believe. She even sounded just like Loretta when she would talk between the songs. The first few tributes videos I watched I believed it was Loretta herself doing a small concert somewhere. Emily’s own music is awesome as well.

  12. Waynette Miles says:

    did not think he was that great doing Conway. Not so much like him at all.

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