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22:49, 19 December 2017

Dell XPS 15 L502x – Core I7 3.1ghz – 8gb Ram – 750 Gb

Dell XPS 15 L502x – Core I7 three.1ghz – 8gb Ram – 750 Gb

  • Intel Core i7-2670QM 2nd Gen Processor (two.2 GHz, three.1 GHz Turbo Boost two., 6MB Cache)
  • 750 GB SATA Tough Drive (7200RPM)
  • eight GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz (2 DIMMs)
  • two GB NVIDIA GeForce GT540M

Gaming on The New 2017 Dell XPS 15 4K Model=Not Negative!

This is a assessment of gaming on the 4K Dell XPS 15 with nearly 9 minutes of actual gaming footage on it! This video discusses the ins and outs of gaming on the 2017 Dell XPS 15 4K model and compares it against alternatives primarily based on price tag, power, appearance and much more. I hope you discover this video valuable and enjoyable and please subscribe and come back for far more!

Whoa the new Dell XPS 15. Super attractive. From RM8,499. #incredibledell
By vernieman on 2015-ten-13 12:11:11

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  1. Casper Svendsen says:

    With regards of the 1050 TI model you get 25% performance boost compared to a 1050

  2. Kevin Xin says:

    TechRN Hi man I hear people say that the CPU randomly drops to 0.8 GHz every now and then during gaming and makes everything stop for a couple seconds before getting back to normal again. Have you experienced similar issues with your 9560?

  3. k4ir0s says:

    You mentioned that in the future you’ll be getting a fully upgraded 4k model; you’ll be buying another 2000k+ laptop for only minor upgrades?

  4. Ryan Despacito says:

    I mean i just wanted the most portable laptop for comp sci at college, is this not a good option for programming + some gaming? I’m coming from Intel hd graphics lmao so anything is better than that. I’ll get it from Dell outlet for around $1300. Any opinions? Thanks! liked and subbed 🙂

  5. XIN YANG says:

    How is Lenovo Yoga 720 15”? It has a GTX 1050 graphic card as well.

  6. Matthew Christiansen says:

    If I want a lightweight and smooth laptop for gaming, the xps is top notch.. you can getter cheaper gaming laptops but they’ll be way heavier

  7. James Schofield says:

    What temperatures were you getting on the CPU and GPU while filming?

  8. TechRN says:

    Hey viewers and subscribers! Thank you for watching!!! Here are some time stamps that will take you to different gameplay sections of this video:

    Doom 2016 Gameplay Footage: 5:11
    Witcher 3: 9:34
    Skyrim-Special Edition: 12:30
    Far Cry Primal and Far Cry 3: 13:53
    Middle Earth-Shadow of Mordor: 14:21

    Thanks again for watching!


  9. Vancey says:

    Great video! What tracks are you using though?

  10. Jason Weber says:

    Is it better than consoles at low settings though? I have a ps4 and I want something that can play games but is also thin and light like this laptop, and doesn’t scream "gaming laptop" with the designs that they have. Coming from a ps4 user also so I have no bias to getting a gaming pc which I am thinking of getting.

  11. Brandon 45 says:

    cool man i am getting the dell xps 15

  12. badtz maru says:

    Pretty good vid, I am going to grab one of these mostly for productivity/video editing, but the 1 game I do play should be fine on a 1050. That’s the one use case you forgot, people who will be gaming occasionally and playing a game that doesn’t need a ton of video resources. That said there are some pretty nice options out there with higher powered video cards for similar or less money if you do want a gaming machine. Now that i’ve seen that 4k screen though, cant unsee and all that. (not only that microcenter has refurbs for a good bit unler msrp, hurrah.

  13. Jordan Currie says:

    did you order yours directly from dell? if so did you have any problems ive had a nightmare and cancelled

  14. MoK1b says:

    Have you had any particular problems with your xps? (Screen flicker, driver issues, head phone jack issues) I’m very interested in the xps 15 but I keep seeing reviews with people having at least one of these problems. Contemplating the purchase.

  15. Emilio D'Ovidio says:

    Hey! Great video, thanks for doing this. I’m currently split between going 4K and FHD. I’d like you to clarify for me because from what I understood from the video, you are saying the refresh rate is better on FHD than 4K, which gives me to understand that you experienced more ghosting on 4K. However, most of the comments I’ve read only say exactly otherwise.
    On a different note, if you could also tell how much battery life you get out of the 4K model it would also be helpful for choosing (in standard use, not gaming, gaming will def always be plugged in anyways)

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