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19:47, 20 November 2017

Day 12 – Yoga For Spinal Health – 30 Days of Yoga

Day 12 – Yoga For Spinal Health – 30 Days of Yoga

Day 12 - Yoga For Spinal Health - 30 Days of YogaJoin Adriene on Day 12 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Yoga For Spinal Health.
This Day 12 practice promotes a happy and healthy support system. Seek balance as you stabilize the core musculature of the spine. Find a sense of ease as you strengthen the buttocks & legs and find support from within – that lasts. For real. Improve balance and coordination and ride the wave of yesterday’s Shakti practice to create a focus that serves you. Keep coming back to your breath. Integrate the breath into each posture and every transition. Enjoy.

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Maria Coronel says:

    thank you very much!!!
    This definetily is one of my favourites days!!!

  2. S Marty says:

    I don’t understand how I can hold these poses while wearing shoes, but barefoot? My balance is completely off! Thanks for the practice, Adriene. 30 days is my third consecutive 30 day session led by you. Appreciate it!

  3. Jen Desabrais says:

    I am a hairstylist with back, leg and neck pain. I read from other stylists that yoga helps. So I found this challenge and love you girl! I love your spirit, your wit and how easy you are to follow. I’m doing day 12 today and this has helped me tremendously! Ty so much for sharing your knowledge with us and allowing us to practice with you in the comfort of our own home! Looking forward to trying your other videos as well. Keep up the good work?

  4. Georgina Ridler says:

    That moment when you are doing tree pose and Adriene comments that if your foot is pushing against the thigh, make the thigh push back….Ooooo that makes it less painful -.- Why didn’t I think of that before? >.< Loved this! <3 x

  5. hey89boo says:

    WOW!! I’ve had horrific heartburn all day and now after doing this it’s completely gone. I remember you mentioned that you suffer with the sam thing so I thought I’d put it to the test and it totally works!!! Thanks Adriene! See you tomorrow ^__^

  6. jessica .B says:

    Today’s practice felt like it went so quickly ! Really starting to connect with my pranayama breathing and it’s doing wonders , thanks again adrienene x

  7. Danon K says:

    Thank you so much, Adriene for your yoga challenge. It is a first time I want to do yoga every day and I enjoy it every time. I thought I would never do yoga every day and with you its all such a pleasure.

  8. Adolf Hainrich says:

    You look so gorgeous in your rock n roll pants, I don’t understand why you think of them as ridiculous… Anyway I love u and your yoga classes

  9. Karolina Modzelewska says:

    Awesome practice, thank you Adriene. 🙂

  10. Stinger-1 Harmony says:

    Love the rocker pants ! Rad! 🙂 have a Fantastik’A day ! 🙂

  11. József László says:

    Adriene I love your pants <3. They always remind me what day I’m at! 😀

  12. Jayne Battey says:


  13. Auszi says:

    Thank you ! What a great way to start the day !!!

  14. Eléonore Haslé says:

    Enjoying this challenge a lot, and today was really challenging (that tree pose is tough!!). I have been enjoying it so much that the daily challenge is not enough and I tend to do one or two more sequences depending on the mood or the state of my body every day.
    I think this time is the good one, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to a daily routine of yoga even after completing that challenge :D. Thank you oh so much for your positive state of mind and making yoga so good.

  15. C Jo says:

    I feel so discouraged today. I don’t feel well, but I forced myself to get up early in the morning to do this. I don’t feel great afterward, but I’m always happy when I finish one of her videos. Day 11 and 12 have been really hard for me because of my motivation but I’ve been sticking with these videos. Hopefully I can make it to day 30.

  16. Jessica Flora says:

    Day 12 completed. It is hard to believe it has been 2 weeks now.

  17. Andreea Laura says:

    super! mwuahh

  18. Kitty Howard says:

    Good morning everyone! I"d started one video and then switched to this and thrilled that I did. Feeling the need to be a little challenged today, I was so happy when the balancing pose arrived and then the warriors! 🙂 I have’t been in warrior at all in some time. Thank you for providing what I needed today. Tomorrow, I’m going to continue the challenge… maybe work up to crow:) Thank you for being <3

  19. kayla de leon says:

    hey friends <3

  20. Anabella Kwiatkowski says:

    another awesome vid!

  21. Claire Lipkin says:

    This practice was rough because i was exhausted today! I’m still working on keeping my tree upright 🙂

  22. Maryam Karimi says:

    Thank you with all joys for you!

  23. Zayzafooun says:

    I found that in the tree pose interlacing my fingers over my head keeps me balanced.

  24. Thechamp Srikarthi says:


  25. charlottesframe says:

    My favourite so far! Thank you Adriene!

  26. Lizzy Mad Hatter says:

    You made me laugh at the beggining of Day 12. I love practise with you Adriene, thank you so mch for yor channel. I’m so sad that today’s prctise was only 17 minutes long, I could do it again and again and again.
    Greetings from Poland xx

  27. Appolonia Barnett says:

    Can’t say namaste when I’m headed over to day 13!

  28. Cedric Jones says:

    Thank you so much!

  29. Molly McManus says:

    Your videos are the best i can now walk on my hands from just one week of it i hav some questions tho did yoga make ur breast and butt bigger and make you gain muscle weight?

  30. Laura Freitag says:

    That blue top looks amazing on you!

    Style and colour are both very flattering!


  31. Red Chick says:

    My favourite day so far xx

  32. Mohit khulbey says:


  33. Flo Studios says:

    Eaaasy breezyyy beautifulll… covergirl *points comically* OR GUY. Haha!

  34. Shelby C says:

    I found tree pose to be so easy for me! My sister and I both, for some reason, if we are just standing around (like doing dishes or something) will put our right leg up above our knee in a lazy sort of tree pose. People always call us flamingos. 😛

  35. Flora Miles says:

    For some reason, yoga has never connected with me emotionally so much as when I practiced this today. I’ve had a rough few weeks, finishing my exams and breaking up with a long term partner. In tree pose and warrior three I was so much less balanced than usual – I kept falling out of it, and did get quite frustrated, realising that my mind is still all over the place. When massaging my neck lying down at the end, something about the intimacy of it made me cry. Whoa. It was good, though.

  36. Sarah says:

    definitely found today challenging

  37. Nemesis Neko says:

    Guys my downward dog pose is getting better ?

  38. Dee Shalloe says:

    Dear Adriene, your place in heaven is assured, seems though, you already ‘are’ and ‘have’ heaven on earth….and your videos show you are ‘doing’ heavens work on earth! So much appreciation here for you! xxxx Dee xxxx

  39. Nea T says:

    day 12!

    ahh so happy after this. i went for a long walk today and then i did this! so nice?❤️ i don’t have anything special to say about this than that it felt amazing again!?❤️

  40. Alex says:

    Today, I was able to get my heels down in downward dog. Bring on day 13!

  41. Joshua Crawford says:

    am I the only boy up here that’s doing yoga. is that bad?????

  42. Blownminddesign on the Road says:

    Thank you for the inspiration Adriene!! I love your yoga videos. You are the only one that I watch!

  43. Maitri X says:

    Dear beautiful Adriene, here I am to practice with you. Thank you very much! Love, Namaste!

  44. Joseph Koester says:

    I just want to make sure im not weird. I do this completly naked (alone). Is that weird or OK?

  45. SueAnn Bogue says:

    Great time on the Matt…another challenge are balancing poses. I’m a little more stiff today than usual, but I’ve been doing a couple other pick & choose videos with Adriene in the afternoons this week. Feel good in the afternoon & evening, but more tightness today. Say, work those muscles, limbs, and joints! Whoorah.!,,

  46. Ashley K. says:

    these help a lot i can almost touch my whole foot on the ground when doing downwards dog but the stretch really helps

  47. C. K. says:

    Been feeling really low energetically today… But still showing up to the mat! LET’S DO THIIISS!! 😀

  48. Michael Allen says:

    After the final pose I could feel like I was shitting rainbows.

  49. Samantha B says:

    I am not able to keep my legs straight in downward facing dogs or any pose where my upper body is facing down actually ! Any tips on what I can do to get the back of my legs more flexible ? Maybe an extra practice or video I can add to my everyday practice ? Thank you for this challenge ! Im sticking with it ?

  50. Hakyung Chang says:


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