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Comfort Dental Care Day!

Comfort Dental Care Day!

Stop in to any of our Central Ohio Comfort Dental areas for Cost-free dental care on Wednesday, December 24, 2014! Call the workplace nearest you for more details!

Army Reserve Nurse Delivers Infant in Rural Uganda – United States Army Africa – Organic Fire 10 – AFRICOM

Caption: KITGUM, Uganda, Oct 20 — Pfc. Kendra Hines, an Army Reserve medic from Lubbock, Texas, currently deployed with the 7225th Medical Assistance Unit (MSU) in northern Uganda, hands a newborn to his mother. The 19-year-old expectant mother arrived at the Pajimo Clinic in an advanced state of labor, and Hines was called upon to assist. The mother gave birth to a wholesome, five.five lb. baby boy about 90 minutes later. (Photo credit Maj. Corey Schultz, Army Reserve Communications.)

Full Story:

Army Reserve Nurse Delivers Child in Rural Uganda

By Maj.Corey Schultz, U.S. Army Reserve Command

KITGUM, Uganda — When 1st Lt. Victoria Lynn Watson deployed to Uganda for Natural Fire 10, she never imagined making use of her labor and delivery nursing expertise throughout the exercise.

But when a Ugandan lady, Linda, arrived in labor at Pajimo medical clinic, where the Army Reserve’s 7225th Health-related Help Unit was partnering with East African medics to supply healthcare to the Kitgum neighborhood, Watson sprang into action.

She checked her watch. It was almost two:30 pm when medics hurried the 19-year-old expectant mother from the clinic gates exactly where hundreds had gathered to acquire care.

For the duration of the 10-day exercise, the medics run a everyday clinic to treat upwards of 700 Ugandans a day for ailments such as arthritis, minor wounds, skin infections –and dental and optometry care. Soldiers from Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi are operating alongside U.S. troops on health-related, dental and engineering projects in the Kitgum region. Meanwhile, each nation is also taking element in safety coaching and a simulated disaster relief exercising.

Even though pregnancy was not a planned remedy, the Pajimo clinic staffs a midwife and Watson was eager to assist. If the U.S. Army Reserve officer have been back property in Abilene, Texas, she would do the same.

&quotThis is what I do. I am a labor and delivery nurse in my civilian job,&quot Watson mentioned, hurrying past Ugandan families clutching medicines and awaiting dental checks, &quotThis is what I live for.&quot

Watson serves with the 7231st Medical Help Unit in Lubbock, Texas, but volunteered to augment the 7225th for Uganda.

As soon as in the clinics maternity ward, Watson and Pfc. Kendra Hinds, a U.S. Army Reserve medic from Lubbock, Texas, joined Stella, the Ugandan midwife. Stella asked the lieutenant to perform with her to provide the child.

Stella and her Ugandan assistant prepared the delivery room. Watson’s examined the woman – nine centimeters and having contractions. Her watch read three p.m.

Hinds in no way helped a lady give birth. So, Watson talked her via the exam as they felt the mother’s stomach to see exactly where the infant was.

&quotYou can really feel the contractions,&quot Watson said to Hines. &quotHer sides and belly get tough. Really feel here…that is the head. It’s in the correct place, that is great. The child is aligned proper.&quot

The midwife, Stella Betty Lamono – who goes by Stella, developed a Pinnard Horn – a wooden listening device not often observed in America that is utilised to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Watson and Hinds took turns listening.

Then Stella posed a query.

&quotYou are delivering,&quot Stella stated. &quotYou should name the infant.&quot

&quotOK, I’ll name the baby,&quot Watson said, in a light-hearted way. &quotHow about, let’s see…Gracie for a girl? Yes, I like Gracie.&quot

&quotAnd a boy?&quot asked Stella.

&quotOkay, for a boy…Cage. I like Cage.&quot

Stella translated. The mother smiled, amused in spite of her clear discomfort. It was almost 3:30 p.m., the infant was coming but the delivery team nonetheless had issues to do. They attempted to commence an intravenous drip.

There was a problem, they couldn’t uncover a vein. They spoke with the mother and discovered she had not eaten anything for two days.

&quotShe’s dehydrated, she wants something with sugar,&quot Watson stated.

Soldiers supplied sweet powdered drink pack from their daily rations – MRE’s, such as lemon-flavored ice tea and a lemon-lime electrolyte drinks.

Watson stirred each drink in a green plastic cup and gave it to the mother, who drank thirstily.

The team then found a vein for an IV, the mother attempted to relax. From time to time, she would lift a pink curtain and gaze through the window into the dusty yard. Factors quieted.

Meanwhile, her sister arranged swaddling clothes on the receiving table at the other side of the room.

&quotHow a lot of weeks is she?&quot Hinds asked.

&quotThirty-eight,&quot Stella stated, confidently.

Ugandan midwives determine the duration of the pregnancy by feeling the stomach for the size of the baby’s head versus the height of the fundus — how high the uterus has pressed upwards into the diaphragm.

&quotThis is amazing,&quot Watson stated. &quotIn the States, doctors run a sonogram more than the belly, ask for the date of the last menstrual period, and go from there. We understand the ‘old school’ way, but we in no way truly do it like Stella has.&quot

Certified Ugandan midwifes attend a 3-year school, Stella said, herself a midwife with seven years encounter who delivers up to 28 babies every month — often in rural clinics.

The contractions continued. The mother remained stoic despite the lack of any discomfort medicine. Sweat beaded on her face, veins throbbed along her neck. She would lay calm much more moments, the moan softly and slap the nearby wall. Hinds grabbed a cloth and patted her face and held her hands via contractions.

&quotMost girls in the States would be yelling and hollering by now,&quot Watson mentioned.

As opposed to in the States, the clinic had no monitors, electrical gadgetry or air conditioning. It did have clean water, sterilized equipment and a educated midwife, plus her U.S. counterparts.

It was about 4 p.m., when the mother groaned and slapped the wall again.

&quotShe’s in second stage,&quot Watson mentioned. &quotAll she has to do now is push.&quot

A handful of minutes passed, the mother began to push – Hinds held her hand and continued to comfort her. Then came a loud cry from a healthier infant boy. It was 4:30 p.m.

Watson wiped him down. He waved his tiny hands and stared around the area with big, alert eyes. Stella tied up the stump of the umbilical cord

&quotYou delivered the child, what name did you pick for a child boy,” Stella mentioned, reminding Watson.

“Cage,&quot Watson replied. &quotBut I can not name her baby. It’s her infant!&quot

Hinds placed the infant into his mother’s arms. The new mom smiled.

&quotWhat is she going to name him?&quot Watson asked. Stella translated. The mother answered –and Stella started to laugh.

&quotWhat did she say?&quot Watson asked.

&quotShe decided she liked the name you picked,&quot Stella stated. &quotShe named her tiny boy ‘Cage’.&quot

Outside, U.S. and East African medics had been closing up for the day, handing out the final doses of vitamins and routine drugs, when they learned the great news. An officer took out the records reflecting the number of individuals treated, changing 714 to 715, to add Cage – Kitgum’s newest resident.

&quotIt’s fairly remarkable there is a small one out right here that I named and that I helped bring into this planet,&quot Watson said. &quotPretty wonderful.&quot

To find out a lot more about United States Army Africa or Natural Fire 10, go to us on-line at www.usaraf.army.mil
By US Army Africa on 2009-10-19 16:16:14
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