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5:04, 07 December 2017

Clash Royale’s Crown Championship World Finals Ended with sergioramos:) Taking the Golden Crown

The first ever official global esports competition for Clash Royale [Free] had its finals take place in London December 3rd. Eli attended it and you can read some of his thoughts on the production values and experience here. The arena looked mindblowing and the attention to detail was impressive. The event saw 16 players compete for the Golden Crown at the finals and also to win the title of the best Clash Royale player on the planet. There were more than 27 million players in the beginning and the winner received $150,000 out of the $400,000 prize pool. Mexico’s sergioramos:) took the Golden Crown home and secured a spot in Clash Royale history. He defeated USA’s MusicMaster to conclude the massive esports event. Watch the finals on YouTube below:

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After winning, sergioramos:) commented on the finals and his Clash Royale experience:
When I first started playing Clash Royale, I was just
doing it for fun, and I never could have imagined making it to this level. There were so many other amazing competitors at the World Finals, and it was an honor to have played with them this weekend.
The finals saw 16 players from 8 regions take part including Coltonw83, MusicMaster, and CMcHugh from USA, loupanji from France, Berin from Germany, Fuchi and Amaterasu from Japan, and more. Given the scale and production values for this event, it is definitely going to be worth keeping an eye on Supercell’s next big esports event for Clash Royale.


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