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Friday, 21 February 2020   Subscription to updates  RSS
14:36, 22 June 2018

Chicago Old Days Tulsa Ok three-24-2017

Chicago Old Days Tulsa Ok 3-24-2017

Here is Chicago playing Old Days in Tulsa Ok on three-24-2017

I hold no copyright whatsoever to either the video or soundtrack ..Displayed here with maximum respect to the original owners for entertainment and informational purposes only. Thanks


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  1. Jennifer Puhl says:

    Something happened along their way somewhere? Beautiful musicians however please you messed up singing an old Cetera song! Sucks! Hope you all are finished

  2. bill stout says:


  3. nick samardge says:

    It almost sounds like Cartman is singing.

  4. John Sandy says:

    These guys are awesome! What a sound!

  5. Tim Turner says:

    I didn’t even know Chicago were in Tulsa for a gig that’s my city of birth.

  6. Jennifer Puhl says:

    They suck these days and they know it!! Who the f is their manager?,? I refuse to see Chicago and my 31 yr old daughter can’t believe it because i took her to every concert back unfortunately for me Peter was there and after in the 80s was Jason Scheff ,both of these men had talent and now you all suck and you know it. Still the same musicians . However who is the asshole that even had a thought that this guy could or should sing a song from the 70s . Do you realize i am not the only one!! You cannot take an old as this and let a stranger sing that sounds like shit anyway!!! HEY why don’t you remake " Dialouge" why you are it!!! So over you assholes

  7. Jennifer Puhl says:

    Keith as always!!! Sounds beautiful!! OTHER than that sqeaky out of tune dude

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