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Buying Bank Owned Homes

If you are planning to purchase Los Angeles bank owned homes, you must know that there are several steps that you should not miss in order to secure your investment. Although buying bank owned homes are considered as the safest way to invest your money in foreclosures, you still need to know how to properly handle the entire buying process. Some of these steps are also applicable to other types of foreclosures, such as government foreclosure homes and auction foreclosures.

Visit the Property

Visiting the property allows you to personally see the condition of the property and whether you are ready to accept it as it is. Bank owned homes are sold ‘as is’ and you must know its condition before you agree to a deal.

When visiting the property, it is also important to observe and note the condition of the entire neighborhood where it is situated. The community is a big factor that people consider when buying a house. Nobody would want to live in a community where there is a mass of problems lying underneath and where people are generally unfriendly.

Title Search

When buying Los Angeles bank owned homes and other properties, such as government foreclosure homes, doing a title search will save you money in the long run. You would not want to pay for a purchase price and later on be made to assume a hidden lien on the property that you were not able to find out before you closed the deal.

You can do the title search yourself or hire a title company to run a full title search of the property. There might be contractors’ lien or even a tax judgment against the property that you should be aware of. Although banks should clear the title for these homes, still, it pays to be extra careful since you will be spending thousands of dollars in paying for the property.


It is a known fact that Los Angeles bank owned homes are generally under priced and you may even find a foreclosed property that is priced up to 70 percent less than its actual value. But still, you can negotiate with the bank for terms that can further enlarge your savings.

For instance, you can ask the bank to waive your closing costs or if this is not possible, to at least lower it. You can also negotiate for a lower down payment which will enable you to save cash and a lower interest rate.

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