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4:39, 11 April 2018

Brain Candy Live!

Brain Candy Live!

Adam Savage, 1 of television’s most-loved personalities, and Michael Stevens, 1 of YouTube’s largest stars, bring a lot more than three tons of their crazy toys, incredible tools and thoughts-blowing demonstrations for a celebration of curiosity that is an interactive, hands-on, minds-on theatrical expertise like no other.

“Brain Candy Reside!” has been described as “a cross amongst TED Talks and the Blue Man Group.” Savage and Stevens can’t wait to unleash their collective sense of wonder, curiosity and entertaining, and they’re inviting you and your close friends and loved ones to join in and get your minds messy. Adam and Michael’s “Brain Candy Live!” knowledge is like a two-hour play date with Walt Disney, Willy Wonka and Albert Einstein.

Ask yourself, “Is it feasible to 3D-print a human – live onstage? Can you slow down the effects of gravity with some thing we throw away each day? What takes place if every person on earth jumps in the air at specifically the very same time? Can any individual bottle-up a magical invisible substance and use it to power a rocket? Find out all this and a lot more as Adam and Michael entertainingly answer queries, query answers and talk Mother Nature into performing some issues she’s never completed prior to!

Wise is the new superpower and two of this planet’s most entertaining daily heroes are coming to rescue you and your family from boredom. Join them as they use their secret recipe of enjoyable, surprise, excitement (and just a pinch of danger) to cook-up and provide a giant batch of magical Brain Candy to each and every mind in the audience.


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  1. michael halloran says:

    Hey guys vsauce, Michel here.

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  3. Andrew Abraham says:


  4. Eric Arson says:

    When are you coming to Portland,OR

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