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0:56, 21 November 2017

Becoming An Expert Yoga Teacher – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 68

Becoming An Expert Yoga Teacher – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 68

Becoming An Expert Yoga Teacher - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 68Becoming An Expert Yoga Teacher – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 68
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Music in this video: Sheep May Safely Graze BMV 208 by Kevin MacLeod

Becoming an expert yoga teacher is less about knowing the ancient roots and traditions of yoga and more about knowing how to implement lightly spoken cues using abstract language while wearing abnormally tight pants. This Ultra Spiritual video shows you exactly what you need to know to become a radiant expert yoga teacher.

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  1. Muuip says:

    He’s hilarious.
    She’s gorgeously healthy.
    I need to start doing Yoga.

  2. billytheweasel says:

    This dude actually makes me lol
    and i hate to lol

  3. Christina Maciel says:

    Creepy and funny

  4. J Patrick McClure says:

    `L ` I ` M ` I ` T ` L ` E ` S ` S ` ` ` Y ` O ` U `
    `ᒪOᐯE`ᑌᑭ`ᖴᖇOŅT `
    ““With kindness divinity calls us out to be ourselves, and as deeply compassionate and spacious MIRRORS of kindness our hearts of `PÄŚŚÏÖŅ `ËĻËĊȚŖÏĊ` inspire us to be open and awake with the BRIGHTNESS of light in the magnificence of this cosmic moment – and to wisely contemplate vibrating the innovations of our future history with the POWER of love.`
    ““Born to be Heroes of the HEART SPACE our Mastercraft is co-creation with a super natural RESPECT for the energy of LOVE, the order of truth, the balance of WISDOM, and the TRUTH that all abundance is given in fullness to all life living in divine alignment with the HIGHEST good for all concerned.`
    ““With `ĠŖÄȚÏȚŮĐË` each breath is a new beginning as we become who we really are to self-express our best `ŮŅĊȞÄÏŅËĐ` and without prejudice…`
    ““When love Loves LOVE UP FRONT™ a resonance is created and form begins to take shape… Being believed in even just once changes EVERYTHING from the bottom of our truly topless hearts to a world where our dreams can FLY AWAKE in the LIGHT.`
    ““Pilots of LIGHT, peacemakers, and friends as travelers of the great wild divine we strive to live ever more abundantly from a place of love, compassionate and VIBRANTLY growing love.`
    ““Some baseline goals include living the VISION of our hearts while sharing the brightness of peace with others and always remaining open to the deeper connection of knowing that HOME is where the heart is GROWING.`
    ““Of infinite `BËÄŮȚŸ` in all the realms of the realm is the hearts joyful opening awake from sleepfulness to experience the musical opulence and rainbow light of a paradise home ABLAZE with new found love, desire and capacity for helping others as ourselves thrive – and thrive GRACEFULLY in a world gone wild with LOVING nonviolence and prospering the harmony of all that is.`
    ““Ours is A UNIVERSE fantastically ALIVE and interactive, a love lit magical sandbox of sorts where wings of the divine surround our future history both inside and out in the SACRED and EXPANDING vibrations of love, peace, and JOY.`
    ““When we smile deeply from our hearts the world smiles with us, however, EGO KITTENS please be mindful and aware that thinking without heart CAN CAUSE FALLING energy and BLUR our energetic health and intuition.`
    ““To wear our hearts like a `ĊŖÖŴŅ` and see all life growing as many and one love serves as WINGS to our deeper wisdom and creative genius to answer the future as a force of nature from the HEART.`
    ““When we come from our `ȞËÄŖȚŚ` we are the LIGHT the stars see…`
    `ᗷY ᒍOᑎᗩTᕼᗩᑎ ᑕᖇᗩIG ᑭᗩTᖇIᑕK ᗰᑕᑕᒪᑌᖇE .ᑕOᑭYᖇIGᕼT 2011-2017.. `ᕼEᖇOEᔕ Oᖴ TᕼE ᕼEᗩᖇT ᔕᑭᗩᑕE™`Ĺ`Į`ϻ`Į`Ť` Ĺ`Ẹ`Ŝ`Ŝ` Ў`Ỗ`Ǘ™ .ᕼEᗩᖇT sᑭᗩᑕE ᕼEᖇO™.ᑭIᒪOTᔕ Oᖴ ᒪIGᕼT™ᕼeᗩᖇtsᑭᗩᑕe ᕼeᖇo[̲̅e̲̅s™][̲̲̅.Lőᐯĕ `úр Fŕőńť™`.`ᗩᒪᒪ ᖇIGᕼTᔕ ᖇEᔕEᖇᐯEᗪ.~.ᑭᒪEᗩᔕE ᔕᕼᗩᖇE `ᖴᖇEEᒪY

  5. Nicki LovesDogs says:

    Are you in Indonesia? That looks so good. Lush.

  6. International Jews & Bankers Control You says:

    Hey Jp, big fan! I was wondering if you could fuck my wife for me while i watch?

  7. Eternal Gaias says:

    You can trust me im certified ahahhaha 😀

  8. Big Daddy says:

    Yoga with Joe Dirt ?Wtf

  9. Leander Davis says:

    how did she not slip a disc lauging

  10. Dinnie Beattie says:

    Nailed it, humour great for exposing this shit behaviour

  11. Y GM says:

    This totally made my day! ?

  12. Vincent Vinicenko says:

    Just so You know, people from former USSR Union like your videos, Your thoughts and Your overall persona…That’s Us…I like this. XD Доброго дня тебе, дружище!

  13. Daniel Buelna says:

    Hahahaha! I wish I hadn’t noticed those pants!!!!?

  14. stephen cook says:

    funny shit love it lol

  15. GLFab says:

    HILARIOUS! LOL! I truly never know when you are serious or joking, so when I clicked on the link to see that you actually are coming to Boston…I was stocked! Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts, JP!

  16. Jim Cassel says:

    Where is thjs video taken? Is it really monkeys? I want to think it’s Thailand.

  17. Tom Bombadil says:

    If she starts laughing in some of those positions, it could be very dangerous

  18. bellinghammond says:

    "i can see through your pants" lol

  19. Dan Van N. says:

    I have NO idea how that girl managed to not crack up on every take. Well done to her acting skills … 🙂

  20. Ajarn Spencer says:

    The idea for the channel is great, but the only problem is that your sayings are not funny enough. They are lame. By the way nobody was looking at your tight pants with your balls bulging.. i wasnt either, im just saying that nobody noticed it.

  21. Vanessa Gaglione says:

    "Feel these muscles tear off the bone" – HAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is hysterical.

  22. Koby Mapel says:

    The animal vegan part was great

  23. Shaun White says:

    LOL I’m so confused, I just went through a bunch of your videos real fast to see if your being obvious about your satire… BUT OMFG I CANT TELL, you are so good at this its keeping me guessing I swear to go you have to say if your kidding or not.

  24. Dusty Korpse says:

    Kudos to her for not losing it and keeping a straight face. If you ever do a Show in Scotland I’ll come and see you. ?

  25. Karen Skinner says:

    Thanks for the laughs!! I found you from a commenter on Redacted Tonight, from Victor Mendez who shared your vegan pizza recipe with a vegan commenter. Super funny stuff!

  26. henk visser says:

    "…wich would be deadly". 10/10!.

  27. steve Perry says:

    first pose was a rear entry, luv to practise it every morning

  28. Amber Mendell says:

    I just..I just…

  29. William Bila says:

    omg, I love you.

  30. wakeup says:

    Hahaha !! WTF haha !!!

  31. Karen Skinner says:

    "If you don’t want to come see me, it just proves you hate white people"! Lmfao! New subscriber for you, by me.

  32. Austin and Jean says:

    she was really good she kept a straight face till the end

  33. Greyhound Mama says:

    I’m not telling you what to do…hilarious

  34. Paige Franklin says:

    There HAS to be a bloopers video for this one. PLEAAAASE>

  35. Alexander Wegner says:


  36. DEVARMONT7 says:

    It’s confirmed – vegans hate animals

  37. JHendon Savoie says:

    Omg the very last comment???

  38. Hamish McEwan says:

    This is gold.

  39. Paul Henry says:

    Hey are you Trans? Your legs and thighs look like a women’s at 0:21 whn paused, you even got what we call a "gap" at the crotch are like some women do. Anyone else see it?

    – legitimate question.

  40. Donald McCombs says:

    Holy cow where do you live

  41. Karolina Bublik says:

    Monkeys like JP

  42. Max Kragen says:

    Fuckenell…your comedy is easily up there with the very best in the WORLD! And I’m not even a big fan of too much laughter. It’s the side of your humor that makes you think, that I like. I will pay to see your skit. Subbed!

  43. The Wacky Racer says:


  44. Minister of Public Enlightenment says:

    Is that Michael’s wife from GTA 5?

  45. Crissyteena77 says:

    Omg this guy is killing me! ? lol

  46. Ken Pataky says:

    So wrong in so many ways…and fun to watch…as a yoga teacher myself.

  47. DeathStroke says:

    How does she keep a straight face but

  48. aleks ponetovski says:

    I love this guy!

  49. S Pol says:

    Peoples hate me because I gained weight.Thanks to you I found acceptance. Please hire me [email protected]

  50. Alejandro Klein says:

    Don’t Buy Yoga Teachers Certificates, is the worst indiens scam ever….be initiated instead by a Guru, learn Yoga the right and only way, Shivham

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