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19:15, 06 July 2018

Azbit Postpones Its ICO Campaign

Azbit Postpones Its ICO Campaign

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Azbit has announced new dates for its ICO campaign:

Private sale: 01 Sep 2018 &#8211 30 Sep 2018

Pre-ICO: 01 Oct 2018 &#8211 31 Oct 2018

ICO: 15 Nov 2018 &#8211 31 Dec 2018

Ever given that the Azbit project was first thought of, all our team have worked tirelessly to boost the functionality of the future service. In addition, the project is getting audited by advisors. This will assist us to strengthen our enterprise model and demonstrate its advantages to investors.

Right after talking to investment funds, we have decided to hold a roadshow visiting countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Our team is discussing the conditions for investment in the Private Sale round and will make an announcement if this round is successfully closed.

In light of queries from investors from the USA, our legal division is exploring attainable scenarios for American investors to participate.

All this, plus the present state of the cryptocurrency marketplace in the summer, has convinced us that it would be very best to postpone the ICO until the autumn, giving us a lot more time to prepare the crowdfunding in even much more detail.

This will let us to adapt our advertising plan with regard to the expanded project functionality, as well as to guarantee the required legal help in even more nations.

Additional info on the alterations will be supplied in our future announcements.

For all the newest news on our project, stick to Azbit on Telegram.

Yours, the Azbit group!

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