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9:31, 25 October 2018

Atari 5200 Industrial

Atari 5200 Industrial

here’s a industrial featuring the Angry Video Game Nerd’s most hated atari console: the Atari 5200. even though this program was the first console to contain much more than two controller ports, this program had it really is share of issues such as controllers which had numeric keypads, not to talked about that they [the controllers] very easily broke, and the “mysterious back storage region” which is massive enough for a beer bottle.


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  1. Cosmo_Plays says:

    Actually they took a picture of Atari 2600’s Pacman and said it was colecovision.

  2. Matthew Neathery says:

    its bullshit that they blamed coleco for thier ass sucking version of pacman and also supersystem i think you mean shittysystem and you know what i saw in one of the 5200 catalogs it said the 5200 features a sleek compact design bull fuckin shit that thing is HUGE

  3. coolspeedyjosh says:

    "Here’s Pacman on Colecovision" 0:05 – 0:07 it’s pacman on the Atari 2600. COME ON ATARI! We’re not stupid!

  4. Tay TYLERIENMAM Station says:

    0:05 atari 2600 have that pac man too

  5. Kevin Mcbroom says:

    They were lashing out at coleco because coleco came out with an adapter so that u could play atari games too..and to make matters worst they came out with a stand alone system that played Atari carts as well it was called the gemini…..and they priced the system less than the atari….so atari came out swinging the next year with the 5200 …and tha rest is history…

  6. Matthew Neathery says:

    @ross tedford kendall they made them so fucking huge to make consumers think they were getting a bigger and better game and the system was big as my uncles shits

  7. eldermageSky says:

    Whoa !!! It’s still thinner than an Xbox One though…

  8. Mr. Atari 2600 says:

    The Atari 5200 would’ve been a much better system if they made actual working controllers.

  9. HughTube says:

    I’d get one… just to be all like "Ey! Look at my giant game console!!"

  10. PineKushDude says:

    Damn, Atari just blamed Colecovision for its own shitty version of Pacman. That’s fucked up, lol. I loved this era of gaming.

  11. PorkyTheKing says:


  12. Corey McCrann says:

    You took that line right from the angry Video game nerds review in the colecovision

  13. Speedruns for charity USA says:

    0:06 LIES! I have it and it is a hard to control, uglier than Michael Jackson piece of shit

  14. MTN Productions says:

    I remember this commercial since I was a kid. This ad was from around that time of the Video Game Crash where they put out a series of propaganda ads for this console. This ad makes you want to get a 5200 and it was the worst console of all time with the lack of controls and bad console design. The VCS/2600 still stands out during the Video Game Crash, but this ad was false advertising.

  15. CaitSeith says:

    Announcing "games not compatible with Colecovision" as part of the sales pitch is like announcing that your console doesn’t play used games as a positive feature.

  16. J James Demeo says:

    in the atari 5200 pac man, why does the galaxian look like the atari logo?

  17. Consoles of the ages says:

    A modern eBay price tag of $250, that’s a bargain!

  18. eternalhalloween1 says:

    Giving the Atari 5200 fair equal time, it probably would have done better if the controllers were better and if it had been backwards compatible with the Atari 2600 games. To be sure, the adapter did come eventually. But the fact that it took so long to come along crippled what may have been a much better selling system. The reason the Atari 7800 had the brief (2 year) success that it did, was undoubtedly because it was from the start backwards compatible with Atari 2600 games.

  19. Sanic Youth says:

    Too bad the controllers didn’t have good build quality (or good design for that matter) nor did the Atari 5200 have backwards compatibility with 2600 games. As far as I’m concerned the Celcovision wins.

  20. Shane the Freestyler says:

    I thiiiiiiiiiiink they meant "here’s the Atari 2600 Pac-Man on Colecovision" since they said it could play Atari 2600 games the second before, but that’s not what it sounded like. They where trying to get you to use genuine Atari products after all. o3o

  21. StevenIsThirsty says:

    Little do they know….. ATARI 5200 SUCKED BALLS

  22. Ross Tedford Kendall says:

    Insert "Still better than xBox One/PS4/Wii U" comment here.

  23. SplintR says:

    ‘But aren’t they hard to find?’

  24. Moe Lester says:

    And then it failed…

  25. Jason Odermatt says:

    wanted one so bad.

  26. LegitMan335 says:

    Because it’s a pile of fucking shit, says the angry video game nerd.

    But I do like the little door the console has.

  27. 1977kb0wqh1996 says:

    This system could have rocked but it was killed by one small and yet very large flaw….. JOYSTICKS THAT DID NOT SELF CENTER AND MADE CONTROL OF MOST GAMES DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Other than that I think most people would have overlooked the fact that it was not backwards compatible with the Atari 2600.

  28. Hiro Plays Games says:

    To be sort of fair to the 5200, it did have potential.  If they’d just kept the system and carts down to a reasonable size and used a normal joystick, it probably would have done a lot better.  The 5200 is really just a stripped down Atari 800, and there are a bunch of really awesome games for that computer.

  29. RareSox says:


  30. pollyisagoodbird says:

    That’s pretty sad when you have to use a shitty version of a game you made in order to make your competitor look like crap.

  31. Ralf Van Bogaert says:

    Atari commercials were always so misleading and aggressive, amusingly so

  32. Jeffrey Jackson says:

    The Colecovision didn’t have their own Pac-Man. Namco licensed the home console version to Atari. Coleco could only play 2600 Pac-Man using the 2600 adapter.

  33. Peter Williams says:

    atari knew the 2600 version of pac man was crap, so they made fun of it in this commercial XD

  34. DrunkenPunk800 says:

    I’ve never seen a company diss a game for their own console.  Yeah, Pac Man 2600 sucks, cause YOU made them rush it out.

  35. CaitSeith says:

    Atari does what Colecodon’t!

  36. Moe Lester says:

    And then it failed…

  37. 1SteveMACK says:

    I used to lave my 5200, the games looked exactly like the ones in the arcade, and even though the joysticks didn’t center themselves onve that rubber boot broke, as a kid playin everyday u just got used to it & it wasn’t a problem for us. The system was strong & durable, played it for many years from 83 til around 89-90 & just put it on the shelf, still working

  38. Jalex Fine says:

    5200 my ass. 2600 is God bitch.

  39. Ross Tedford Kendall says:

    I like how "You can’t play these games on Colecovision, even with the adapter" means "We got tired of Colecovision eating our lunch, so we made the fucking cartridge too big for them to use. Oh, and BTW, it won’t work in your Atari 2600, either."

  40. All Access Gaming says:

    How the heck can they say that Pac-Man footage was on the Colecovision? That was on Atari 2600! If that Pac-Man was even on Colecovision, That would have been a piece of crap!

  41. All Access Gaming says:


  42. Gori vantas says:

    Well guess what the Atari 5200 sucked

  43. Lucas and Pikachu says:

    Pac-Man on Coleco-Vision is much better than Pac-Man on Atari 2600, which Atari was advertising

  44. CosToons Studios says:

    0:04 "Here’s Pac-Man for ColecoVision." Dude, that’s Atari 2600. You just compared your own product to your own product.

  45. Commodore TV says:


    Sorry.. (ded)

  46. Bill Suszynski says:

    Great games on the 5200, can’t play it with joysticks that don’t work, SMMFH……….

  47. Will Pitts says:

    The video game crash summed up in one commercial.

  48. MTN Studios says:

    This commercial would end up being in the Hall of Shame for one of the worst commercial of all time. There were a bunch of Atari 5200 ads out there, but this is the one that I remember since I was a kid. Every Atari 5200 commercials are propraganda.

  49. Mike Smith says:

    You were better off finding the lost city of gold then popular games for this system. plus it came out in a odd time in the console wars. penny late and a dollar short.

  50. IncomingPixels says:

    "Here’s PAC-MAN on Colecovision!" *shows Atari 2600 version*

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