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8:11, 06 April 2018

Army Backpack Patchesswiss – Best tactical backpack and reviews 2018

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  1. Joshua says:

    I purchased this backpack because it was larger than my current one that I use for camping. It has a decent sized main compartment that has a pouch and hole at the top for a camelpak to feed through. Additionally, it has three separate smaller packs that attach to the side of the main one – this is a nice feature that can allow you to configure the pack the way you want to. A nice surprise was the fact that the small pack on the very back came with a strap and can be pulled off to be a purse like shape that can be worn around the waist or across the shoulders. If comparing to other products, this whole backpack is about the size of a Rush 24 Pack – maybe a little bit larger when you add the three smaller ones that attach to the outside.I was able to fit all of my overnight camping supplies in this backpack and still had a little room to spare. Everything I put into it is:- first aid kit- inflatable bed (single high queen)- air pump- thermos- rollup water packs (2x)- pot with cups- bug spray- fire starter- lighters- ponchos- wire saw- paracord- whistle/compass- water purification tablets- lighters (2x)- flashlights (3x handheld, 1x table top)- multitoolWith everything loaded up, the pack weighted 23lbs and the straps felt surprisingly comfortable. It also has sternum strap and a padded strap that goes around the waist for additional stability and comfort. Overall I like this product and look forward to using it more to see how it holds up to my abuse.Disclosure:I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.

  2. Renegade Nate says:

    I previously purchased a larger version of this backpack in black for a Bug Out Bag (BOB). I liked it so much I decided to also buy this backpack. Although it’s quite a bit smaller than I expected (a big difference from the larger version), it has plenty of pockets, storage, and straps to hold just about everything you need for a day or weekend trip (or school). The quality is very good. I’m impressed with Reebow Tactical from the first one I purchased. Since this one is a lot smaller (34L – more like 24-30L) than the larger one (40L), you may want to also consider that one depending on your needs and the larger one is only $39.99 ($7 more for a much bigger pack). I do like that this smaller one has a hydration bladder and velcro hole for the tube that holds up to a 2.5L hydration pack. Although I got this color, I wish I had gotten the black one. Maybe I’ll get another one in the near future because it’s that good.

  3. Chawanga Butter says:

    Tired of negative reviews. This is a very good backpack. It cost around $40. Some packs run $200+. So don’t buy this & then leave a negative review because it isn’t as good as a $250 pack. Duh. For $40 this is a great deal. The pack is very large. Saw a review say it isn’t 50L. Must have got the wrong one cause mine was every bit of that. It also comes with 3 additional small packs that are detachable. Very customizable. Overall the pack feels solid. There are threads sticking out of the stiching all over, i just trimmed them back. Didn’t affect the pack, just extra thread sticking out. The zippers are large & a bit noisey as another review stated. IT’S A $40 PACK. If you need a pack up to Special Forces standards get a $200+ pack. If you want a big, decent & customizable pack for next to nothing this is a great deal!

  4. Misty says:

    I bought this for a carry pack on a daily basis, just to have all of my stuff with me at all times (gun, ammo, extra clothes, some misc. tools, head lamp, flash light, lighters, tablet, chargers etc.) and also on family day trips into the city or a day hike etc. I usually end up carrying all of the family’s items while we are walking around. wanted something super functional and versatile and looked cool too.okay so the bag arrived today and I really like the look of it and it has plenty of space and pockets and the molle system is vast and appears to be of adequate quality for the price. I have already filled it to the brim to see how much it will expand and it has a nice expansion and compression option for different days and needs. the zippers are big and seem to be heavy duty (again this is day one I will re-post in a month) I haven’t put a hydration system in it yet so I am not sure how that will work out but there is a velcro flp on the top to pull through a hose so it should workout fine. The only reason I gave it a 4 star rating on day 1 instead of a 5 is because I purchased a tan.desert tan bag and this is more of an army green. it is still a nice looking bag but I would prefer the desert tan to the green. in a month I will repost on how it is actually working and how it is to carry around. the 30 day rating is yet to come. but I would recommend purchasing this bag if your looking for a quality tactical bag w/ molle system that won’t break the bank…they have other colors, my son is getting the desert camo…should be here in a couple of days.

  5. Comm C says:

    Edit: Since my first review I have much expanded this review. This pack is absolute trash, stay clear of it. I have no idea what the people who give this thing 5 stars are thinking, maybe they just have anything else to compare to but if you have ever owned a decent pack you will quickly realize this ones massive short comings.*******original review*********50L I’m wondering if that includes the measurements on the side pouches. This was deceptively small. I can barely fit a single set of ACU’s in this with a set of Pt’s Its seriously smaller than you would think it is. Walmart sells a better bag that in hindsight I should have bought. Its neat that there are modular parts but the manufacturer didn’t put much though into securement of all the additional strapping that goes with it. Really a bit of a disappointment in the product. I give it 3 stars instead of 2 because the quality seems decent and while I haven’t drug it through the sand yet it seems like it will stand up.I say again, this pack is deceptively small.********Update: 1 star***********After a few weekends of use this pack is garbage, even at $40 its not worth the money. Its very apparent that whoever designed this did not have much load bearing or design experience.1) The side pouches aren’t actually molle, what they attach to is but on the pouch itself is just velcro, So there is no inter cross weave between attachment and bag possible.2) The adjustments on the shoulder straps are not anchored. They are instead a peice of webbing that then loops through and also acts as the upper securement. Meaning if you want to tightly strap something to the top you have to have your shoulder pads as tight as they go. This also means that you cannot adjust your shoulder straps without having it clipped across the zipper. So no having a buddy get into your back while its on.3) Because the shoulder tightening strap is not fixed and doubles as a top strap the thread is backwards. Meaning you have to pull up to tighten it. Meaning extremely difficult to no ability to adjust the shoulder tension while wearing the pack.4) Zipper missfeeds, a lot5) The snaps for the “molle” system wear out after a few snaps. I’ve worn mine to drill twice and they already don’t hold at all.6) The size of the detachable back pouch is a joke. Its barely the size of my hand. (you can see in the images)7) So many zippers, loops and straps with no purpose. I swear they added clips, zips and straps just so the thing looks cool. Several of them are completely un needed.8) The side straps are barely large enough to fit my hand in. There’s no way you could strap a decent sleep pad to it. Maybe a narrow tripod but not much else.9) The straps come undone… all… the time. They didn’t take the time to sew in a catch loop so all the straps are constantly sliding out and your gear is dumping on the ground. It’s a complete shit show.10) Stitches on the webbing are coming out after 2 uses. Forget what I said about seeming like its decent quality.11) The waist strapping has no securement other than sticking it in a pocket. Any leg will know you cant have your straps flapping around in the wind, too much to get it snagged on. No integrated securement for the waist pack strap.12) The waist pouch is not real Molle either, its uses faux metal squares to weave your securement to, it does not hold as well unless the snaps are tight, which mine were not.I’ve been in service 8 years, Backpacked months at a time in a variety of countries, and environments. I’m telling you, even at this price point this pack is not good. There are much better out there for a similar price.

  6. Chad says:

    Very well made with double stitching and very robust zippers. I bought this pack for carrying my racing drone and supplies. Lots of compartments and space with this backpack. If you’re thinking about buying this….order it!! You won’t be disappointed.

  7. Brandon says:

    looks like a pretty cool bag, carries my 15 inch lenovo laptop. planning to use it for ROTC and school! nice bag overall and i didnt know it came with the american flag patch for free. nice addition to the backpack

  8. CF says:

    So far I’m loving this bag. I use it for both Search and Rescue as well as travel, and it adapts well to both. Feels very sturdy, lots of pockets, and holds everything well.Update: So far this bag continues to hold up well. The main problem is with the zippers – sometimes they fail to close. I usually take a pair of needlenose pliers and gently compress the zipper which usually gets it working again. Outside of that everything is still holding up well.

  9. Aaron says:

    Seems like a decent quality backpack. Good stitching, seems like sturdy material and good storage potentials. I bought this for an emergency backpack and I like that it’s pretty inconspicuous. A lot of other emergency backpacks have a heavy “military” feel to them, which I think makes you a target more than blend in. My only complain is that they used plastic zippers (seems like cheap plastic, too). In my opinion, that’s the one place you don’t want to be cheap. Otherwise it would have been five stars.

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