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20:52, 15 August 2018

Arizona father beats, kills man who followed his daughter into bathroom stall, police say

Arizona father beats, kills man who followed his daughter into bathroom stall, police say

An Arizona father decided to &ldquotake care of a predicament&rdquo his own way when he killed a man who attempted to enter a bathroom stall his daughter was in, police stated.

Melvin Harris III faces a second-degree murder charge in the beating death of Leon Leevon Armstrong,& on Tuesday. Harris was taken into custody earlier this month following the deadly encounter at a QuikTrip comfort store in Phoenix involving his 16-year-old daughter.

The 40-year-old was waiting in the parking lot to choose up his daughter and two close friends when Armstrong approached him asking for money. Harris gave him some change and Armstrong went into the retailer.

Harris&rsquo daughter came out of the retailer and told her father that a man tried to enter her bathroom stall by violently shaking the door, police stated. She stated she told the employees who alerted the security guard.

She then identified Armstrong as the alleged harasser when she spotted him walking out of the shop.

Possibly thinking not adequate was getting done, Harris approached the security guard and told him to &ldquotake care of the predicament, or he would do it himself.&rdquo The guard mentioned the incident was becoming handled.

The protective father, nonetheless, confronted Armstrong about the incident and then attacked him, authorities stated. Witnesses told police Harris repeatedly stomped, punched and kicked the man.


Harris fled the scene. Armstrong was taken to the hospital where he later died. He suffered brain swelling, a nasal fracture and loss of oxygen.

Harris was arrested at his property. He later admitted he struck Armstrong in the face, but claims he didn&rsquot throw the very first punch, the report stated. He also denied hitting Armstrong when he was on the ground.

Harris&rsquo fiancee, Diana Jackson, told that Harris was protecting his daughter.

&quotI’m not mad at him. I never really feel like he did something incorrect. I adore him. He did what he was supposed to do for our kid. You cannot inform somebody they’re wrong for safeguarding their kids,&quot Jackson told the station. &quotI would have carried out the exact same factor. I do not really feel poor at all for his actions. I feel poor that the man ended up dying in the method. I do.&rdquo

Jackson stated it&rsquos unfair her fianc&eacute is getting treated as a criminal for guarding his child.

Armstrong reportedly also had a criminal history that included shoplifting, trespassing and obstructing justice.&nbsp

Katherine Lam is a breaking and trending news digital producer for Fox News. Adhere to her on Twitter at @bykatherinelam

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