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21:46, 27 October 2018

“Are You Knowledgeable?” Zakk Wylde & Eric [email protected] Center Reading, PA 3/20/16

“Are You Skilled?” Zakk Wylde & Eric [email protected] Center Reading, PA 3/20/16

Are You Knowledgeable?, Zakk Wylde & Eric Johnson, Santander Performing Arts Center, Reading, PA March 20th, 2016 Experience Hendrix Tour

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  1. Matt Markee says:

    There were people outside the venue on this night saying, "What was Eric Johnson even doing on the stage." One of the greatest guitar players of our time. Very unappreciated.

  2. MDKArtist says:

    Can’t believe some of the comments, this performance sucked. Do you people have shit in ears or something because Eric struggled through that whole performance. Hendrix is way out of his league.

  3. Sam Patrick, Jr. says:

    Saw this same show in Cincinnati just about 3 weeksish ago. Loved it all.

  4. Rare Form says:

    wow playing backwards live . Johnson has done Experienced before , many years ago …

  5. whynottalklikeapirat says:

    …and tonight on keyboards featuring NO axe … RAGNAAARRR LODBROG!!!

  6. σοφός says:

    I came here to count pinch harmonics
    – and to listen to the master teach the pupil

  7. Joe Harris says:

    Excellent playing, but too bad the recording sucks.

  8. zr24X4ROCKS says:

    Eric is the best guitarist on earth as we know it !

  9. John Doe says:

    Is Zakk drinking a beer here? I thought he didnt drink anymore

  10. Craig Willis says:

    dam, why can’t that bass player hold the bass right?

  11. Chad Williams says:

    Damn ol EJ got the backwards solo note for note!THAT why he is the best

  12. Fisher Ohvf-men says:

    must have been torture for Zakk to sit there playing and A chord for that long

  13. Ryan Conner says:

    People are saying that Eric Johnson was struggling through this performance and that Hendrix is out of his league but that’s simply not true. Eric’s technical skill puts anything Jimmi ever had to shame. I’m not saying that Jimmi was bad by any standards but a lot of people get tied up in the whole, "Jimmi was the best guitarist of all time" and you could argue that he wrote better music and was a better performer but his technical skill just doesn’t match up to what we have today and it shouldn’t. Guitar playing had evolved and technical skills have advanced. He helped push the limits of what guitar playing could be and will always be remembered for that but don’t think that because he is called the greatest of all time that he outclasses the skill that many guitarist have today.

  14. Magic O says:

    the bass player has the bass of the balls

  15. Keith Gardeck says:

    Fairly certain that the fembot that EJ is…is NOT experienced.

  16. Anita Vassar says:


  17. Alberto Jorge Soares says:

    Playing Hendrix’s songs with that violin guitar tone… think don’t fit very well, to my taste. Whatever.

  18. Jason Smith says:

    Never thought I would see zakk and Chris Layton on the same stage . zakk looked excited about being up there beside him. Nice to see Eric burning the neck up on his strat as usual

  19. william mac says:

    wow he nailed that

  20. Liam Heuser says:

    Hilarious to see the giant behind that keyboard

  21. Mike Roberti says:

    Eric can play backwards.

  22. skyprop says:

    Zack Wilde Playing three notes on Keys Wooooo-Hoooo!!!!

  23. Keith Gardeck says:

    The fact that ZW came out and banged on an a flat for five minutes only makes him more of a guitar god…many won’t understand but let our brethern be the few and secret 😉

  24. scooteromg says:

    Shitty camera work.

  25. Phlop Alopagus says:

    Holy mother look at all the gear. They got 2 of every amp known to man on stage.

  26. Alexay1000 says:

    Chris Layton plays on drums (SRV)

  27. Jon Mumford says:

    Give zakk a guitar

  28. D'sBalls says:

    Is anyone going to mention that Chris Layton is on drums? People! Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble!

  29. Y007 P says:

    Staggering phrasing on that first solo….just…wow!

  30. ivan kovacevic says:

    this man understands Jimi

  31. Mark M says:

    Fantastic to see two of my heros playing together, EJ and Chris Layton!

  32. DIPTO ARONNO says:

    Is this the drummer from Double Trouble? Chris L?

  33. Mister E. says:

    These guys got to keep their hair. Not fair! haha, its all part of why they made it. Good genes.

  34. Jack Franklin says:

    WTF is Zakk doin on stage with Eric Johnson? F’ing shitstain…

  35. zr24X4ROCKS says:

    E.J. RULES , It’s really sad that people don’t know about real music these days.

  36. David Johnson says:

    this is a super group

  37. Luiz Esmiralha says:

    Now, that’s funny… Zakk steps in to play the piano!

  38. lotuschile says:

    I started to get tingles at 4.00min

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