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Thursday, 29 October 2020   Subscription to updates  RSS
5:03, 29 November 2017

Apple AR Glasses Coming? Apple Acquires Augmented Reality Headset Company Vrvana

Apple hasn’t been shy about its love of Augmented Reality technologies, with Apple Cook describing AR as the future and the company giving us ARKit in iOS 11. While iOS’ AR offerings are still at a relative infancy, the operating system is definitely being developed with an eye towards AR and its various possibilities. Recently, rumors of Apple possibly developing AR glasses started surfacing, and the recent acquisition of Canadian startup Vrvana will definitely not quench those rumors. As TechCrunch reported, Apple has acquired the maker of the Totem headset for around $30 million dollars, and while Apple hasn’t commented on the story, it also hasn’t denied it.

The Totem headset was apparently pretty great, although it never got released. The device could do both AR and VR, and its AR was apparently much better than that of competitors, for instance Microsoft’s HoloLens. However, it was still a bulky, tethered system. The question now is why did Apple acquire Vrvana? Perhaps the technology behind Totem can be used to produce an Apple AR headset that will also use many of the iPhone X’s new technologies? Is the next wearable an Apple Eyeglass or something similar? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Would something like that interest you, or do you see AR as nothing but a fad?
[via TechCrunch]


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