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AFC Urgent Care Midlothian “Self Diagnosis” – Urgent Care Close to Me Midlothian, VA

AFC Urgent Care Midlothian “Self Diagnosis” – Urgent Care Near Me Midlothian, VA

Tired of making your personal well being diagnosis? Let us do the operate for you! American Household Care (AFC) is the closest urgent care near me in Midlothian, VA. Open from 8 AM to 8 PM seven days per week with no appointment required. // to-me-midlothian-va

Image from page 41 of “1961 catalog” (1961)
Title: 1961 catalog
Identifier: 1961catalog19jste
Year: 1961 (1960s)
Authors: J. Steckler Seed Co Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seed sector and trade Catalogs Seeds Catalogs Vegetables Seeds Catalogs Fruit Seeds Catalogs Gardening Gear and supplies Catalogs Flowers Seeds Catalogs
Publisher: New Orleans, La. : Steckler Seed Firm, Inc.
Contributing Library: U.S. Division of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Division of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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POULTRY Treatments AND SUPPLIES DonSunc Don Sung is often uniform in potency and strength, and is very easily and economically given in the mash feed of hens. Don Sung Is pre- pared in powdered form in a size to match your flock. Comprehensive directions for appropriate feeding and housing to promote far better egg production, are incorporated ■with each and every package. Get the trial size of Don Sung and see what it will do for your flock—your funds will be prompt- ly refunded if you are not more than pleased with results. Rates oi Don Sung SOc Sl«e (This is the Trial Cash-Back size and is adequate for 15 hens ‘or 30 days). $1 Size (three occasions the SOc size). SS Size (three pounds or 6 times the $1 size). CAT &quotCOMFORT&quot—Absorbs, deodorizes. Requires location of sand. 5 lbs. SI.00, postpaid. ORTHO DOG POWDER—Kills fleas, lice, ticks flies, controls ringworm fungi. three oz. squeeze duster 89c.

Text Appearing Right after Image:
For Chick Diarrhea Avicol should be in the quite lirst water the small chicks drink. And it will pay you to maintain If in the drinking water for all the flock, old and young. 60 tablet size SOc one hundred tablet size Sl.OO, postpaid. This well-known remedy gives and optimistic final results. Postpaid, 55c and $1.10 at shop, 50c and $1.00. GROUP-Over — The over-night roup remecjy. comprehensive prompt DR. SALISBURY’S Ren-O-Sal Tablets — Controls Coccidlosis, tends to make chicks grow and mature quicker, lay earlier than untreated chicks receiving exact same ration of feed. 25 tablets 3Sc one hundred tablets Sl.lO. PRATFS POULTRY REGULATOR Builds up vitality, promotes sound diges- tion, sharpens appetite, and puts birds into situation for heavy egg laying. 23^ lb. pkg. SOc postpaid, $1.ten. PRATT’S ANIMAL REGULATOR I lb. pkg. SSc: postpaid, 70c. 2Vz lb. pkg. $1.ten: postpaid, SI.30. 6 lb. pkg. S2.20 postpaid, S2.50. HTH 15 Nicely known dry chlorine inhalant powder for powerful dusting of poultry. Getting quite fin© and flour-like, HTH 15 floats in the air, permeates the atmosphere and gently settles over the birds. HTH 15 can also be put into the drinking water, aids safeguard against transmission of illness germs. 1 lb. 65e, postpaid three lbs. SI.15, postpaid. L – h1 15 ^ [|Emoi6i(F] 7&amp GERMOZONE Germozone is an antisep- tic for both baby chicks and older birds. Aids avert spread of disease germs. Astringent. Beneficial for indi- vidual remedy of birds with roup. Lee’s Germozone Post- Liquid Each and every paid four-oz. bottle S .50 $ .60 12-oz. bottle 90 1.05 32-oz. bottle 1.75 2.00 TONAX For Expanding Birds Every drug in Tonax has been chosen for a definite objective. This mixture of drugs tends to make Tonax ideally adaptable for year- round use. Broiler guys report better gains vfhen Tonax is utilised. Turkey raisers tell of quicker devel- opment and far better completed birds. Flock personal- ers say Tonax carries their flock through the heavy laying season in fine shape. Try Tonax. You will like it. Postpaid 12-02. can …S .40 $ .50 two-lb. can 1.00 1.25 6-lb. can 2.65 two.95 2S-lb. podl 9.50 Not prepaid LEEMULSION Cold, Wheezing LEEMULSION in the Mash Numerous poultrymen stUI like to add Leemul- sion to the mash Alternatively of employing it in the drinking water. It can be conveniently utilised by initial stirring the medicine into water or milk, and then pouring the resolution on the dry mash. A little mixing will give a crum- bly, palatable feed. Distinct directions will be identified on the Leemulsion label. four-oz. botUe S .60 $ .70 12-oz. bottle 1.25 1.35 1-qL bottle two.50 2.80 l-goL jug 7.50 Not prepaid VAPOSPRAY Spray in the Air—Treat the Entire Flock VAPO-SPRAY is a mixture of healing oils and expectorants. Each Its antiseptic and inhalant properties are valuable. It is sprayed in the air of the poultry house till a light mist is created. The useful oils are breathed by the fowls and volatile portions function gently through the air passages. All forms of bronchitis must acquire Im- mediate therapy with both Leemulsion and Vapo-Spray. Prompt action is urgent. Laryn- gotraceitis ought to be treated with Vapo- Sproy and Leemulsion even if the fowl’s have been vaccinated. Postpaid I pint S .90 $1.ten 1 quart 1.50 1.75 1 gallon 3.50 Not prepaid ATLAS FERTILIZER EMULSION A full liquid organic Plant food— derived from Fish. Pint $1.20 Quart S2.15, postpaid Gallon $six.25. Directions for use on package. ACIDOX For Coccidlosis Anyone who has had a severe outbreak of Coccidlosis in his flock knows how undesirable it is. The &quotbloody&quot type of Coccidlosis typically causes a very heavy death loss, but other forms that do not show blood in the droppings are just as costly. In poor attacks of Coccid- losis, the lining of the intestines is severely broken sometimes so badly that there Is bleeding. Acidox is an acid preparation for chickens and turkeys. Use in any kind drinking vessel for the care of birds with Coccidlosis. 4-oz. bottle 50c postpaid, 60c 12-oz. bottle $1.00 postpaid, SI.50 1-quart bottle $2.00, postpaid, $2.20. GIZZARD WORM CAPSULE Worms do not have to rob a pullet of a lot of food to lower production. Take advan- tage of the fact that you can now worm your laying flock with the Gizzard Capsules when- ever needed to decrease infestation. Adult Size Can of SO $ .85 five Cons of 100 S6.S0 Can of 100…. 1.40 1 Envelope of 10 20 Pullet Size Can of SO S .60 five Cans of 100 $5.00 Can of one hundred…. 1.ten 1 Envelope of ten 15 Chick Size Can of SO S .45 5 Cons of 100 $4.00 Can of one hundred 85 1 Envelope of 10 10 PICKPASTE For CannibaUsm Pickpaste is blood-colored and mixes thor- oughly with blood. It is repulsive to fowls. A couple of tastes of it normally teach birds not to choose at one one more unless the habit has been permitted to become firmly established. Pickpaste is greaseless and adheres effectively to wounds. It is antiseptic and protects the wounds from dirt. It sticks well to skin and weathers but washes readily from the hands. Pickpaste can be obtained in handy eight-oz. ioTs for $1.00, or $1.15, postpoid. MITR.AGIN More than Sixty Years of Service Wlien ordering, olwgys stote name of seed. ALFALFA (A) BEANS (D) Swt., Bur, Hubam Novy, Pinto, Wax, Clovers String, Kidney and Size Rtl. Wonderful Northern 100 lbs. ea.. . . . .75 Size Rtl. CLOVERS (B) 1 bu. ea 70 Red, Alsilce, Cr mson. PEANUTS, Wliite and Ladino. COWPEAS (E) 15 lb. (Ladino) . .25 one hundred lbs. ea 65 BIRDSFOOT Trefoil (K) 100 lbs. ea.. . . . .75 Broadleaf and Nar- LESPEDEZA (L) rowleaf 100 lbs. ea.. . . . .70 10 lbs. ea 25 PEAS, VETCHES (C) I bu. ea 70 (All But Crown) Special CULTURES — one hundred lbs. ea.. . . . .65 For legumes not listed. LUPINES (H) seek the advice of your dealer. (All Varieties) GARDEN SIZE — Peas, 100 lbs. ea . .55 Beans, Sweet Peas and SOYBEANS (S) Lima Beans. 2 bu. ea . .50 Sufficient for five lbs. seed 5 bu. ea . .75 Retail Price 25c ea. DIAZINON 25E — (25% Emulsifiable Remedy). Broadly utilized to handle ants, roaches, fleas, ticks and several household insects. Pf. $3.50. 36 STECKLER SEED Company. Inc.. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA

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