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16:05, 16 December 2017

460-Bbvf Premier Sleeve For Xps 15/Precision 5510

460-Bbvf Premier Sleeve For Xps 15/Precision 5510
460-Bbvf Premier Sleeve For Xps 15/Precision 5510

Solution Description
Dell Premier Sleeve (L) (460-BBVF)

Price tag: $41.98

460-Bbvf Premier Sleeve For Xps 15/Precision 5510
460-Bbvf Premier Sleeve For Xps 15/Precision 5510460-Bbvf Premier Sleeve For Xps 15/Precision 5510

Dell XPS 15 9560 – Pros & Cons!

460-Bbvf Premier Sleeve For Xps 15/Precision 5510I’ve been praising the XPS 13 & 15 for really some time now for obtaining the best balance in between efficiency and portability. But nothing’s excellent. In this video we’re taking a look at the XPS 15 9560’s pros and cons.
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Dell XPS 15
By ryanoshea on 2012-07-06 17:17:07

Обсуждение: 48 коммент.
  1. Dibyendu Adhikary says:

    does it has any issue/ problem still today? like with killer 1535 wifi card, lags, sudden shutdowns and also display flickering….

  2. UNBOX FREAK says:

    5:52 it works !! lol!!

  3. Cameron Crawford says:

    After some thinking I think I’ve decided to go with the Xps 15, but I want the full HD version but in my country they don’t sell it, they only sell the 4K model. Is it still worth picking up being 4K and less battery life?

  4. Dixon Wang says:

    The battery on the 4k model is 97WHr , significantly larger than the 56WHr battery that is normally found in a FHD model, which put them in similar spectrum in terms of battery life. But if you get a FHD with 97WHr battery, i imagine the battery life will be pretty incredible.

  5. Tae Shin says:

    Have you noticed the WIFI dropping or slow connectivity of internet even though your speeds are high? Killer WIFI card seems like a problem. I might have to replace my wifi card. have you faced this issue yet?

  6. Zombie Clown says:

    Great video

  7. Hugo Perea says:

    Hey, I just bought an i7 model for about 1433, without the 4k. Is the 4k on the laptop really worth it? For the extra 400 bucks? I figured if I’m gonna pay 400 bucks extra I might as well get an outside monitor instead.

  8. Jered Oconer says:

    hi tobias. what to you think of the dell xps 9560 and gigabyte aero 15?
    i dont know which to buy because they are quite similar

  9. Evil Spock says:

    How do you keep the carbon fiber coating clean? Mine’s an absolute fingerprint magnet.

  10. FlyingSpartan says:

    I’m gonna buy a Lenovo Yoga 720 15"

  11. BLACK-6-SNAKE '-' says:

    have you noticed any coil whine?

  12. Matas _ says:

    what’s the soundtrack?:) Great video

  13. W. Sriubon says:

    What kind of wallpaper do you have in the background? I really like it!!

  14. obertowski says:

    best is Dell 5510

  15. Ocean Gocean says:

    A week ago My XPS 15 crushed after 10 months ,with no good reason (probably mothrbord as per Dell customers service).
    It will take me approximately one month to fix.

  16. Matt Cavanagh says:

    You also forgot to mention that the display response time on the 1080p model is HIDEOUS. The response is about 50ms, which causes a ton of ghosting. If you have reds or blues on a webpage, you’ll see that properly ghost. Makes playing games or anything to do with fast motion really unbearable to see, and it’s the primary reason why I returned mine back to Dell.

    Otherwise, the laptop is amazing, apart from the aforementioned Speakers quality.

  17. eurobratx says:

    If you are after portability this laptop is not a good choice as it is still 2kg and has quite a large footprint. Decided an ultra portable and high end desktop combo is better value for money.


    Man I am confused MacBook pro or Dell Xps 15

  19. Raybo sflorida says:

    whats best for 20 open windows for stockchart watching,THX!!!!

  20. MrHeavyRunner says:

    The fan is running even when idling on desktop so…

  21. Tobias-Artur Negrui says:

    It’s just funny that we share first names. I really do enjoy the XPS Line-up. I have one at work and it’s incredible overall ( we have the 9550 model)

  22. Tech Tegra says:

    I love your videos. My big brother was gonna buy a powerful and slim laptop. xps 15 to be exact but now we wait for new laptops like new the nvidia Max Q. 🙂

  23. kevininsimi says:

    Speaking strictly about the XPS 13. Went through three XPS 13’s in two weeks. All defective. From coil whine to speaker and fan issues. Give me a break, Dell needs to fix their crap.

  24. Cameron Crawford says:

    I’m stuck if I get this or the one of the new MacBook Pros

  25. TOP CHOICE says:

    running Windows its garbage

  26. Nicholas Verikios says:

    Hey Tobias,
    Is your model the US-international keyboard version?

    Thank you!

  27. Nikka M says:

    Good review, I don’t know how the price can be a real con though – it is Dell’s premium line and obviously will be expensive. Just got myself the 13inch version and I agree with just about everything.

  28. Ethan Tremblay says:

    Are you experiencing any screen flickering as some are reporting?

  29. Mohnish Daryanani says:

    Great review! Just some helpful tips on your video: maybe try and watch what you are filming cause in some shots we can see your foot haha, also on the indent con even if Dell put an indent there the laptop isn’t balanced in a way that it would be open able with one hand, I know this because I can easily grab a hold of the screen when I want to open it but the whole laptop gets lifted. Otherwise it’s a great review! You’re on your way to becoming a great reviewer!

  30. Adhithya Krishnan says:

    Do you have the 97Whr battery or 56Whr?

  31. LimitlessFilms11 says:

    hey man! was looking into getting a good laptop for all the same reasons you listed. This one was on the list until I heard that it had some problems with software and such. did you have any of these problems out of the box?

  32. Manny Palacios says:

    Webcam? okay let mt get my tape

  33. Khushil Parikh says:

    Watching on my XPS 15 4k model!

  34. Nate Martinez says:

    Tobias, any regrets getting the fhd? I have been debating the fhd and uhd 4k for months. Any issues I should be aware of with the fhd? Thanks in advance.

  35. Pranay Pathole says:

    this is awesome one bro!??

  36. BjornFSE says:

    IMO the SD Card Slot should have been replaced with two Thunderbolt or A Thunderbolt 3 and a USB slot as USB SD card readers as so compact it’s useless space on a laptop

  37. INVENT says:

    Using my XPS 15 L521x, the beginning of this great dell generation

  38. Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu says:

    🙂 Nice house in a very green and fresh area, one of the best ever.

  39. EndOfArcandia 1998 says:

    fuck this laptop the screen is great and the battery is great but the throtling is bad LIKE VERY BAD when gaming

  40. Mank Sayoga says:

    can you comparison with asus zenbook pro ux550?

  41. Kevin Xin says:

    I’m actually very curious. When people can’t open a laptop with one hand they complain. When they use the touch screen and the screen wabbles, they complain. How can those two things co-exist? Is that even possible?

  42. Faizul Zuraimi says:

    What do you think about using this laptop to play fifa 18?

  43. icemetal999 says:

    good review, actually that has eased my decision making ,,,

  44. Roman M says:

    so is sound so bad? want to buy it and watch movies sometimes using 4k quality

  45. Lucas Partisse says:

    What battery life can i expect with this 1080p, 97whr and with a web browsing and programming usage ?


  46. Marcelo Flores says:

    Speakers on the bottom piss me off lol. Like why bro . ? I might get this laptop regardless

  47. 2phalanges says:

    u have a bomb as yard.

  48. Jan GuitarW says:

    Can somebody tell me if I can charge my Dell xps 15 (2017) with a powerbank???

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